Hotel Clerk

by Jeff501

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man finds himself alone in a hotel room. He has an encounter with the young female desk clerk.... The first few paragraphs and the setting for the story are real and true, then it sort of gets into fiction!

I was not looking forward to a full week away from home in a far away city. Business was taking me there and my boss insisted that I would be the logical choice to attend. I resisted but finally agreed and packed my bags and headed for the airport. In order to save costs the company booked me for a full week including a Saturday night stay over even though the conference would end on Friday.

I left the airport and hailed a cab and instructed him to take me to the Radisson Airport Hotel. I paid him the fare and entered the hotel with my bags in tow. As I looked around I realised that being at an airport hotel without a rental car would make for very long evenings. If I wanted entertainment I would have to find it here or pay for a cab downtown and back again. As I entered the hotel my eyes immediately scanned for the front desk, a quick glance to the extreme left and I had spotted it. Behind the desk were two very attractive women, one was very tall with flowing red hair and a beautiful smile, the other was much shorter and blonde. For reasons that I cannot explain I was immediately drawn to the redhead. Even though the blonde was closer to me, and both were unoccupied, I instinctively walked to the redhead and presented my credit card and asked to check in. She greeted me with a very friendly 'Hi' and I smiled back at her. Within seconds I could already feel my eyes scanning up and down her long body. My eyes focussed on her long gorgeous red hair that flowed slightly over her left eye. My eyes glanced downwards to her pretty face and then lower and lower along her body. She worked away at the computer screen, seemingly not aware of my stares. My eyes continued to scan up and down. She was wearing the standard uniform, cranberry coloured jacket which covered her chest quite well, black blouse and black pants. As my eyes scanned lower and lower I could see she had larger than average hips but this served only to turn me on even more as I imagined her without her uniform on! I desperately tried to catch a glimpse at her chest area to see how she was built but her jacket acted as a perfect shroud. I would have to imagine what her bra size was, for now. In my attempts to see how large her breasts were, I noted her name tag perching precariously above her right breast. It read 'Sarah G'. My eyes continued scanning and just as she blurted 'here are your keys sir' my eyes shot back to her eyes and we exchanged glances as I grabbed the keys from her hands, my fingers tips just grazing hers lightly. I wondered if she knew how attracted I was to her, did she feel me staring at her chest and hips and hair and face and was she attracted to me as well. I figured she sees 1000s of guys per year, why would she like me?? I asked her a few silly questions, relating to check out time and the restaurant, just to prolong my time with her and then I thanked her and left for the elevators. As I turned for the elevators I pulled my eyes to the side so I could catch one last glimpse of this radiant beautiful sexy woman.

Each morning I got dressed in my business clothes and left the hotel for the conference hoping to catch a glimpse or maybe even a contrived conversation with Sarah at the front desk. However, day after day after day she was not there. Each time the desk was being manned by the blonde woman or a series of men. Was Sarah no longer an employee I wondered, was she on vacation? I deeply desired to see her one more time. I had been thinking about her so much this week and even had very intense sexual fantasies about her as I lay awake in my hotel bed.

I could only dream about what it would be like to have her join me in the bed as my cock grew harder and harder in my hand as I whispered her name.

The conference was now over and I had only one more night to endure until the plane ride home the next day. Saturday night at an airport hotel and no money for a cab ride downtown. I flipped on the TV and started looking at the menu 1) TV 2) Hotel services 3) Movies. I looked at the clock, 8 pm. I knew this would be a long night and I hit 3. The movie menu contained another menu 1)Feature Movies 2) Adult selections. I looked around at my dark secluded room and instinctively hit (2). A very long listing of adult movies came on the screen. At least a dozen titles were listed and each one sounded as good as the next. I decided to get comfortable and figured that a good porno would really get me off, it had been ages since I had seen one and figured I was alone and could jerk myself to relieve the boredom. I settled on one selection: 4, 'Dirty Nurses'.

I hit 4 on the selector and nothing happened, I waited and still nothing. As much as I was hoping to see some nurse action I was unfazed and selected 5, 'My horny sister'. Still nothing, I selected channel after channel and nothing happened. By now, even the list of titles had my cock semi hard and I was determined to masturbate with a good movie. What should I do I wondered, if I call the front desk they will know what I am doing here alone. I paced and paced and occasionally placed my right hand on the outside of my jeans. My cock was sooo stiff and I could feel the tension inside as I wanted to get off. I knew what I wanted and I had to have it now. I wondered what would be less obvious, calling or going in person. I decided I would call. I hit '0' and waited two rings, 'Front desk. Jerry speaking' I was relieved that it was a male!!. 'Ummmm this is room 508, I can't seem to access the ummm movies channel tonight'. Jerry tried to talk me through what could be the problems but each time just made the problem worse and worse. Now the menu had disappeared totally. 'This isn't working I said'. 'OK I will send someone up right now'. The phone clicked off and I tried to get the menu up again figuring he would send one of his male co-workers up.

After a few minutes my erection had subsided and the adult menu was now on the screen again. I heard a knock on the door and opened the door without looking through the peephole. My jaw dropped as a statuesque red head was in the door way, he had sent Sarah up to fix the problem!! My heart pounded as I knew this would be very embarrassing or very exciting! 'Come in' I blurted in a nervous voice. Sarah smiled and walked towards the TV smiling at me at looking into my eyes. She looked at the menu and said "Ohhh ok, you wanted the adult movies, Jerry didn't say that, one second and I'll get you set up here'. She smiled at me lovingly, almost teasing me now as she knew what I was wanting to see. Sarah was wearing the same uniform as before and I found her just as sexy and pretty as always. She leaned back behind the TV and flicked a switch, for the first time I got a sense of her chest as her jacket fell to the side. Her breasts were a nice size, not huge but by no means small either. My man senses rated her as a large B cup or a small C perhaps. Either way I could feel my cock stiffening as I watched her work away.

She pulled away from the TV and said 'Ok that should do it, I should test this though before I leave'. She smiled and pulled up the menu again. 'Ohhhh it's ummm ok, you don't umm have to' I stammered. She spun around and winked at me, 'please don't be embarrassed, we get this all the time here ok'. I smiled back and nodded my head. Sarah took a few steps back and was now inches from me as she picked up the remote and selected channel 1. I figured the credits would be rolling and there would be no awkwardness. To my surprise the movie was in mid stream and on screen showed a large breasted blonde woman performing oral sex on a man with a huge cock. I could not believe my eyes as I was now watching a porno with the woman I had been dreaming about all week long. Sarah and I were so close now as we watched the blonde woman suck cock on the TV. "I guess it's working' I blurted nervously... Sarah smiled at me and handed me the converter, our fingers touched and I felt her jacket touching my hip now. Sarah was just about to leave when she looked at the screen one more time, 'I don't know where they get these women!!, look at the size of her', 'I know' I responded, "but those breasts are probably fake" I stated as Sarah caught me literally staring at her chest. The tension in the room was building as we were soo close and she knew how I was checking her out. 'Yeah but all guys care about is size, right?, the bigger the better and she is huge!!!'. I looked at Sarah squarely in the eyes and said 'no way... I can't stand fake ones, I'd take smaller and real ANY day... ' As I finished the sentence I glanced up and down and tried to pull Sarah's jacket open with my eyes. We continued watching as the woman on the screen sucked cock faster and faster and her breasts bounced up and down. Sarah moved, facing me now and opened up her jacket and arched her back slightly, 'Now are you saying you like mine just as well as those big jugs???'.

I was shocked at her openness, I stuttered back 'ummmm damn yess!!'. The way she was holding her jacket open I could tell there was something nice hiding in there. We both seemed equally intent on watching the movie and staring at each other. "Sarah" I said in a loving voice. "you have a fabulous body, I have been thinking about your curves all week long!!. Without asking I placed a hand on her hip and pulled her close to me, her jacket still pulled off to the sides. We gazed into each other's eyes now as the moans from the TV became louder and louder. I pulled her closer to me and whispered in her ear, 'sweetie, will you open up your blouse and let me see your breasts??" I was shocked at how forward I was but I knew she wanted it too. Sarah looked down at my hands on her waist, batting her eyes as she contemplated the question. "Ummm I don't know, we just met, that's a little much."

"Well ok, can you hold your jacket open a little more and arch your back so I can see them a little better, please?' Sarah smiled and nodded her head at me, "I suppose could do that for you" Sarah conceded as she took a step back and pulled her jacket off her shoulders, jutting her back to give me a perfect view of her outline. Sarah stood in profile for me as my eyes scanned her lines. Sarah seemed to enjoy being a model as she held her chest out for me and smiled, watching my eyes scan. As I stared at Sarah's tightly strained blouse I suddenly became aware of two protrusions, her nipples were extremely hard and I knew I would play up this angle.

"Sarah, are you turned on?" I asked in a coy tone staring at her hard nubs. Sarah looked down at her nipples and laughed nervously, "ummmm it's pretty obvious isn't it, yeah I am, this movie always gets to me." I nodded back asking 'now cmon honey, let me have a look at what's under there... please." Sarah, took one last look at the TV screen and flipped her hair back, 'I don't know, I've never done this before' Sarah complained again, as her fingers tugged slightly on her blouse and pants. "You want to don't you Sarah?, don't you want to show me that yours are nicer than hers" I asked, pointing to the screen. "Yes I do, but mine are kinda saggy, I'm afraid you won't like them as much" Sarah complained, arching her back to lift her assets. "Sarah, let me see them ok, take your blouse off, you can keep your bra on if you like" I demanded, knowing it would be a start at least.

'Well, ok, but I'm not promising anything ok" Sarah returned, her hands now fidgeting with her blouse.

Sarah pulled her jacket off and threw it on the ground, my cock was already getting stiff as she slowly undid the first button, then the second. "Hold it right there" I said. 'Do this really slowly, make me want you... pull each button open and then pull your blouse open slowly.' 'Ohhh baby ok, you want me to tease you' she replied in a sexy tone glancing at my crotch. Sarah held the third button and slowly undid it as she pulled her blouse a little open at a time and I could see her cleavage emerge slowly from her milky white upper chest. She pulled her hair back and placed it over her shoulders and then undid the 4th button. My breathing was so heavy now as she opened the last button on her blouse and pulled it out of her pants. "OK baby, pull it open now so I can see those tits' I begged. Sarah was almost as excited as me as her breathing increased and she nodded her head.

Sarah pulled her blouse off her shoulders and I was presented with a very very nice set of breasts, at least the size of grapefruits being pushed together by a very sexy, demi-cup push up bra. 'ohhh myyy' I gasped as she threw the blouse to the ground. "They are spectacular' I moaned as I stared alternately at her cleavage and her eyes and then to her now hard nipples protruding through the thin material. I was getting so hard now, as this real life beauty was standing before me in just her bra and pants with the sounds of moaning in the background. 'Do you like watching adult movies' I asked Sarah. Sarah nodded her head 'ummm yeah I do, a good porno really makes me hot, I've seen this one before and it's really great'.

"Ohhh man you are amazing" I watched as her nipples grew harder with each passing second inside her tight bra. "I have a fantasy, Sarah, can we try it', "What is it?' she asked. "Well, would you be into mutual masturbation as we watch this movie and then maybe... ' Sarah jumped at the idea, "OHHH MY GODDD, that is sooo hot, yesssssss'. I gleamed with excitement and said 'ok just do as I say then'. Sarah nodded excitedly, her breasts bouncing the whole time. 'Sit on the edge of the bed sweetie, you can keep that bra on for now' I commanded. She immediately sat on the edge of the bed facing the TV and I sat down beside her. I was wearing a T shirt and shorts, no shoes and socks. We sat together watching the movie as I placed light kisses on her neck, 'I want to make you soooo damn horny tonight'. Sarah purred with delight as I sucked her neck and licked her earlobes back and forth. 'Ohhh damn you know what I like, watching this gal suck cock and having you lick my ears is too much!!'

"Undo your pants" I whispered in her ear. Sarah didn't say a word as she quickly undid her pants and slipped them to her ankles. I could now see she was wearing a matching bra and panty set and this served to make my dick even harder and stiffer. Sarah watched the movie intently now as my kisses moved along her neck and upper chest. I teased her now, approaching her cleavage but not kissing her tits. Sarah moaned as I kissed her neck up and down and licked her upper chest. She was squirming so badly now as the woman on the TV screen mounted the man and started riding his cock up and down. "Sarah can you play with your nipples please" I asked, hoping she would truly obey all of my commands. Sarah smiled and blushed slightly as her right hand moved up slowly to begin twisting and touching her right nipple through the thin bra material. "Ohhh that feels so good' Sarah moaned as she pulled and twisted her nipple a little harder. "I bet you'd like to touch it wouldn't you?" I teased.

Sarah turned her head and shyly replied 'yes'. "Do it, reach in and twist it a little." Sarah quietly and slowly traced a line down her chest and slipped two fingers inside her bra and began rolling her hard nipple as she watched the porno. As I peered down Sarah's chest, trying to see in her bra I continued licking her neck and sucking her hot ear lobes. Sarah's right breast was almost totally exposed now as she twisted her nipple harder and harder.

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