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Desc: Sex Story: This is a true life story about what happened when I finally met Suzy. We had been chatting on-line for almost three years. We continued to tease and make arrangements to meet, but had never been able to hook up until one night.

Chapter 1: Unexpected

We had been talking and flirting on line for over two years. It was seeming that we would never meet. I would tell her I was going to a bar, and then for some unexpected reason I did not go out that evening. She would be there looking for me and I was nowhere to be found. She would tell me that she might be at a certain bar and I would go but she would never arrive. We continued to chat and flirt and I would always tell her I was just a holler away, all she did was to tell me to come over. She would always tell me she would remember that. She loved reading the stories I wrote about my various adventures I had. Suzy always asked if we hooked up would I write a story about it. My response was yes and so this is the story of our first, and hopefully not last adventure.

I had just gotten online when the IM box popped open with "hey sexy! are you in Fayetteville tonight?". It was Suzy, my longtime online flirt. I responded with my standard response "yes I am... going to invite me over? Hehehe". And Suzy came back with her typical answer "I might! :)". The chat continued back and forth - yes I am, oh you always are, and so forth. I told her "nothing ventured... nothing gained... and I live right around the corner :D, tell me your address and I will be there before 1130". And her response was quite unexpected "you know that regardless you will have to fuck me!" I quickly typed "Mmmmm okies... love to :D I am up for that mission... completely". Suzy typed back her address and signed off.

I was amazed, I never expected her to agree, not after all the time we had flirted online without ever meeting. I signed off and jumped up, I looked at Sandi and all I could say was "I gotta go" as I ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I showered, brushed my teeth and throw on some clothes and dashed out to the truck. It took me a little longer to find Suzy's house than expected but she was looking out for me.

As soon as I walked through her front door I kissed her. Our lips met and our tongues danced lightly touching each other. My hands roamed across her body. I felt her tits under her nightie. After we broke the kiss she looked at me and told me "you know you have to fuck me". I told her I was ready, lets go. And on that note she lead me to her bedroom. Candles were burning, providing the only light in the room. We kissed again, long and deep. She is a wonderful kisser. When the kiss broke she removed her nightie and I stripped my clothes off.

She was already nekkid on the bed when I removed my last item of clothing. Suzy was sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting. I came over to the bed and knelt down next to her. We kissed again, falling back onto the bed. Our lips were pressed together allowing our tongues to probe. While we kissed, my hands roamed over her body. I centered my efforts on her soft tanned tits. My cock was hard and brushed against her warm body. After our kiss broke I continue to lick and nibble my way down to her soft tits. I felt her stiffen as my mouth closed over her left nipple. Her quiet moans told me that she was enjoying my attentions to her tits. I worked from one tit to the other making sure I gave each one an equal measure of attention. From her titties I moved down between her legs. When I got there I found a very pretty and very bare pussy. I started licking her savoring the taste of her pussy... it was oh so wet.

I spread her legs, exposing her very wet pussy. Looking good enough to eat, that is exactly what I did. My tongue found her clit and I started to lick and nibble. By Suzy's reaction I continued to work over her clit. As my mouth worked on her clit, I slipped a finger into her extremely wet pussy. As I finger fucked her i moved my tongue from her hard clit to her ass. The brown rose of her ass was there before me as my tongue extended to touch. Soon my tongue was licking it and was pushing against it in an attempt to tongue fuck her. Making sure I left her asshole nicely lubed, I moved back to working on her clit. As I munched on her clit I slid a finger into her ass. Licking on her on her clit I began to finger fuck her ass. This process of working my tongue on her clit and the finger in her ass, Suzy was on the verge of cumming.

I repositioned myself into the classic 69 position. Suzy immediately took my hard cock in her mouth. I went back to eating her pussy and finger fucking her ass. She was so wet it was like I was drinking her juices. I was able to slip a second finger into her ass. She was trying to suck on my cock and moan at the same time. We kept up licking and sucking on each other till it was time to fuck.

I crawled out from between Suzy's legs and wiped my face, her juices were dripping off. We kissed and she could taste herself on my lips. My hard cock pushed against the wet soft lips of her pussy. I could feel her engulf my cock as I slowly entered her. "Fuck me and fuck me hard" Suzy demanded as I was completely in her. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them forward and began pumping my cock hard and deep into her. We fucked and fucked hard and then slow. When I felt I was on the verge of cumming I stopped and we kissed. And then I started pumping into her again. As I fucked her I watched her large soft tits quiver and shake. I leaned down now and then taking one of her nipples in my mouth.

The phone rang, interrupting us for just a moment. This gave us a break to rest and allow me to start back on eating Suzy's pussy one more time. Again we were in the classic 69, my mouth on her clit and her mouth wrapped around my cock. This time I concentrated on licking and probing with my tongue against her asshole. I went back and forth from her clit to her ass making sure each got good attention. I could tell that my tongue against her clit was getting her on the verge of cumming and this was something I wanted her to do. Damn I love making a woman cum, especially with my tongue. She had already dropped my cock from her mouth as she started to moan heavily and thrash around the bed.

Again we repositioned in order to fuck some more. Suzy told me she wanted my cock in her ass so I positioned my cock against her brown rosebud and slowly pushed against it.

Slowly I pushed my cock at her ass and felt it slide completely into her. Once I was all the way in, I started to fuck, slowly at first and then with more momentum. She was moaning and crying telling me how it felt to have my cock in her ass. It felt good having my hard cock buried in her ass. I knew it would be long until I filled her ass with hot cum. Soon I felt my balls tighten and I pushed my cock deep into her as I came. I continued to pump my cock into her ass until I felt it soften. We kissed and held each other. As soon as I was free from her ass I went down to lick her pussy one more time. I wanted her to cum one more time before I had to leave. My tongue found her very wet slit. I savored her taste, using my hands around her waist to her closer against my face. My lips went around her clit, totally exposing it to my tongue. I attacked her clit with my tongue, flicking at it like a man possessed. It was rock hard and she was on the verge of cumming. This cause me to concentrate all my efforts into having her cum. Suzy soon cried out and I continue to lick at her clit until she pushed my head away. She was panting and moaning. I knew that she had had a good cum.

Chapter 2: The Pool Party

Every party we have hosted in the past several years Suzie has been invited to and she has never come to one. She has been too shy to come. But this party would be a different story. She chatted with my wife and discussed the invite. Suzie sent me a note telling me she would attend. The party was already going... people having fun and socializing. Suzie was wearing a denim short skirt and a white knitted top. I introduced her around, and then left her to socialize and meet the other guests.

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