Carree Loves Billy: Carree Sets the Date
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2002 by Carree Wilson

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Carree Loves Billy story continues with her erotic tales of love and unbridled lust. The author tries to tell the reader her erotic story around her real life experience.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   True Story   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

Finishing our final year in college when we already had potential careers promised was very much akin to waltzing through your senior year of high school when you had already been accepted to a college. A certain amount of pressure had been lifted for both Bill and myself knowing exactly where we were going to be for at least 2 years following graduation. My employer, Arens and Ponds, had been gracious in offering to find an affordable place for us to live until we decided where we wanted to settle. My mentor, Miranda Ponds had found a potential home for us in the Baltimore suburbs that was near Baltimore mass transit, the MTA. She described it as a "Leave it to Beaver" type of neighborhood, with a MTA commuter line less than a ten-minute walk away. The ride to the Amtrak station on the commuter was 10 minutes. Miranda talked to neighbors and found that typically you could be on an Amtrak train in 25 minutes from the front door, depending on schedule. It would make a 3 hour train ride for Bill, each way. While that sounded atrocious to me, Bill, with his laptop, considered it office time. Last summer, while interning, he often commuted the 6 hours in a day and used his train time for writing, and reading, and studying. Bill was never bored. If I chose to drive to the office I need only get on the interstate less than a mile from the house and go 9 exits. The house was owned by a principle in a company we had bought out to get some Ocean City accounts. Arens and Ponds wanted more local dealings to better their relationship with some of the Maryland Chambers. We have received a lot of Maryland Education business and had little Maryland flavor to our business besides that. Arens and Ponds held the paper on the property and had it leased until June. We could then sign a 24-month lease at $600 per month, plus utilities, and then exercise an option to buy or move. It seemed too good to pass up. We planned to visit and check out the house during the Christmas break. This could end up the house we owned when we got married.

Bill had fallen into a nice niche at Time. Environmentalists had come to lay a lot of pressure on Canada about acid rain and its effects on New York forests, as well as New York Nukes and the West Valley clean up. Upstate New York had become a hotbed of Environmental news, so, Bill was the environmental reporter for upstate New York. He covered press conferences and enviro stories around Western and Northern New York. It gave him lots more free time for himself and me. It kept him in the loop at Time and got his name on by-lines and "also contributing to" credits.

Arens and Ponds kept me on top of things using me as a copy writer. They would give me account profiles, and goals. I would submit creative ideas and submit copy to be critiqued. Miranda kept me totally on top of the entire goings on with accounts old and new so I could step right in as her assistant when I finished school. Both Bill and I had pretty cool situations. I, personally, could not have written a better ticket for myself. I really stepped in it.

Henny, Maria and I had become even closer in our fourth year of rooming together. We really wished we had taken a place off campus for our last year, but I was impossible to get hold of for the summer and they could no longer hold the place they wanted. A four bedroom 3 bathroom place could have meant boyfriends sleeping over and lots more privacy.

We confided as sisters on intimate details of our lives, especially sex, and that put our lives in better perspective. To share and trust, and compare notes, I could not have found better friends. We were sisters.

Maria had detailed her summer with John to Henny and I. She had moved in with him for 6 weeks while he house-sat in Port Jefferson on Long Island. He had an aunt who had to go to Boston for a heart procedure and she wanted someone to stay in her house while she was away. Maria's parents didn't like it, but she convinced them it was the right thing to do. Maria was relieved to find-out how compatible they were and were going to set a wedding date for a year after her graduation.

As she finished filling us in on her summer, she looked at Henny and told her there was something she had to get into the open that I already knew about. She explained to Hen about her seeking out "faceless fucks", when she would be separated from John for semesters at a time while he went to school out west. She felt that since I knew it and Henny didn't, there was dishonesty between us.

"They were just faceless fucks, they don't mean anything. I go out and pick up a kid, someone young, and show him a few things." She confessed to Henny.

"I go to the hang-outs where the freshmen are. Not so much here, but over near the other area schools. I show them a good time, they, in turn, make me happy. I have to feel like a woman sometimes, you know. I became dreadfully horny and lonely and felt little like a woman. I slipped one day and mentioned it to Carree, that's how she found out. I felt sexually empowered. I would be the aggressor, show these boys some real tits, how to eat pussy, and what it feels like to get a real blowjob. I don't fuck them. I may act like a slut, but I'm no whore."

"Wow, Maria, that sounds like me before I really hooked up with Nicky. I would fuck anyone. Hell, I won't lie; I loved it. Fucking is great, but making love is better."

"Well, I know I'm going to hear an "I told you so" from Carree, but I had a bad experience the last time I did it before we went home for the summer. I'm telling you both this, because the guy knows where we live, and although I don't even know if he is around anymore, I think I should warn you." Maria explained.

"Why didn't you report it to the Police, if you had a bad experience. I assume the guy tried to make you do something you didn't want to?" I asked.

Maria got real flustered at my question and began to lose her composure.

"Oh yeah, just what was I supposed to do? Tell the Police that I wanted to just blow him, and not anything else, and if they caught the guy and charged him I have to testify that I wanted sex, just not that much? Plus it gets out in the papers and my parents and John find out. I WAS STUPID, OK? TELL ME THAT YOU TOLD ME SO. I KNOW IT, NOW." Maria said as she became undone.

I went to her to hug her.

"Maria, I can't judge you, but it sounds like you want us to. Yes, you were stupid to do it that time, but you were just as stupid all the other times, but nothing ever happened, so you felt the power of the situation and the safety that you were never caught. I don't think any less you. C'mon Maria, we all love each other too much for that."

"That's all I could think of all summer, was how you were going to beat me up for being so stupid, especially after you warned me. I should have known you wouldn't judge me and would sympathize with my predicament. I guess I really WANTED you to beat me up, as my own punishment. Well, I won't do it again. It made sex hard to enjoy for the first few weeks with John on Long Island, the guilt ate at me so."

"So, what did this creep make you do, if you don't mind saying," Henny asked. "I remember you were saving it for your wedding night, he didn't ruin that did he?"

"No, the last time John and I were together before then, we finally did it. We finally gave in. But the bastard... he,, he made me do other things." And then Maria went into a full bawl, calling herself names and banging her fist on the sofa.

We had a group hug to comfort Maria and told her to give us a description of the guy, in case he might come around. But, Maria wasn't through yet.

"I have to tell you what happened. No one has ever heard the story and I have to tell it to someone so I can get it off my chest. I know it's my fault, but I want to tell it so maybe someone can tell me that it wasn't, OK?" She explained. "It's actually pretty gruesome."

"I went to a college sports bar nearby and sat at the bar, sipping a soda. I knew a couple guys were checking me out, but they seemed older and one of them goes to school here. But, there was a table with 3 guys, and I assumed they were freshmen, they all had soda's too. They had eaten, and it was almost 10 o'clock. That's when they proof the place and all the underage students have to leave and the band starts. I asked the waitress if she knew any of the 3, but she only knew they were freshmen at the Ag school. I asked her if she could get this one kid, a cute blonde haired guy to come to the bar. She said she would try, but figured I didn't want to be too forward. When two of them got up to play pool, she told him that I wanted to speak to him. He hesitated, and then came over wondering what I wanted, and asked if I was one of his sisters friends. I explained I was looking for a date to go dancing with, and I hated to walk into a place alone. He told me he was underage, but had proof that said otherwise. We talked for about 10 minutes and I suggested we leave to go to FudPuckers, or some place. He acted real shy and I figured I had a good one on the line."

"Usually I take them some public place, like FudPuckers, and we park the car, but before we get out to go in, we neck a bit and get "friendly" with each other. It usually doesn't take long to talk them out of going in, and going someplace more private. I know a few good places to park. Young guys go for my tits right away and that usually keeps them happy for a while. Once they try to put a hand down my pants, or up my dress, I stop them."

"I tell them they can't screw me, but that I love to have my pussy eaten, and if they do it right, I'll repay the favor. By this time they are drooling and tripping over their tongues. This guy, he said his name was Dean, was just like the rest. I bailed over the seat and took off my panties and invited him to dive in. Like the others I had to show him how I liked it, and I kept him going by telling him how I was going to suck his cock so good when he got done."

"Maria!! I can't believe you talk like that," Henny said. I thought you called it a pee pee!!"

"Please don't joke Hen, this is pretty awful," Maria warned.

"Once Dean got going it was apparent that he had done this before. He was trying to stick a wet finger up my butt and I kept pushing it away. He sat up and grabbed me by the throat and told me under no uncertain terms that he WAS going to stick his finger in my butt and that he was using it to get ready for his cock. Well, this scared the shit out of me and I said, "forget it" and went to get back in the front seat. He slapped me full force, full hand across the face and showed me my keys in his hand. He slapped me again on the other side of my face and I knew he meant business. I also knew I had lost control of the situation. This guy was a sicko. He turned me on my stomach and pushed my face in the seat. He walloped the hell out of my ass with his hand and then spit on my ass and stuck his finger back in. He kept it there and kept spitting on my ass. I was delirious with fear and pain. Then he stuck his dick up my ass and fucked me like a goddamn animal."

Maria had kept her composure for the most part of her story, but she was beginning to cry now.

"I was in so much pain, I thought I would die or pass out. I felt if I just cooperated he might finish faster and I could be through with him. But, he had other ideas. He pulled his dick out of my ass and made me suck it. He told me that if I bit him, he would kill me. As he said that, he had his hand around my throat and I no doubt he was able to squeeze life from me. Humiliated by being sodomized and forced to taste my own ass, I wasn't doing quite well at the blowjob he was getting, so he set about to slap my face again, full handed, each side, real hard. I was dizzy and in total panic. He grabbed my head and stuck his cock down my throat and fucked my mouth hard and deep, making me gag and throw up all over my self, while it was still in my mouth. Let me tell you both, that I thought I was going to die. I was THAT scared. He finally came while fucking my mouth and told me if he saw one drop outside my mouth, he was going to pull out all my hair. I didn't doubt him. I swallowed and swallowed and gagged and gagged, but made sure I didn't lose a drop of the disgusting stuff. I thought I had never been more humiliated until he finished and let me lay there about 10 minutes and the told me he had to piss, and he was going to do it all over me. I lost it and told him he had done enough to degrade me. He grabbed me and slapped me again, this time slapping my bare breasts, I was sure he broke the skin had ripped them off. I rolled into a ball in the back seat and figured he would beat me to death. I was planning on playing dead as he struck me. He slapped my ass real hard a couple times and I stifled screams. He grabbed me again and spit on my ass again. He wanted to fuck me there. I didn't see how I could take it. I wanted to die. After working his dick in there, he let his piss fly."

How Maria kept her composure during her description was beyond me. I was crying for her, but she was brave in wanting to confess how stupid she had been.

"Once he was done, he pushed me out of the car and drove away. He hollered out that I would find the car at the bar where I picked him up. He tossed my clothes out and he was gone.

After crying, shitting and puking for about an hour I finally was able to get my clothes together, and I found a stream where I could wash a little before walking to my car. I must have walked 5 miles, and I avoided staying on the road where anyone would see me. When I got to the bar, it was closed and my car was the only one there. When I went to it, the keys and my purse were on the front seat. All my money was still there, and all my credit cards and ID's were there, but everything was taken out and neatly laid in rows on the seat. I sat and cried for a while and finally drove to a motel. There, I showered and washed my clothes in the tub, and slept until the sun came up. Once I knew you guys were in exams, I came back here, in my damp clothes, and put my self back together."

By the time Maria finished the story, Henny and I were both in tears.

"Why didn't you go to the Police," I asked.

"What do I tell them?" Maria answered. "I wanted to pick up a virgin, and I gambled and got a pervert? I didn't see any way around the fact that I PICKED HIM UP! How do I explain that to John, or my parents?"

"The fuckin' bastard raped you, sodomized you, Maria. He should be locked up!" Henny said, boiling mad.

"LOOK, I was a stupid whore for doing what I was doing. Carree warned me that I could run into a loser one night, and I didn't listen. This guy may have scared the shit out of me, violated me in ways I didn't think possible, but he also cured me of being stupid. Forty-eight hours after it happened I was no worse off. He could have killed me, for Gods sake."

"Why don't you send him a thank you card, for Christ's sake Maria? If you ever see him, point him out. I'll pick him up and bite his balls off, the bastard!" Henny stewed.

"Let's just drop it!" Maria shouted. I only told you because I have been living with it all summer. I thought I was going to end up in therapy over it, but I'm not. My sex life with John was great and I am no worse the wear for it all. We even tried it, you know,... back there and I was OK with it. No bodily or emotional scars. I take all the blame, I just had to get it out!"

"OK Maria, but if you ever need to talk about it or have issues, don't hide them. We can all talk and try to fix things, OK? Listen, I love the both of you and hate to think that this happened to one of us. We have to look out for each other. Maria, please don't hesitate to come to us, OK?" I implored.

"OK, but I think I'm fine, OK?" Maria said.

"I don't see how, but I'll take your word for it," Henny said. "You're sure that everything was OK with you and John? I mean the sex part. You don't think of the rape every time you have sex do you?"

"No, because that wasn't sex, that was violence. I'm pretty strong willed and know that neither John nor sex had anything to do with it. I'm OK really." Maria insisted.

Never one to mince words or be genteel, Henny asked, "Even when John did you in the butt, you didn't flash back?"

"God Henny, leave a few things in her life sacred," I implored her.

But, Maria, knowing that Henny was Henny, said, "That's OK, and I guess it's a good question. Yes, I did think of it, but John did it lovingly as a lover would. I would have been doing it reluctantly anyway, but I really kind of liked it, at least with John."

"Yeah, butt sex is great, I really love it," Henny said as if she just said the sky was blue. We were truly open with each other, especially Henny, who knew no bounds of taste or decorum. But, if you knew her, you had to love her.

Henny and I looked out for Maria a lot for a while, to make sure she was over the ordeal. If she had any side effects of her attack, she never let them out. It's almost that she felt she deserved what happened to her and she got punished to learn her lesson. I couldn't ever feel that way, but Maria must be a much stronger individual.

Once classes got underway it all seemed like a bad memory as the three of us got back into our routine. What was different was that I saw Bill at least once a week now, and we planned to keep it that way until the snow flew and travel might be dangerous. Maria coaxed John to fly home from school whenever there was a break of any kind. Flying in from the mid- west sounded expensive to me, but I gathered that John's family had money. I also think that Maria let him know how lonely she was getting, being away from him. I think he suspected she was seeing someone else, which really wasn't true, but the rape must have left some seeds of doubt for Maria to sow. She must have changed a little.

For the long Veterans days Holiday weekend I had thought the three of us had went home. But, on my return on Monday afternoon with Bill, figuring on a little afternoon delight before he drove to his campus, we found Nick and Henny in the dorm.

"I thought you went home for the weekend? I asked.

Henny just smiled at me and said, "No, I decided to stay back and do a little local sight seeing."

The look on her face bewildered me and she was about to explode with news she wanted to tell me.

"Just for the last month or so, I've been going to the sports bar where Maria picked that asshole up. I was just hanging around for short times, grabbing something to eat and a soda or something. I became friendly with the barmaid and was somewhat of a regular. When we got talking about boyfriends I said my guys name was Dean (the name the guy who raped Maria used).

"Oh, really," she said. "You mean the Dean who hangs around here?"

Henny said, "No I doubt it, I don't think he comes in here."

"Well," the barmaid said, "I hope not, the Dean who comes in here is a pick-up artist. He thinks he's God's gift to women. If I see him come in, I'll point him out, because if he's your boyfriend, you ought to lose him."

So, anyway," Henny continued, "I went there a few more times and once the barmaid saw me and motioned me to a corner of the bar, out of sight line of the tables."

"Deans here," she said, and she pointed him out.

There sat a blonde haired blue-eyed guy who looked about 16. He caught the two of us looking at him and he smiled.

"No, that's not my Dean," Henny said. "That guy is a kid."

"That's good," the barmaid said, "I hear he's into rough stuff, but I guess some girls like that."

So, armed with this information, Nick and Henny were prepared to go to the sports bar all weekend waiting for Dean to show up. He showed up Friday night. They noted what kind of car he drove, and then followed him back to his dorm.

They kept an eye on him all day Saturday. About 9:30 p.m. he left and went right to the sports bar. Most of the students from the area were out of town so it was slow. Nick told Henny that he didn't think Dean would hang there long, there were few cars in the lot, so they waited for him to come out. When Dean finally left, there was no one else around. They were able to jump him and get like a canvas bag over his head and arms.

Then Henny paused.

"Well, what happened" I asked impatiently.

Hen reached to the sofa and picked up the local Monday paper and pointed to the front page, below the fold.

"Local Student Beaten in Fraternity Hazing" the story read... "A local student was found beaten and tied in a canvas bag to his waist Sunday morning. His feet were tied with plastic restraints, typically used by Police in holding cells. When the manager of the Third Base Sports bar came to open at noon on Sunday she saw the lone car in the lot. She didn't find it that strange, except there was thick red yarn tied to the cars door handle that led into the wooded area behind the bar. The other end of the yarn rope was tied to the feet of victim, Dean Doe a sophomore at Agricultural Tech. While Doe insisted he was not part of any Frat hazing, Police said the fact he had been urinated on made that hard to believe. "It's typical frat house stuff", said Officer Petersen. "With all the frats on local campus' that are on probation for hazing, it's no surprise he is denying it." Petersen did not make it clear if there would be any further investigation."

I dropped the paper and was dumbfounded.

"Henny, you and Nick did this? Are you crazy?" I asked.

"Carree, we never said one word. He never had a clue if there 2 or 3 of us, if we were all guys or what. He kept on shouting names of girls who he thought we were getting revenge for. He knew why he was getting his ass kicked, he just didn't know who it was from. He finally got quiet when he got punched every time he hollered." Henny said so proud.

"Carree," Nick said, "Henny would have killed him if I let her. She kicked him in the balls about 4 times. The little fuck was crying when we left him. Henny went back and pissed on him, so I did too. After Hen told me what he did to Maria, I had to get the bastard."

I didn't know what to think. I was afraid they would be found out and be caught, but I had a little glow of revenge inside.

"Listen, we cannot be caught. We covered every possible track. No one saw us. No one can place us anywhere. He has no clue who did it. He shouted out different girls names, saying like, "It's for Sherry, right? Well, she wanted it rough."

Man, he was so confused. Then we really let him have it. He got a good beating and probably thought we were going to kill him. I wanted to scare the shit out of him." Henny said.

"But," Henny added, "We CANNOT tell Maria we had anything to do with it. I want her to see the article, but I do NOT want her to think Nick and I did it. OK?"

I agreed, but was still in a daze, not believing she and Nick could be so larcenous.

"Carree, don't go and get Goody Two Shoes on me here," Henny said. "You have that look on your face. Do you think I could stand to think of that little bastard running loose after what he did to her?"

"But, Henny, you can't take the law into your own..." I started, before Henny interrupted.

"HE STUCK HIS DICK UP HER ASS AND PISSED IN HER, CARREE," she said as she held a defensive pose to me.

I thought about that for a second, and said, "OK, I guess it was something you had to do. Maria was wrong not to have him put away. I won't say a word to her."

"Don't even point out the article to her. Let her find it," Nick said. "If she doesn't see it by Wednesday, point it out to her as you are tossing it out, you know by accident."

Henny and I agreed and never said a word to Maria. Later that week we saw her read the article, and by the look on her face, she knew whom it was that got beat. I asked her what it was, trying to draw her out, and she just said "Oh, Nothing." But she was humming and smiling the rest of the night.

I guess I always had a horror in the back of my mind of being raped. I was always aware of catcalls and whistles when I was in certain situations and always chose to not pay attention. When Maria told us of her rape and brutal violation, I almost felt it happened to me. That was funny in it self, because Maria seemed to have forgotten about it, or took it in stride. She truly thought that going out and picking up a lover for the night was OK, because it was strictly sexual for her own satisfaction. To her it was enhanced masturbation. Yet, she portrayed a Polly Pure front almost all of the time, even when talking among us girls. I was flummoxed to her thought processes.

Maria may have purposely planted a seed in her fianc≠, John's, mind that she was lonely and desperate enough to seek other company. He made the long flight in for a weekend every month to be with her. Even though he could well afford it, in their first few years of college, John was only home for Christmas, and usually met her for Spring Break somewhere. He had taken Maria and her love for granted for the last time.

Just as we got ready to go home for Thanksgiving weekend, Maria took me aside and handed me a newspaper with an article circled:

"Local Ag Tech Student Convicted."

"A local AG Tech student was convicted of a July kidnap/rape in Woonsocket, R.I., where he resides. Dean Doe originally was going to accept a plea bargain for probation in the July incident, but decided to let it go to trial. After his alleged victim was convicted for marijuana possession, Doe recanted his earlier confession in hopes of influencing the court that she may have brought the rape upon herself."

The story went on to say that he could get up to 25 years, but expected he might serve 3-5 years.

Maria looked at me with a smile and a tear in her eye.

"It's over, but the girl he raped was my fault. I am really sorry for that. I read a while ago that he was found beat up in a Frat hazing, and I felt vindicated, I had a revenge of sorts. I forgot about what a next victim might mean. I never thought of that part."

"He's gone, you're safe, your love is safe, Maria. You would have lost everything if you accused him, and he could have beaten that charge then. Don't fret that you could have saved someone else from him. He's done now." I assured her.

We hugged and held each other tightly, she wanted so bad to share this whole thing with someone she loved and trusted. It truly was over and to this day I don't know if she ever found out that Henny and Nick were the ones who beat up Dean the scum.

That Thanksgiving Bill broke his family tradition of a long weekend in Vermont. He drove up ahead of his family as soon as he got me home on Wednesday around noon. He went ahead to ski with some cousins and met his parent's there Wednesday night. Right after the families big Dinner on Thanksgiving, he headed home to spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings with me up in his writing study over the garage.

I had just finished drying the last dish after our Holiday Feast when I went to sit with my parents in front of their new fireplace. We waited to serve the dessert pies for Bill. He was going to sit by the fire with the 3 of us and talk. Then after that we were to be off to be alone. Mom and Dad offered to let him stay with me there, but I am sure they understood our need to be alone. It was still only down in the high 30's at night, so the Franklin stove was plenty enough to keep our little hideaway warm for us. Besides that, we had a lot of heat to share with each other.

Dad had just put a few more logs on and Mom poured the hot chocolate when I heard the growl of the engine. Bill was here. I felt myself blush just knowing he was here. When he came to the door I rushed like a schoolgirl to hug him. Mom and Dad hollered their hello's from the living room, allowing us a private moment and word.

Bill whispered to me, "Lets start to discuss dates tonight, OK? Just to get a ball rolling and feel them out."

"I'm not ready to set a date, Bill," I said.

"Geez Care, I'm not either," Bill whispered. "But my parents are asking me about it, and with them getting friendly with yours, lets just make them think we're looking into things. So, if they talk about it between them... I'm sick of saying we haven't discussed it yet. Maybe we'll actually get some ideas."

"OK, Bill," I said. "I assume you know best."

We went into the living room and Bill made sure he made a big deal about the new fireplace. My Dad got a lot of help on it, but he did the most of the work. He was so proud. It was a real piece of Americana, though, the four of us curled in front of the fire with a homemade pie and hot chocolate on Thanksgiving night.

Bill broke the "date" ice.

"Carree and I are beginning to look at possible wedding dates. Now we don't want to jump the gun or anything, but after graduation we would like to have a date set. But we are certainly in no rush. We discussed a window of... how long Carree?" he hesitated as he looked at me for an answer.

"Two years," I blurted out as Bills eyes bugged. "We figured we were in no hurry and if we had to wait 2 years it would be fine. We want time to plan and do it really right and make sure everything is accommodating to both families, and of course, us. It's going to mean Bill and I having to plan time off way in advance from work, we will be living in Baltimore then. We will need all that time if we plan on getting married back here, and we do."

Suddenly Bill wasn't so shocked that I ad-libbed "two years". I think he assumed I would be in a hurry to get married, and deep down I was. But, I know my Mom and Bill's Mom, with their only son and daughter, wanted the day to be a special one to last forever in their memories.

The three of them were all pondering my words, searching their minds for some place in time to work from, to or fro.

As they pondered, I added, "Unless you want us to just elope and call you from the Justice of the Peace office to tell you we were married."

My mothers face turned ashen as I said it. My Dad rolled his eyes.

"For Gods sake, I was kidding." I assured them. "You have a look on your face like I was serious."

"Although," Bill added, "If we decide to buy that house in Baltimore, my Dad has said that maybe we should get married, legally, at a JP, and just not tell anyone."

"I wouldn't like that," my Dad kicked in, "But he may have a point." I would suggest if you do that, don't tell ANYONE."

"You would tell us, right?" my Mom asked, all worried.

"Silvie, you would be happier not knowing, I'm sure. How do we know they aren't JP married, right now?" My Dad said to make a point to her.

"Well Carl, I'm sure they would have told us," my Mom said and then looked at me imploring, "Wouldn't you?"

"That's my point." My Dad said. "We don't know and would be better off not. If a legal situation makes it to their advantage to get a legal marriage, they might be better off. Nothing would change, that would concern us."

"Well Carl, now you've given me something else to worry about," my Mom said.

Bill stepped in. "I can ease your mind. We are not married in any way right now. If we did do it for any reason, I am sure you guys and my parents would know. Don't fret it. It was just something my Dad suggested to make things better financially. Let's worry about it when we have to."

"Actually, we plan on taking a trip overseas, possibly to visit some of Carree's Dads relatives in Poland. We have wanted to go for a long time and one of his brothers is planning an excursion. That expense and a wedding would be hard to handle in the same year." Mom said.

"Well, that's exactly the reason why I wanted to bring this up," Bill said. "We call rule OUT times that are bad for each family."

"OK, Bill," Dad said. "I'll look into things with my brothers excursion plans, as well as things at work. They are planning a move to a bigger complex, and that will eat up tons of my time as well. Way to look ahead on this. We have to get together with Doris and Willie and see what works for them."

My Mother had that worried "Mom" look on her face. I knew she had something to say.

"In this 2 year window you are working with, what would be the soonest, you might look at?"

"Geez, Mom Kasc, that's a good one." Bill said. "What do you think Care, 4 months after graduation?"

"If push came to shove," I began, "We could pull it off that soon, but I would hope for a year. When I daydreamed in high school, I always thought of August or September after we graduated from College, but with jobs and a house in place, the tail is wagging the dog already."

Bill pushed himself off the front of his chair to get closer to the fire. As he sat in front of chair he drew up his knees and I saw the outline of his crotch. I blushed as he caught me looking, as he smirked.

"I tell you what," Bill said. I planted the seeds, but let's not stress anymore over it tonight. Let's just enjoy the fire and each others company."

"Good idea!" Dad said. "Silvie, how about we refill the hot cocoa and get seconds on pie."

We each held up our cups, game for Dads suggestion. Mom took her tray and piled the empty plates and cups on, saying she would be back with refills. My Dad got up to help her. I slid off my spot on the sofa and sidled up to Bill. I looked around to be sure Mom and Dad had left the room. I brought my hand right onto Bills crotch.

"Aren't you the sexy one, with the tight pants tonight?" I said. "I want seconds, but not of pie."

"These pants aren't tight at all, they just snugged up when I slid down." Bill defended. "You just have a dirty mind." He couldn't hide his smile.

"Well, I haven't eaten what I like to eat for over 2 weeks, so be sure there's plenty for me." I whispered as my Dad led my Mom into the room with a tray of cocoa and a tray of pie selections.

"Here we are," my Dad said. "I wouldn't want to send you two away without making sure you tried some more pie. Carree made the apple, Bill, so you know you'll always eat good."

I raised an eyebrow to Bill as my Dad made his innocent comment to him. I was just licking my cocoa spoon as he heard the comment. I think I saw a bead of sweat rise up on his forehead.

We all sat and quietly reflected watching the flames dance at the end of a busy Holiday. Bill and I anticipated being with each other by this time and were waiting for the right moment to say our goodbyes. Maybe my Mom wanted some alone time with Dad in front of the fireplace, because she was the one who broke the ice.

"Well Carree, do you have a bag packed with things for the next few days? I guess it doesn't matter much, it's not like you're going to be far. Your Dad has to work tomorrow, so anytime you show up for breakfast, I'll make it for you. You aren't planning on doing any Black Friday shopping are you?"

"I don't think so, Mom," I said. "When we get up, showered and dressed we will be over. I don't think it will be too late. Then, I'll drop Bill back so he can finish something for his journalism class. Then I'm coming back here to study myself. Meg Parker is going to come over in the afternoon and help me perm my hair. She has something she says I HAVE to try. I'm getting it cut for Christmas, so if I hate it, I only have to live with it for a few weeks. Then, I'll get Bill and we'll be here for dinner, if you don't mind. Well, as long as its leftovers!" I presumed.

"Yes, it will be leftovers, and you know this is always your house to come and go as you please, as well as eat. We firmly believe in that old "not losing a daughter, but gaining a son" saying. We love you both being here." Mom said.

As she finished, Bill was helping me up and we got coats and I picked up an overnight bag I had to get me through the next couple nights. We were staying in Bills study over the garage, but we had the run of the Wilson's house, so we could shower and eat and all. We could have even stayed in Bills own room, but he felt funny there with me. I guess I understood that. We both kissed my Mom and told her we would see her for breakfast. We told my Dad how sorry we were that he had to work tomorrow, and then I hugged and kissed him and Bill gave him a hug and a handshake.

As many times as we had been together, alone, I still had wet pants anticipating it all over again as we bound off the porch of my house to get to Bills car.

On the short trip up the road to the Wilson house I sat with one leg crooked on the seat. I put my hand right over my pussy and cupped it, catching Bills eye immediately.

"I hope you still want more dessert, because I have a piece of pie just aching to be eaten, devoured, even." I said as sexy as I could.

"Geez Care, You're going to make me drive off the road. Don't worry I'm still very, very hungry." Bill said with a smile.

"I guess just sitting in the house with you there got me all worked up. I've been looking forward to this for two weeks. I just love sleeping together. Do you think Baltimore will be as much a dream as it was last year? I'll miss the simplicity of the apartment, but a house, one that might be ours, how cool is that?" I bubbled.

"I'll have to admit that about half the way down from Vermont I started to think about you. Seeing you naked in my bed, and how much I wanted you passed through my mind. Damn, the blue devil is back at school too. I'm kind of getting that itch to do the nasty." Bill said with a wink to me.

"Never mind the nasty this weekend. The Back Bay train station has been shut down for a couple days. I had such heartburn on Monday I took a couple of those Pepsid tablets to kill the burn and it shut down the system. I haven't went since... " I was saying before Bill stopped me.

"Whoa, more information than I need at this time. Lets discuss bowel habits another time. OK?" Bill said, a little disgusted.

"Well, Billy boy I was going to tell you anyway, in case you had a wandering tongue tonight." I said, a little embarrassed.

"OK, I guess you're right. Too bad, you know how much I love your butt." He said with a smile.

We just got to his driveway as I reached out and touched his hand that he had rested on my splayed knee.

"Don't worry," I said, "Something tells me we might have fun tonight," adding a giggle.

Bill took his suitcase from the car and opened the side door on the garage. I felt a little blast of heat as soon as he did.

"You were here, already, weren't you? You're so sweet, you got a fire going." I said.

Bill just smiled and turned on the light and said he would be right back as he ran to the main house. He was going to turn on the heat there so we could shower tonight, before retiring.

I went up the stairs and found the room to be warm and I noticed a distinctive sweet smell. Flowers!! There were two nice bouquets in vases, one on the computer table and another beside the sofa/lounger (that Bill called the slouch couch). I had just set my overnight bag down and was fishing for my gown when Bill came up.

"The flowers are a nice touch, Bill, how sweet of you!" I said.

"Flowers?" he said looking around. "Wow, they are nice. My Mom must have put them out. How do you figure? I had the feeling they weren't really too hot for us staying here these few days, and she does this. Oh, well, lets go with the flow."

I clutched my gown to myself and sat on the couch. I was tired from the long day of food and anticipation. I sighed heavily and asked if he were going to shower with me, or if he would meet me there after stoking up the fire.

"You know, if you're tired, we can skip showers tonight and just crash in each others arms. I'm pretty tired myself. Besides, I showered this morning and I'm pretty fresh, and I'm sure you did too right?" Bill asked.

"Showering tonight means not getting to bed for another 45 minutes or an hour. I want you now, baby. How dirty can we be? We can freshen up here in the bathroom." I said agreeing with Bill.

Relieved that I didn't have to run from the house to the garage in the cold after showering, I took my gown to the little bathroom in the study. There was just a toilet and a sink, but Mom Wilson had left a pile of towels there for us so we were set. I stripped off all my clothes and before slipping into my gown I washed myself, giving myself a little tingle doing so. I've never had any reluctance to taste Bill when he wasn't just fresh from a shower, nor he with me. I suppose if we had worked all day or been running, it might make a difference. But after rinsing a little, all that remained was our own musk, that we keenly craved. When I came out of the little room Bill was there, waiting to get in himself. We kissed and I told him I would meet him on the couch.

When Bill came out he was wearing just silk boxers that I had bought for him on Valentines Day. The room was warm enough, he didn't need a shirt, and he looked delicious. Bill came over and adjusted the "slouch of the couch" to its lowest position. It still wasn't flat, but it was not bad for sleeping. It wasn't quite as wide as a double bed, but we slept close, so it worked.

A sheet, a quilt and a comforter assured us that we would be warm, not to mention a considerable amount of body heat we planned to share. I laid myself in Bills arms and we hugged and luxuriated under the covers. Alone at last, the moment we waited for. After a long hug, running our hands over each other Bill kissed me and we were soon necking like 2 kids in the back seat of an old Ford. Say what you want for sex and all the joy it brings, being attached at the mouth to Bill was so romantic, so fulfilling, so sweet, it truly made my whole body tingle, this communication so simple. After a good 10 minutes of kissing, sucking and biting at each others lips, necks and tongues, Bill had worked his way on top of me.

"I want to taste you and feel you engorge and cum under my tongue. I want to make you happy and show you how much I love you. You know I love you forever Carree," he said as his eyes burned into mine in the winter moonlight through the skylight.

He kissed me full on the lips again and rose up a bit to kiss my forehead. He trailed down my neck to the ties at the top of my robe. With his teeth he undid their simple knot and parted my top. With his hands at either side of me to hold himself in a cat like position, he licked and sucked at my breasts, holding their nipple in his teeth as he pulled his mouth up, letting the nipple bud slip from his grip as the pain of his toothed pinch reached its nadir. With my own hands I squeezed my breast to satisfy that yearn and to feed them to him again. When I could no longer stand the pain of his bites I covered the nipples between my fingers and felt his tongue trail to my navel. He ate at that for just a moment and sat back onto his knees. No ties were left to be undone. The rest of my robe hung from my hips, but he slid it up, just past my navel. My vagina, smooth and fresh, was his. He chose to kiss and lick every molecule of my sensitive skin until all that was untouched below my waist was the puffy engorged outer flesh of my slit. He tried to fill his mouth with the whole of it but he was denied. I was swollen in anticipation. He quickly sought to worm his tongue to open my pussy and expose my lips. As soon as its treasure was exposed, he flattened his tongue to my clitoris and I shuddered. Bill's tongue danced on my clit until it seemed like it was reaching out to him. He still was using both hands to hold his body over mine, so his tongue was all he had to draw me out and my clit felt like the size of my thumb. It didn't take me long to start to cum and I let him know it with my coo's, grunts and cheering. Just about all of Bill that was touching we was his tongue tip, usually he had fingers in me or was fondling my breasts, but tonight he knelt between my spread legs, his arms holding him up at my side. He reminded me how much I just loved to be eaten.

Once my second orgasm came, the rest were just one blur. I almost used my fingers to try and intensify the electricity by pushing my clit to his tongue, but I was just riding the wave. I was a little lost in my own world of pleasure when I realized I wasn't breathing, I was holding my breath and my clit was like an exposed nerve. It was like I came in the door from the cold.

"UghhhhhOhhh!" I forced out of my lungs as I pushed Bills face away. "No more, No more, I'm going to explode," I said.

Bill tried to get his face back in there, but I had protectively sealed off my pussy with my hand and moved into a semi fetal position. Bill scooped me into his arms like a rag doll and sat back on his knees holding me. My eyes caught his as he smiled and pivoted a little and fell back onto the sofa with me in tow, now on top of him.

He loosened his grip and I stretched out over him.

"How did you do that, Tarzan?" I said as I ground my butt into his groin and rolled off him. "You handled me like an animal," I said as I roared like a lion.

"I thought you were going to hold me down and fuck me, sodomize me, like a beast. I thought I was going to have to fight you off." I said half kidding, half serious, remembering his hard cock touching my ass as he held me in his arms.

No," Bill responded, "I just wanted to feel your body against me. I wanted to play off your orgasm, you were electric."

"Oh, don't worry," I warned him, "You'll have your own orgasm." I said as I wrapped my hand around the base of his package of manhood. "I wish you could fuck me tonight, spontaneously like that. Just shove it in and drive me nuts. But, someday it will happen, and it's getting closer too, baby." I said as I covered his face with kisses.

I wanted to slowly work my mouth down to his cock, but I had it and part of his ball sack in my hand already and I couldn't wait. With one hand around the base of his cock and the other cradling his balls I knelt beside him and took the bulb of his cock in my mouth. Oh, the smooth velvet surface under my tongue! That musky man of mine taste! I loved his cock. I gently worked his balls in my hand and stroked him slightly with my other. Meanwhile I was loose lipped around his cock head, up and down, up and down. I know how to drive my man crazy.

Bill was whipped right up to the edge of cumming already. "Ha haa haaa, Oh my God Carree, that's wild." He said as he reached down and took his cock in his hand.

I sat up and looked at him, quizzing his move with my eyes.

"Get between my legs and suck the cum out of me Carree. Let me watch you milk it and drink it. You're so beautiful when you do that. Ahh, do it now, suck it off." He implored me.

I scooted down and brought his leg over my head and knelt right between his legs.

"I'll do that Bill. I want that cum. I want all your love juice." I said as I took him in my mouth, with no hands, and milked him with my sucking lips and cheeks.

God, I wanted it, to taste a hot spurt from him to me.

I had barely got into a rhythm when he began to leap at my mouth and I could taste some salty pre-cum. I didn't want him to go this fast, but he was ready to cum. When I felt he was right on the brink, I wrapped my hand around it and jerked it hard. His first blast of watery cum hit the top of my mouth and I began swallowing. I was milking and swallowing, one spurt, then another. He shuddered and then another blast leapt to the back of my throat and then he melted back into the couch. I would milk and swallow until he had me stop, and it didn't take long to reach his breaking point. When he pushed me away I removed my mouth, but kept his cock in my hand, massaging it between my thumb and forefingers. I wanted to hug it to my cheek and fall asleep with it, but he was calling me.

"Come here baby, come here lover. Give me those lips and lets taste each other," he said as I crawled up and mashed my mouth to his. We kissed and held each other as we caught our breaths. The next thing I knew, the morning sun just peeked through the east-facing front window of the loft/study over the Wilson's garage.

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