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Desc: : My attempt to describe a true incident at a strip club. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty and not so guilty. Tina is still working somewhere in New Mexico last I heard and she's worth the trip.

It had been another hot and muggy day in the city. Mike had been through a rotten week at the office and was looking for some recreation on Friday night as he walked up to the steel doors emblazoned with the words "World of Fantasy". There are those who believe that so-called juice bars featuring all nude dancers are only frequented by the dregs of society; On the other hand, there are those that believe they can be a wonderful place to get some affection from the opposite sex, while remaining totally anonymous. Mike belonged to the latter group, and often came to World of Fantasy on Friday nights to watch the show and relax. His day job as the wire operator for a large brokerage house was extremely stressful and as a single guy with no current girlfriend, the club was a nice comfortable place to hang out with no pressure; the eye candy didn't hurt either.

It looked to be a slow night at the club. In one corner table, to the left of the catwalk, was a group that looked to be made up of local teenagers. From the looks of them, the kids were all recent graduates from high school. Probably just turned 18, Mike thought. They were chatting up an attractive leggy blonde haired, blue-eyed gal. The dancer dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, and looked to be about the same age as the kids. The young lady looked to be eighteen and was probably only working here because it pissed off her parents. You know the type, eighteen, comes from money, just graduated from high school, mom and dad tell her to get a job, so she gets back at them by choosing the most embarrassing profession around, something they can't tell people about at the country club. Of course it's even more humiliating for mom and dad when the story gets around because one of the country club members happens to see their daughter stripping at the club or at a bachelor party. Of course, what the poor girl doesn't realize is that she'll be unable to put this job on her resume once she gets around to graduating from college. That is, if her sorority sisters let her live it down long enough to graduate. On the other hand, maybe she'll be in so much demand as an outcall escort that she'll never bother going to college until her looks fade around the age of 30.

The catwalk, the dancer and teens were still standing to the left of it, ran about fifteen feet down the middle of the room, terminating in a round stage-like area around which were clustered six or eight chairs. There were five other men situated at the various chairs lining the catwalk, and two groups of three sitting at near by tables. As Mike's eyes adjusted to the dimmed lighting of the interior, he noticed several tables empty on an upraised portion of the floor, near the bar. Climbing the three stairs, Mike chose a table giving him a good view of the whole club. When the waitress came up in her short black skirt and low cut white blouse, she informed him that there was a two-drink minimum, but the first was covered in his cover charge if he'd held on to his receipt. Mike pulled out his receipt from the door out of his pocket, handed it to the cute brunette and ordered bottled water. When the waitress returned, she brought one bottle and told Mike that she would be back with the second as soon as he finished drinking the first. Mike smiled, paid for the water and tipped the girl a dollar. He stared at her tight butt while she bent over to talk to the guy at the table next to him. Glancing back and seeing him staring, the young lady bent over a little more like she was having a hard time hearing the other customer, giving Mike a great view of her black hose covered legs.

Mike stared until she straightened up, than returned his attention to the stage area. As he settled in, Mike discovered that it was fun to watch the teenagers to his left. As the dancers came up on the stage to perform, they would watch from the sanctity of their table. If the boys liked the girl, they would rush up en masse to grab seats along the catwalk during the second song, tip the now nude dancer and quickly slip back to their table. It was almost as if they were scared they might spend a buck or two if they stayed up by the catwalk too long. It was like watching the keystone kops. Mike laughed, wondering what mommy and daddy would think if they saw their precious boys spending their allowance on strippers. He drank his water and watched the various dancers on stage for several minutes. When he finished the first bottle, Mike looked around and right on cue, the cocktail waitress arrived with the second. She came around to the front of the table, right in his line of sight and made sure she bent way over to give Mike a good view down the front of her loose blouse.

Mike smiled at the show, liking the fact that the waitress's perky breasts were unencumbered by a bra. They were a B cup at best, but finely shaped. When she bent down to place the water on the table, Mike could see all the way down to her erect nipples as her loose top gaped open. Once again he tipped the girl, and opened his bottle. He watched the cute redheaded girl on stage finish her act by climbing the pole and locking her legs around when she got to the top. Leaning back until her back touched the pole and her legs were above her head, the dancer began sliding down headfirst, using her legs to control the descent while allowing the small crowd to admire her nude form. She reached bottom as the song stopped, placed her hands on the stage and brought her legs down, giving those closest to her a lovely spread shot between her legs. Standing up, she picked up her tips from around the front of the stage, before sauntering to the other end of the catwalk on her three-inch heels. She bent down to pick up her discarded black bra and lacy g-string near the back and exited the stage. The young blonde, who had been talking with the teenagers when Mike came in, replaced the redhead, on stage. The group of teenaged boys took the available seats at the front of the stage while she danced. They remained there until the beginning of her second song, at which point they scurried away from the stage back to their original table.

Having polished off his second water, Mike casually approached the stage as the cute blonde was finishing the second song of her set. He sat down at the head of the stage and tossed a dollar bill in front of him. The blonde spotted it and gave him a charming smile while squatting down in front of Mike. She picked up the dollar and ran it along her shaved slit with one hand while indicating that Mike was to lean forward with the other. He did so and the young lady grabbed his head, rubbing her soft breasts against his face. She rubbed his face against her soft skin for too short a time before she stood up to resume dancing. As she waltzed around the stage picking up the dollar bills left by the patrons at the end of her second number, the DJ announced the next act.

"Up next on our stage, the lovely and talented... Tina!!! Come on guys, make some noise for Tina!"

Mike settled in his seat and turned to look up the catwalk towards the stairs at the back of the stage that the blonde had so recently vanished down. Standing at the top of those stairs was a gorgeous raven-haired woman in a satin white bra and g-string. Her loose curls hung to her shoulders, framing her cute elven face. She had on white, lacy topped, thigh-high stockings under tan thigh high boots boasting a 4-inch spike heel. As she strutted down the catwalk to the beat of an unfamiliar rock song, she paused in front of Mike, struck a pose and gave him a flirty wink before moving on the pole in the center of the rounded end of the stage. Mike slid a dollar on to the lip of the stage and waited for Tina to dance back by, staring at her tight ass while she twirled around the pole. Within a few minutes Tina abandoned the pole she had been working so diligently and sauntered back down towards Mike, who was now one of just a handful of people around the stage. Just before reaching him, Tina calmly unhooked her bra and tossed it back towards the stairs.

Seeing the money laid out, Tina dropped to all fours and crawled the rest of the way towards him, making sure to give the patrons at the other end of the stage a great view of her incredibly tight ass. As she got in front of Mike, she grabbed the dollar and indicated that Mike should sit back in his chair. As he did so, she stuffed one end of the bill the waistband of his jeans, than proceeded drop her head between Mike's legs. She rubbed her head up his crotch and took the bill out of his pants with her teeth. Very feline, thought Mike as he watched her work over one of the teenagers to his left with the same motion. The kid looked like he was about to cum in his pants when she rubbed her head in his crotch. The second song soon began, and Tina stood up. She popped open the sides of her g-string, bent at the waist while reaching around between her legs grabbed the front of the tiny piece of lingerie and slowly peeled it off. Now nude except for her boots, Tina once again dropped to all fours and began working the small crowd over for tips. She leaned over and grabbed one of the high school kids by the head. Having secured him by the hair, Tina yanked him face first into her chest and proceeded to do the shimmy, whacking the poor kid upside the head with her not unimpressive breasts. Mike slid another dollar on the stage, curious to see what else was in store. Tina finished off the next gentleman with the same move she'd used on Mike before and was once again in front of him.

With a wicked smile, she reclined back on her elbows and spread her legs, giving Mike a great look at her shaved wet pussy. After giving Mike a moment to look, she took her left leg and put it on Mike's left shoulder. Quick as a cat, she hooked the leg behind his head and flipped herself on to her stomach. Moving her other leg up behind his head she proceeded to hump her ass back at his face. Mike grinned as she slammed her ass back, stopping just short of his face, taking in the fine view of her cleanly shaven pussy and light brown asshole. After a few seconds of this, Tina unhooked her feet and crawled away, turning around long enough to hand Mike his dollar back and indicate that he was to hold it against her chest. With the dollar thus placed, Tina pushed her tits together trapping both hand and dollar. She winked lewdly as Mike slowly pulled his hand free.

Mike grinned as she moved back down the stage and realized that the song was winding down. Noticing that he was one of only a few sitting at the stage, he remained in his chair as the DJ announced the next dancer, a cute Hispanic girl named Kat. Taking a sip of his water, Mike laid another dollar on the stage and settled back to watch Kat dance. Kat moved gracefully down the stage pausing long enough to peel her red bra off her large breasts in front of Mike. As he turned to watch her approach the pole, an arm slid around his neck.

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