Lindsay's Birthday Treat

by Cueman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My girlfriend arranges a threesome with her best friend for my birthday.

This is a true story about what happened on my birthday a few years ago. I had been seeing my girlfriend, Lindsay, for about 6 weeks. She worked at a local supermarket, on the checkouts, and she phoned me that morning to ask me to pick her up after work at 4:00pm. Although she was only 19, Lindsay was very experienced sexually, in fact I had never met a girl who liked to get fucked as much as her. She told me that she had lost her virginity aged 13 to one of her friend's brothers, and ever since then she had tried to get as much sex as she possibly could. In the 6 weeks we'd been together, we'd spent nearly all our time having sex, Lindsay always wanting to do it in new and often public places. We'd fucked in a dark corner of a night-club, pub toilets, on a bus, in my car, in every room of my house, and even in my shed.

When I arrived to pick Lindsay up, I was a little disappointed to find that she had invited Sian, one of her work colleagues, back for a drink with us - I had been hoping to be spending the rest of the day in bed with Lindsay.

"Sian's just split with her boyfriend," said Lindsay, "so I said she could come and get pissed with us. We've brought loads of wine."

Sian is a very pretty brunette with really big tits, so I soon came round to the idea of spending the rest of the afternoon getting drunk, and having a laugh with two really gorgeous teenage girls. Both of them were wearing black skirts and tights, and white blouses, although Lindsay's skirt was very short, compared to Sian's which was just above her knees. Lindsay is 5'8" tall, with really long legs, which she loves to show off by wearing tiny little skirts. She had a black bra on, under her blouse. Sian, whose blouse was tighter, and far more transparent, wore a white bra, which her enormous (36DD according to Lindsay) tits looked as if they would pop out of. Lindsay wore her long light brown hair tied back in a pony tail, and as usual, she was caked in make up, making her look very tarty. Sian wore less make up and wore her brown curly hair down.

"You open a couple of bottles, and put a CD on, while we go and freshen up" said Lindsay once we got back at my house. " We won't be long."

The two girls disappeared upstairs, and I opened a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine, pouring myself a glass of white. They seemed to take ages upstairs together, but eventually they reappeared, looking sexier than ever. They had both taken off their tights, and unbuttoned a couple of extra buttons on their blouses, so the edges of their bras where on display, as well as touching up their make up.

"Phew! It's so hot," said Lindsay, as she flopped down on the sofa next to me. "We just had to get rid of those tights."

Sian sat down in the chair opposite us, her skirt riding up a couple of inches above her knees. She sat with her legs apart slightly, and I could clearly see her white panties. I poured them both a glass of wine, and listened as the two girls chatted away about Sian's ex.

"So do you miss him then?" asked Lindsay.

"Only his Dick," replied Sian. "I haven't had a good seeing to since we split up."

"Ohh you poor cow. You split with him 2 weeks ago. You mean you haven't had a shag since then. God I would go mad. I can't go a day without a dick up me, can I babe?" said Lindsay, looking at me.

"Yeah... right," I stammered, feeling myself go red, as both girls looked at me.

Lindsay put an arm around my shoulders, and kissed me on the cheek.

"You've embarrassed him Lindsay," said Sian, giggling.

Lindsay giggled too, and moved her hand onto my crotch and started to gently stroke my rapidly hardening dick through my jeans.

"He's got a lovely dick Sian. Maybe I should rent him out to you!" said Lindsay jokingly.

My erection was now clearly visible through my jeans, and I could tell that Sian was getting turned on watching her friend stroking it. She looked flushed, her nipples were protruding through her blouse, and she opened her legs wider, so I could see the damp patch appearing on her white panties.

"C'mon, have a feel," Lindsay said to her friend.

Before I could say anything, Sian was sitting the other side of me. Lindsay took hold of her hand and pushed it onto my erection.

"Ohhh, that's nice." said Sian. " I could really do with that up me."

"Baby, you know I said I couldn't afford to buy you a birthday present," Lindsay half whispered in my ear. "Well, I got you something.Us - we are your present. You'd like to have us both, wouldn't you?"

Before I could reply, Lindsay was French kissing me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. She took hold of my hand and guided it towards Sian's big tits.

"You like her tits, don't you," Lindsay whispered, as my fingers played with Sian's nipples in turn, making them protrude even further through her blouse.

Meanwhile, Sian had undone the button on my jeans, and unzipped them. She pulled my hard dick out of my boxer shorts and started to wank me.

"Oh you little sluts," I groaned, as Lindsay encouraged her friend to suck me.

Sian was really good at giving head. She spent a long time running her tongue up and down my shaft, licking the head, before taking me into her mouth. She played with my balls, as she deep throated me, taking my dick in her mouth right down to the base. Meanwhile, Lindsay had pushed my hand up her miniskirt as we French kissed, and I discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was soaking wet, and she told me afterwards that Sian had finger fucked her while they had been upstairs together.

I was so turned on that I really didn't last that long, and after just a couple of minutes of having Sian suck me, I started to cum in her mouth.

"Ohhhh fuck! Yes!" I groaned as I filled the teenage slut's mouth with my hot spunk.

Sian milked every drop of cum out of my dick, and into her mouth, and then moved over to Lindsay. I watched as my girlfriend opened her mouth, and the two filthy little bitches French kissed one another, sharing my cum out between them. Sian dragged Lindsay down onto the floor, and pushed her onto her back, the pair of them still kissing. She then started to kiss and lick Lindsay's face all over, as she began to unbutton her blouse.

"You didn't know that me and Sian are more than just friends, did you?" panted Lindsay, as her friend helped her out of her sexy black satin bra, releasing her really firm 34B tits.

"Well, I do now!" I said, as I watched Sian suck on my girlfriends hard nipples. "You two are amazing."

As she sucked on Lindsay's tits, Sian's hand wandered down in-between my girlfriend's legs, and she hitched up her short skirt. Lindsay opened her legs a little wider, and Sian slid two fingers deep into her wet pussy.

"Would you like to watch me eat her out?" Sian asked me. She didn't wait for a reply. She just slid down Lindsay's body, and spread her legs really wide. The horny brunette began to lick my girlfriend's pussy, running her tongue up and down her wet slit.

"Mmmm, she tastes really good," moaned the slutty teenager, as her tongue darted in and out of her friend's cunt.

Sian had her bum stuck up in the air, as she knelt in-between Lindsay's legs, tongue fucking her, so I moved behind her and pulled her skirt right up. I rubbed her cunt through her white panties, which were very wet, and she encouraged me to pull them down. Sian opened her legs a little wider, and stuck her bum right into my face, as I slid the panties down to her knees. She had a really nice ass, a bit fuller than Lindsay's. I started to lick her from behind, my tongue alternating between her pussy and her ass.

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