Bohm and the Farm

by Stosh79_00

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, True Story, Zoophilia, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: My buddie bohm invites me over to see his girlfriend have sex with his animals.

This is based on a true story!

My good friend Eric had a girlfriend her name was Sara. Sara was a beautiful woman from of all places Minnesota. She was 5'11" tall and 101 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. She was definitely to die for. We always wondered how Bohm could end up with a fine specimen.

Let me tell you a little history, Eric was always a... moron. Somehow these beautiful girls were duped into sleeping with him. He say lines like "Hey, you wanna come over my place, I won't rape you or anything." These chicks would do it too. He told me that sometimes if they didn't want to come over he would use a half a tablet of rufids. So anyway Eric got these girls to come over and participate in weird sex acts. Mostly involving animals, dogs, cats, chickens, horses.

He told me that one time he got Sara to pose naked while blowing his Arabian stallion named Aladdin. The picture was mind blowing; I used to imagine what this chick would look like sucking my cock, now I could see her sucking a horse's cock. She was talented.

Eric invited me over once to see Sara in action, I of course couldn't refuse. I journeyed out to his old man's camp. Which kind of looked like a tree fort one would build when he was a kid. You know with the uneven cuts of wood and shit. Sara was already there and she was sitting on the porch with some stringy bikini on. She was showing off all her "assets". She said hello and asked if I would like a better view and took her top off. My dick jumped to attention and my mouth hit the floor, there was this woman, hot as hell and totally naked standing in front of her boy friend and I. Eric was none to pleased about that he called her a slut and smacked her lightly in the face. She acted like she kind of enjoyed the slap, which to my surprise I would find out later she was into that shit.

We went inside the "fort", Eric offered me a beer I said sure and he poured himself a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or whatever that shit is. He always was a flamer. After a few hours Eric and Sara started to get a little frisky and I asked if I should leave. Sara said no and Eric shot her a look of displeasure. She wanted me to stay and watch her fuck Eric and unbeknownst to me several other things as well. She started undressing very seductively; man I could barely hide my erection. Until of course Eric in the heat of passion followed suit, Eric had on this baby blue g-string silk underwear. It was hilarious; I almost bust a nut laughing so hard. He said shut up he liked the way that they felt against his balls. Then Sara moved over to him and started to pull out his cock. Talk about tiny, this little thing was no bigger than my big toe. How the fuck did he get chicks with that little thing. Maybe in Minnesota small dicks mean something that they don't mean here. Anyway she began sucking his cock to full length of five inches. He was moaning and shit, which ended up bringing the dogs attention to the room.

The dog was a German shepherd; his name was Blue Balls. I didn't even want to ask how it got that name. Well "Balls" came over and started sniffing around Sara's beautiful pussy and she didn't even push him away. Balls stuck out his monster tongue and started to lap at her pussy. Sara just kept blowing Eric, while I was totally fucking blown away. Eric got down and pushed the dog away and he started to get in a sixty-nine position. Then Sara called for Balls to come over and she started blowing the dog while Eric ate out his girlfriend's snatch. Balls, was in heaven he was panting and bucking his hips. Then to my surprise Sara laid down and Eric lay between her legs and kept eating, Balls took him monster doggie dick and shoved it into Eric's already lubed ass. Eric looked surprised at first then he started pushing back at Ball's cock. The dog fucked him in the ass faster and faster; his paws were scratching his back. Finally Eric pulled the dog off his ass and let him fuck Sara's pussy. Eric came over and asked if I liked the show?

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