Shift Change

by Shai

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Humor, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just a little something to help with that 'missing you' shift thing...

I thought I was doing fine, adjusting to our shift differences. I'm a first shifter, he's a third shifter, but we were making it work. Except when it came to sex. I was developing a relationship with my vibrators that, quite frankly, just wasn't quite what I wanted. So, I tried something once...

I came home from work right around 7pm, about 2 hours before he had to get up for work. I knew he'd be asleep, tucked under the covers, safe and snug, next to impossible to awaken. It would take 20 minutes of an alarm clock buzzing just to rouse him. So, what I was about to do to him... well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

I walked into the bedroom and immediately made out his shape on the bed, curled up in the middle. He was on his back, the sheets tangled up around his waist, one arm over his head on the pillow, the other under the sheets. This was no surprise, I knew he often touched himself in his sleep... it was almost erotic, waking up at times and finding him, deep asleep, touching himself, murmuring my name. I watched him for a minute more, walked over to the bed and started undressing. I leaned over him and kissed his lips softly, just to start myself off. A good kiss is an aphrodisiac unto itself, right? As I did so he moaned slightly, that still-asleep, half pleasure, stretching your muscles out, oh-that's-so-good kind of moan. I smiled and continued to undress, taking pleasures in my own half naked body.

I unbuttoned my shirt, the undersides of my arms brushing over my already hard nipples with each button I undid. Sliding my shirt off, I reached behind my back to undo my bra and slid it over my arms, fingers brushing against my nipples, making me shuddler slightly. I reached under my skirt and slid my panties down, dropped them around my ankles and stood for a moment. Deciding whether to take the skirt off was difficult... I loved sneaking onto his lap when we were in public, no panties, and having him take me right there. It was daring, and bold... and highly sensual. The thought of my straddling him while he was asleep, skirt on, no panties, was almost as tantalizing, but in the end, I dropped the skirt.I could feel the moisture on my inner thighs as I lowered the skirt and rubbed a finger between my legs. Oh, I was more than ready for this.

Completely naked, I brought a finger to my mouth and sucked it slightly, getting it moist enough for my own liking. I pulled my finger out of my mouth with a 'plop and brought it down to a nipple, flicking my nail over it slowly, pinching it between my finger and thumb. I brought my other hand to my stomach, trailing my fingers down, feeling them reach the hair that was nestled just above my clitoris. I rubbed one finger slowly downward and felt the moisture already collecting there. I found the nub that I so wanted to pleasure and rubbed gently, with the very tip of my finger, then my entire finger, collecting my own juices on my fingertip. I knew I was more than ready but, of course, was he? I had to restrain myself to stop the orgasm that hung over me and, pulling my hands from myself, I slowly lowered myself onto the bed and lifted the sheets. He didn't move, not an inch, as I reached between his legs and felt for his shaft. I was so familiar with this, his cock, his penis, his 'love muscle'. We always laughed at that last one and, as I felt it now, I knew it truly was a muscle. He was already rock hard and hot, throbbing slightly. I cupped my hands around his balls and squeezed gently, feeling him squirm just the littlest bit. I heard a soft moan and smiled to myself, knowing I'd hear more soon. I brought my mouth to his shaft and opened my lips, placing them just around the head of his cock, not touching him, just breathing on him. He loved when I did this and, when he was awake, he'd beg me to just taste him... I loved that power, it was almost as good as an orgasm itself. Almost.

I formed my fingers around the base of his cock and slid them upwards, slowly, pulling him towards my mouth. My tongue dipped out between my lips and touched the head of his cock as it met my lips. Circling the tip of his shaft, I slid my tongue down the length, careful not to press my lips to his cock... yet. I felt him at the back of my throat and pushed a little further, taking him entirely into my mouth, before I closed my lips around him. His body responded, in turn, my arching into my mouth, urging me to take him deeper. I looked up, sure he was awake, but he hadn't moved from the original postion I found him in. Not a big surprise, really. I slowly brought my lips to close around his hard shaft and hummed, slightly, feeling the vibrations on my tongue, my lips and his shaft. I pulled my mouth back, feeling him slide against my tongue, the ridges of his penis like roadmaps I was driving with my tastebuds. I licked every inch of him as my lips parted, then closed around the head of his cock, my tongue finding that little spot just at the base of the head, where the shaft and the head meet. So smooth was this piece of skin that I always lost myself in it, licking and sucking here until he had to beg for me to stop or he'd cum right on the spot.

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