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by Daddy oldster

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: I met her online, we began dating, and soon I discovered just how creative she was!

I met her online.

I have been dating women I've met over the Internet for several years now. The Internet has made a big difference in the way people meet and form relationships. Now you can find out a lot about a person (sometimes in great and intimate detail!) before you actually meet them. A number of women I've dated after meeting online actually seemed like old friends by the time we actually met. This eases the awkward first date and asking her out thing a lot sometimes. Another thing about Internet dating that most people figure out rather quickly is that it enables you to live vicariously. In other words, people will say things over the Internet to someone they barely know that they might not otherwise say to them until they had been dating a long time. It feels almost consequence free chatting online. There's no physical presence, and you can always just disappear (or so you think... ) if you do embarrass yourself. For example, I have received intimate pictures of women and girls over the Internet before ever meeting them in person. I don't recall ever receiving a picture of a woman's breast or vagina when meeting them in the real world! I have such pictures from 3 of the women I've met online over the last 4 years. One of them I never did actually meet in real-time! Conversely, many times I've said things that I would have been far too tongue-tied to say to a woman I just met. I've never sent out intimate pics of myself, but let's be honest, who wants to see that? Girls are much more pleasant subjects for pictures like that!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Like I said, I met her online. It was a little unusual the way we met, I had been chatting with another girl that I had met at an alternative site for a while. We had met once for sex play, and never met again. It just didn't "click" if you know what I mean. However we remained friends and continue to this day to enjoy chatting. One day we are online and she says "would you mind if I invite a friend of mine to join our chat?" I agreed and this lovely person came online and we began to chat. The friend that introduced us got busy with household things and dropped out of the conversation and "Babydoll" and I continued chatting well into the evening. It was so refreshing! She has a point of view on most of life that I find captivating. She is mature for her age (she's 19... I know, and mind your own business!), and displays more sense than the vast majority of people I know of any age group! She has a gentle, sweet, slightly warped sense of humor, and is quite honest. She also can Spell, believe it or not, and has a good vocabulary. She seems well read, and intelligent and I quickly came to look forward eagerly to our talks.

One evening we were online and began talking about the possibility of meeting. I confessed to her that I had a strange desire to meet her in a public place and as soon as I see her, just walk up and take her in my arms and give her such a passionate kiss that her knees would buckle. I told her that I wanted to do that before even speaking to her. It was a strange impulse, and I asked her if she thought it was odd or anything. She didn't think it was that odd, and we didn't discuss it anymore. We talked a bit over the weeks about our fantasies and exchanged some of our writings with each other.

Time passed and eventually I asked her out. She accepted and we made plans to go out for a movie and dinner. We met at the theater and of course we were about a half hour early for the movie. I remembered what I had said to her earlier about the kiss and when I saw her coming up the steps to the theater, I walked over to her and placed my arms on her shoulders. I think I was actually intending to do it, but something in her body language told me it would not be appreciated, so I awkwardly brushed my hands across her cute face, and kind of half-hugged her and said (brilliantly, as usual) "uh, Hi!, It's g-g-g-good to finally meet you!" (Blush! - Geez! What a dufus I must have looked like!) We decided to go on in to the theater and sit and talk until the movie started.

The movie was one that had been billed as a suspense movie and turned out to be more of a romance than anything. It was ok, I enjoyed it. During the movie, I kept my arm around her seat back and would occasionally reach down and touch her soft skin. She felt good! She would now and then look my way and smile, but didn't really show a lot of encouragement, so I kept it pretty low-key. It seems that she has a master who hasn't released her yet, and she feels like it would be incorrect for her to get too involved with another until she resolves the issue with him. I understand that and respect her for it. After the movie, we went out to eat and talked for quite a while about many subjects that I won't bore you with here.

Let me describe "Babydoll" for you (I won't use her real name here, just wouldn't feel right). She's about 5 ft. 7 inches, 110 lbs, short blonde hair, fair skin, medium sized breasts (perhaps a C cup) has a trim shape to her body. In short, lovely. She has a sweet little girl voice that I find very erotic, and expressive eyes. She is enthusiastic about the things she cares about, and has a gentle, kind nature. Quite a package, huh? Am I boring you? Is this story not lurid enough for you? Did I hear you ask "When ya gonna get to the buggerin?" Well, Be patient, It's coming, It's coming!

When the evening ended, she dropped me off back at the theater where my truck was and we talked for a moment more before we said our goodnights and parted. As I was getting out of the car, I looked over at her and it seemed to me that she expected me to kiss her. I didn't. I can't explain why, I just didn't want to rush things and so I did not try to kiss her. When I got home, I sat down at the computer and saw she was online. We chatted for quite a while and I went to bed.

A week went by and we went out again. This time we went to a nice restaurant and had a good dinner and a nice long talk. After, we just walked, talked, and touched. It was so pleasant just spending time with her that nothing more seemed needed. She was so easy to be around. It seemed that we could talk about anything.

This went on for several weeks and then it happened. (That's right, we're gonna get to the buggerin now, ain't ya glad ya waited?) We went out to a movie and after, I jokingly suggested that we retire to my place. To my immense surprise, she agreed! My pulse rate increased, to say the least! During the drive to my apartment, we didn't talk much. I suspect that we both had "things" on our mind. We had gone over a number of fantasies that we were both interested in exploring and one of the big ones for both of us was age play. I've read a lot of erotic fiction and written a bit of it myself, and this theme seems to run all through most of the online fiction out there.

When we got to my apartment there seemed to be an understanding between us. We both knew what we were going to do and it simply happened. She slipped into the Role of "bad little girl" and I slipped into the role of "Disappointed Daddy who must now punish his precious little girl" We both knew that this was the fantasy that was right for us to get into. We didn't need to discuss it, because we already had. We didn't need a "safe word" because we both already knew we could trust the other. It simply happened, and here is my account of it...

When the door closed, I turned to her and said, "Explain yourself! Two D's and an F? What happened? I warn you I may know more about what you've been up to than you may think, so don't lie to me! Now, Out with it!" Silence. Not a word. I looked into her eyes, and saw uncertainty, nervousness. I could tell she was thinking "Shit! Party hearty, huh? Why couldn't I have at least read the books? Damn! He looks pissed! What the fuck am I going to do?" (Well, at least something like that... ) I asked again, "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?" After a long pause she started. "I'm sorry, Daddy, High school is harder than I thought it would be! I tried, I really did! But that Mr. Evans just hates me! He's got it in for me, Honest!" I replied "That, if true, might explain your F in math, but what about the rest? You always loved English, and here you are with a D minus! I'm only going to ask you to come clean one more time, young lady, now OUT WITH IT! NOW!"

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