by Aeralyndal

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Sex Story: She was "only" supposed to be an extra in a movie.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   .

A few years ago on a dare from some friends I answered a cattle call for a 'jiggle' film that was being made and needed several buxom young females to run around in bikinis. I had done some local acting and have a great body thanks to my job, I taught aerobics and jazzercise at one of the local health centers.

I made it through the first cut and was sent to wardrobe to see how I would look in the bikini that I was to wear for the film. When I saw what they wanted me to wear I shook my head. The bra just covered my nipples but not all of the areola and the bottom... I've seen 'G' strings that covered more. It was a narrow strip of cloth that was held in place by a string. It didn't even cover my bush, in fact it just did cover the lips of my pussy. My pubic hair is not straight and flat like some of the girls in your magazine, it is curly and puffs out and was sticking out all around that narrow little ribbon.

The casting director liked what he saw and I made the final cut and was sent to see one of the 'dressers' in wardrobe to have something done about my bush. He didn't want me to shave completely but to reduce the amount of the puffiness. The man they sent me to placed me on a stand and slowly walked around me looking at me as if I were under a microscope. I was already nervous and this only increased my edginess. He left me standing there and returned shortly with another bikini top. It was slightly larger. It covered just enough that the areolas were no longer exposed and he had me put it on right where I was. The dresser was in his early 40s which for a 19 year old is old. His dark hair didn't show any gray and he was attractive but most of these guys are gay so I didn't think anything about undressing in front of him. He removed a red marker pen from his desk, sat on a stool with casters and rolled to the rear of the stand. He had me turn around and walk to the rear and lean forward against the railing there. Talking to me so I knew what he was doing, he adjusted the bottom of the bikini until the string was much higher on my hips and came down at an increased angle to the strip of material. Using the marker he drew along the edge on both sides of the material and then across the top. He then untied the string allowing the bottom to fall to my feet.

He had a very soothing voice with just a bit of an English accent and very gentle hands and as he handled and spoke to me I not only relaxed but started to get turned on. I knew it was a waste of time and emotions but as he gently touched me he was pushing all my right buttons. From a shelf behind him he took a pair of hair clippers and began to trim my bush back to the red lines he had drawn. The way I was standing before him it was necessary for him to place his hands on and around my pussy and move it about so he could get at all the hair that he needed to remove. The more he handle my pussy the wetter it got until I was sure that pussy oils were running down my legs. After he had trimmed the sides he reached out and ruffled the remaining hair to remove any clipped hair that might be clinging there and I all but came when he did that.

He then had me put the bottom on again and checked to see that he had removed enough hair from the sides. He had me turn around and bend over so he could see how much hair needed to be removed from the rear as well. The strip just covered my anus before tapering to another string that joined the one going around my waist. He again marked the limits of the material and pulled the string allowing the bottom to fall again. With me still bent over he began to spread the cheeks of my ass and remove the hair from around my anus and the crack of my ass. It seem to take him a long time and I could feel his warm breath on my backside while he worked. I'm sure he could smell the scent of hot pussy from where his nose was now located.

Finally he patted my backside and had me turn to face him again. He then had me spread my legs about shoulder wide and thrust my pussy forward. He lowered the height of the stool and moved forward. This time he placed an attachment on the clippers to control the length of the hair that he was to cut and ran the clippers over my vulva which was all that was left uncut. The vibration of the clippers only heightened the torture that I was going through as he shortened the length of my bush. Again he took his time making sure he got all the long hairs and had an even cut. When he ran the clippers over my clitoris I came and nearly fell from the sudden weakness in my knees. He made no comment about what had occurred, just kept talking to me in his quiet, calm voice.

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