by Southern Gentleman

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Desc: Sex Story: Starting the weekend off right

It was Friday. Five o'clock finally got here after what seemed an eternity. It was not that my day had been particularly difficult or tiring, because it wasn't. It dragged just because it was Friday. The weekend beckoned. I had promised the kids we would see a ballgame on Saturday and spend Sunday afternoon at the local water park. With so much planned, I really wanted a quiet restful evening. I couldn't wait to hit the couch for a little R & R.

As I came into the house, the first thing that struck me was the silence. The boys did not come charging at me from two different directions to throw their arms around me and bombard me with all they had done that day. Strange. Passing through the kitchen to grab a drink, I noticed a note on the counter in my wife's neat handwriting. I guessed she must have run out to do some shopping with the boys and would be back shortly. So picking up the note I moved to the couch and flopped down. As I picked up the tv remote I started reading Libby's note. It simply said "Dearest, the boys are at your sister's and I am waiting in our room with a gift for you. Please come join me." To say I was surprised would be an understatement. While our sex life was pretty good, it was not like my wife to arrange something like this. But I certainly was not going to question her. So I headed into the bedroom.

As I approached the open door, I saw that our room was bathed in candlelight. I was thinking that she had really gone to a lot of trouble to make this romantic, when, walking into the room I got an even bigger surprise. Libby was spread out in the center of our bed waiting for me. She was propped up on the pillows with a huge smile on her face as if to say that she knew something I didn't know. Her hands were gently caressing her breasts, which, when I later thought about it, may very well have been the reason for her smile. But at that moment I was too shocked to think along those lines. This was not like my shy wife. Not at all. All I could do was stare. I had never known, much less seen, my wife caress her own body. I normally had to urge her in order to get her to caress my body. And here she was playing with her own breasts. I stood there staring for what seemed to be hours, but in reality was only minutes. Libby finally broke the silence with just a few words which shocked me even more. "I thought I would start your weekend out with something special, so sit back and enjoy the show."

I knew right then I had to be dreaming. With those words, my lovely wife closed her eyes and rested her head on the pillows, giving her full attention to what she was doing. I watched in wonder as one hand slid slowly down her stomach, coming to rest on the lips of her pussy. She parted her lips and began to massage herself, all the while continuing to caress her breasts with her other hand. By now my cock was rock hard and begging to be released from my pants. So without taking my eyes off of her, I quickly pulled the clothes from my body. Libby's fingers were now buried in her cunt, rubbing herself with great vigor. I watched as it was becoming obvious that my wife was inching closer to an orgasm. It was amazing to watch her hips rise involuntarily to meet the thrusts of her hand as she pounded her fingers in and out of herself. I moved closer to better see the look on her face as she got closer to cumming. She looked at me as I came to the edge of the bed and locked her eyes on my

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