by LadyBM

Tags: Teenagers, True Story, White Female, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: : A story about one of the first times that I masturbated,its kinda short and sweet. Chapter 2 is another time that I have played and used a vibrator. Short stories!

Chapter 1

Last night was... great. It was late last night when I went to bed and I was tired. I was trying to sleep but I couldn't. So I turned on my radio louder.

First I just rubbed myself through my boxers. Then I moved my hand inside of them. It was uncomfortable so I took off my boxers and undies. I wasn't expecting anything great since I know I had to be quiet because I wasn't alone in the house.

Anyway first I just touched and rubbed but I wasn't getting anything out of it. I thought of something that always helped.

I wet my finger so it was wet. I ran it along my lips. I wet my finger again and ran it along the inside of my lips.

I again wet my finger. I could taste myself. I started to flick my clit. I softly rubbed back and forth then I started press harder and move in a circle. I could start to feel it.

I tightened my stomach. I knew I would get more if I was in a different position so I moved my legs so they were up in indian style in the air. I held them toward me.

I pressed harder on my clit. I stroked it up and down till I hit a more sensitive spot. I moved my fingers in a circle pressing harder. God I felt it everywhere. I started to feel the juices of me coming out of me in squirts over and over again.

I was breathing hard but quietly. Oh... my that was good.

I always wondered, for I didn't know about what it meant by a wet spot. Oh, I know now. When I put my legs back down the bed was soaked. My bed is small so I couldn't just move to the other side. I had to get up and out of bed and get something to cover it so that I could sleep. I ended up getting my flannel bottoms that I wear around the house when I am alone.

I laid back down pressed my legs together tightly and felt my insides spasm. I do believe it wanted something inside of me. I guess I fall right to sleep because the next thing I know my alarm was going off waking me up.

Chapter 2

I keep thinking back to last night. God I am still so tired from it. But my body wants more and then some more. You ask what did I do last night? Well let me tell you. I had been online talking with another female and about how it would be if me and her would get together for some fun. It had me so hot and so wet. I remember sitting in my chair before the computer and thinking about how I could feel my wetness when I moved even the slightest. Ohhhh mmmmm. Well after signing off the net and shutting down the computer I went to bed and laid there half watching a movie just waiting for my brother to go to bed. Once I was sure that he had I reached under the bed for the box. I opened it and pulled out the vibrator and a magazine that you had bought me a long while ago. I opened the mag to my place and cuddled under my covers still fully dressed. I began to read. The first stories that I read were of quickies I believe. Its such a haze to me now. I turned on the vibrator to a low speed at first and just pressed it to myself through my jeans. As I read I began to get even hotter and in need. I slowly turned the vibrator up until I could no more. I can just think and I can imagine it pressed against me. Moving slowly up and down my slit through my jeans and undies. I would press it hard so that it touched only my clit then move it so that it was pressed against the length of my slit. I undid my jeans and slipped the vibrator into them so that only my undies was between me and the vib.

Oh that felt so good. I could feel myself become even wetter. I moved it up and down.

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