The Squirt

by Looney

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Desc: Sex Story: What is it all about?

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Hmm... just how the mind thinks is a wonder. Just how the wonder controls the mind is amazing.

In answering a feedback email about my stories, I noticed her text and immediately assumed, well, you are just not doing it right. LOL

"Great story, I'm not quite a squirter more of a dribbler. But I love

reading about other women who can squirt. Keep up the great work."

Hmm... How do you do it right? Well, it's all about understanding women, girls, broads, dames, hotties, and, well, it just can't be done. I can only guess God just didn't want us to know. But Guys, if you dream, you pray, you beg and plead, and you apply some common sense, the elusive squirt can be all yours.

Now understand, there are too many different kinds of women to ever list all the possibilities and what-ifs, but in general, it's all about being in the mood. Not your mood Mister, hers, which means a night of dinner, dancing, kissing, and all the good stuff that gets her really hot. She does not get them very often so showing her a good time always turns up the 'wet' quotient.

'Wet' quotient should be high. Take your time. Foreplay. Kissing. Candles. Mmm candles... oh sorry, umm... oh yeah, take your time. The 'G'spot is your goal. It's little round area does not show up unless she is aroused. And no, gimme head does not constitute arousal for most women, ha-ha.

Several folded towels are always a smart move.

Neck, breasts, nipples, sides, thighs, ankles, kisses all over. Dive between those legs and gently lick and swirl for a while. Alternate all over. Back to the boobs, over the lips, down to the other set of em, remember. It's all about her. Nibble a nipple. Blindfold her with a silk tie or something and push her hands above her head. 'No touching Dear'

If you do this right guys, give it a college try, you will get your just rewards. When she gives up, finally relaxes, and you find that spot, it flows right through both of you. Trust me, once she cums like this, which is totally different than a clitoral orgasm, you will be Da'King.

Find your way back down and get comfortable between her legs. The cause of a big smile on her face will always be 'I'm gonna be here a while Dear!'

Lick her pussy lips, suck her pussy lips, pull them into your mouth and swirl your tongue over them. Trust me; she feels every bit of it, especially being blindfolded.

Little nibbles up and down each thigh are usually never a bad thing. Anticipation is always good. She's a woman, guys, blindfolded and unable to think. She is only feeling at this point. Use this knowledge to your advantage. The spot directly above her clit is always an enjoyable spot. Slide your mouth down and cover her clit area. Gentle to rough, alternating, not too rough, but everyone is different. Suck the moisture away and use your hands to hold her pussy open. Use the tip of your tongue to rim her lips and complete pussy. Push your tongue into her puckering hole rubbing it on the top of her labia.

At this point, your tongue is about an inch away from her 'G'spot, and unless you are Gene Simmons, it ain't gonna reach. But at the same time your tongue is going in and out and back and forth, your nose should be touching her clit. Just a small head movement and you get two spots for one.

OK, it's break time. Just ignore the wet face and rise back to her chest and give her nipples some more attention. Push her hands back again, keeping them off you. If she has to use her hands, she has to think about it, and we want her not to think. Nipples, that's it, nipples. Suck, pull, lick, suck, and flick the nipples that are directly connected to her clit.

Sensitivity should be high now, so I do not suggest a wet tongue down the side. I do suggest moving back between her legs again. Blow some air on her pussy and then lick it. Blow and lick and then lean up on your elbow and get your middle finger really wet. Her pussy should be also really wet, which allows you to hold your finger rigid and push it inside in a slow but deliberate movement. Don't move it around, just push it all the way in and hold it there. If she is on her back, you should angle and aim your finger push at the middle of her back. This will put your fingertip just below her cervix.

Place your mouth over her clit with a lot of spit and use your tongue to tease that little button. Imagine a slippery floor and pushing that clit around. Enjoy yourself. Give her a minute or two of clit play, alternating between soft and hard tongue movements, and then wiggle the tip of your finger. I am sure you will both enjoy this feeling. You should then move your finger a little, in and out, up and down. Push it in all the way and gently twirl your fingertip around and around her cervix. Both the finger and the clit might cause an orgasm, so just roll with it.

Now for the technical stuff! Guys, or gals, if you lie by her side and were to place your hand on top of the pussy, your fingers, and your middle finger, would slide between the two lips and just barely be touching the pussy hole. If you were to slide your hand straight ahead, and curl your finger into the hole, your fingertip would be touching the upper inside of her pussy.

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