You Call This Rape?

by Nasty Karl

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Desc: Sex Story: Thank You for the gift, I FUCKING loved it.

Susan (not her real name) and I have done some serious Hot and Nasty things over the years. I have shared a couple Ladies with her. Ladies that had let me know while we where fucking, they had never done a woman, but would like to. One that Susan brought to the table, was a married lady who liked it rough. Susan had been tying her up and forcing her to eat her cunt and fucking her with a strap-on, once a week for a couple of months. This young mother had a husband, who she thought, was very up tight about sex and she had a lot of fantasies. Well after one of these play rape sessions, she ask Susan if she would get a guy to Rape her.

Lucky for me I had just gotten back from a job, two months offshore Africa, when Susan called and asked me to come by. You have to know I try to take care of things as soon as I get home, bill etc, that build up while I'm gone. Her words were something like "I want you to lay on the floor, so I can squat over you with your dick in my ass. While I tell you about a little married lady that wants to be Raped by a man"

Let me tell you, my cock was harder then hard. I do love fucking other mens wives, plus the thought of having my cock up Susan's. I ask when, she said how about right now. I said give me forty-five minutes to get across the river. She said " If I know you, you're going to take a shower, do it here and we can play a little Water Sports". FUCK everything I had to do, I was out the door.

I'll tell you a little about my friend. It seems odd to me but I always forget how small Susan is. She is a powerful Lady, head of her department at work, not one to whine or worry what others are thinking. Plus she is a true Hard Body, a lot of light weight repetitions and running. She is in her early forties but looks late twenties. To top it all off, she can be trusted.

The only time Susan enjoys cock, or as she likes to call it "Dick", in her pussy is when you are lubing it up for her ass or she has it buried in her pussy and is pissing up a storm. I know it sounds odd, but having your cock buried to the hilt in a Juicy Cummming Pussy and Hot Piss running down your Nut Sack, causes me to dump a load every time. She can also cummm just sucking a cock. Susan told me she likes to get a guy off with her mouth first because she can cummm sucking a dick and he will last longer when he is pumping her ass. She doesn't trust many people, so when she wanted to try the whole bondage, submission, pain thing, I was the one who helped her find her limits. The truth is she enjoys being the whipper more then the whipped and the rapist better then the raped. She has her submissive side, but mostly she likes to lead.

Yes, she had pissed with my cock buried in her tight juicy Cunt. I was sitting on her toilet, Susan had my seven inches buried in cunt, I had two fingers in her ass. She was telling me all the ways she had made this guys wife cummmm, when she let go with her Hot Piss. As soon as I felt it on my nut sack I blew my load. When Susan cummes like that her pussy is like a milk machine, Loose Tight Loose Tight, over and over.

We showered and cleaned each other up, while Susan explained how she had come about acquiring her rape lover (We'll call her Amber, again not her name). She had worked for Susan for three years. There had been no chance that Susan would make a move on her while they worked together. She knew enough from the things they had talked about, that Amber was not happy with her sex life and was damn sure she would eat pussy. Amber's husband had been promoted and she had quit to be a full time housewife. About three months later she had called Susan on a Saturday morning and asked if she could stop by and talk for awhile.

As Susan told it, she had known, "There would be a some pussy eating going on". While they where having some coffee and small talk, Susan had said "Amber get up and come around this side of the table", Amber had without question. Susan turned her chair away from the table so Amber was standing right in front of her. She had opened her legs wide, taken Amber's hand and guided her between her thighs. "Amber don't say a word, you can leave or reach down under my robe and touch my pussy" She hadn't hesitated, she bent slightly forward and covered Susan's mound with her hand.

Amber had known just what she was doing. She had rubbed her whole mound with the palm of her hand. Then lightly pinched Susan's Lips and Clit, letting one finger just graze her opening. Susan grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulled her face in and stuck her long tongue in Amber's mouth. After a long tongue sucking kiss, Susan had pulled on the back of her neck, till Amber was on her knees. She told me, she had slide her ass to the edge of the chair and ask Amber if she wanted to eat her juicy pussy. Amber had looked up at her with a helpless look on her face and said, " Oh Please make me do it". Susan had promptly grabbed her head by the hair, with both hands, and jerked his face into her crotch. She said it was hot, this little housewife and mother, on her knees in a pretty sundress, sucking and tongue fucking the Cummmm from he juicy cunt. Susan had finished that round by making Amber lay on the kitchen floor. She had pulled her sundress up, her panties aside and had her stuff three of her fingers in her very wet fuck hole. Susan set on Amber's face facing her fast moving fingers, reached back and grabbed a hand full of Amber's hair and pulled her face into her ass. Amber had needed no instruction. Susan told me, "The only thing going faster then Amber's fingers, was her tongue in my ass."

Susan hadn't had a true submissive to play with in quite awhile, so she had used Amber well that morning. After they had both gotten off several times, Susan had told Amber how things where going to be.

(1) She could stop anytime she wanted!

(2) Amber was to tell no one!

(3) This is not love, it's Fucking Cummmm Lust!

(4) Amber was not to let her Lust interfere with her family life.

(5) Amber was not to come over, call or contact Susan in anyway, except between seven and noon on Saturday mornings.

(6) Amber could beg or say No, and Susan would not stop whatever she was doing. Amber must say "Sundress" if she needed to stop. Susan would stop as soon as she heard that word.

She next gave Amber the opportunity to leave. When she didn't, Amber was told to get her clothes off and get on her hands and knees on the living room floor and " Do Not touch yourself". Susan went to her bedroom and got some toys. A set of handcuffs, a blindfold, a set of nipple clamps, a jar of special lube she had made up, a medium butt plug and a very fat 6" dildo.

The blindfold went on first. Next Susan got behind her and stuffed the fat rubber cock in Amber's very juicy fuck hole. Amber was next made to lay her tits flat on the floor, keep her ass up and put both hands behind her back. On went the cuffs. With her ass invitingly in the air, Amber had the lubed butt plug forced in her ass. Susan told me Amber had not made a sound up to that point but as the plug opened her asshole, she moaned, shuddered and Came. While she was still Cummming, Susan had grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up till she was kneeling. Nipple torture is one of Susan favorites, she loves to give and receive. She pinched and pulled Amber's big nipples until she elicited several whimpers and attached a nipple clamp to each nipple.

"Amber you are going to tell me everything sexual you have ever done! If I don't believe you have told me everything, I will never use you again." Amber spent the next hour or so, on her knees, telling all. It boiled down to this. She had a pretty normal childhood, a little touch feelly with some other kids. Amber and her husband had started going together in Junior High. They had staid together until they where married after college graduation. They had done nothing but a little touching. Both where virgins when they got married, well Amber was sort of a virgin.

In her sophomore year, Amber had been raped by one of her Sorority Sisters, her roommate. The thing was Amber had always had fantasies of being forced to do Nasty things. It had started when her roommate had come in a little drunk, after being the center of attention, for several cocks. She had slapped Amber a couple times and made her clean out her well fucked holes. Amber told Susan she had cummm several times, just sticking her tongue up her and tasting the sperm filled pussy and ass.

After that Amber was a goner. Her Sorority Sister had told her, I'll leave your virgin little snatch alone, your wimp husband to be can have that. Till she graduated Amber's roommate and many of her boyfriends raped her mouth and ass. The truth was, she loved it, just as long as she was made to do it.

Since college, 8 years, Amber had only been with her husband. It boiled down to, a missionary stile sex life was driving her nuts. She loved her husband but she had a NEED, a need to be made to do Nasty things.

We had hatched our Rape plan with me flat on my back on her living room floor. Susan had stood over me letting me watch as she lubed up her asshole. She faced my feet in a slight squat, reached between her legs and finger fucked her own ass with lubed fingers. At one time she had two in her cunt and two in her ass. She turned around with what I call her" Fuck Face" on. It's a look she gets that means pure animal lust. "Hold that Cock of yours straight up" With her I pinch the base between two fingers so I can get out of the way fast. With that she squatted down, put both hands on my chest, wiggled her ass till the hole was at the tip of my Cock and drove herself to the base.

As Susan pumped her ass up and down my meat, she got into the details, how, when and where we where going to Rape Amber. Every few words she would dig her fingers into my chest, shudder with a small Cummm and continue. She gave me one of those Nasty Fuck Faces of hers and said " Use her like you use me, when I'm in my Submissive Slut Mode" Susan grabbed the back of my neck pulled my face to hers, stuck her hot long tongue in my mouth. I pinched both her nipples hard and shot off as she ground her asshole around the base of my Cock and Came.

Susan had not told Amber if she would get her a man or not. What she had told was not to bring it up again, Susan would think about. Amber had not a clew when a nicely dressed man with a briefcase, knocked on her door at eight o'clock on a Monday morning. Susan had taken the day off for the event. I had made my own sacrifice no Cummming for three days. We wanted plenty of Jezzz for Amber.

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