My Second After Marital Affair!

by Hornylene Dk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Cuckold, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: I meet Kim as an result of an ad in an adult magazine called Weekend Sex and I got hooked on his big cock.

My first meeting with Kim!

We had an ad in Weekend Sex where we were seeking a man 25-40 years to tie my husband and fuck me.

We got a lot of answers including the one I'm going to tell you about.

He wrote that his name was "Kim" and he was 37 years old, married, and well hung.

He wrote that he would love to come to our place and tie my husband carefully so he would be quite helpless when he started to lick me all over my horny body. After licking my body he was sure he would be able to give me all that cock I so obvious needed.

There was a phone number at his work, (he was married, and she didn't know).

His letter made me very hot and I talked with my husband that gave me his OK.

I phoned Kim the first of July, and we arranged a meeting the very next day, it was a short notice but I was so hot, my husband promised to take care of the kids and the date was set.

Kim would pick me up near our home, for a drive and a talk, there was arranged for more but...

The next day Kim picked me up as we arranged, he had coffee and Danish in a basket.

He drove to a nearby wood, where he parked the car and took me for a walk in the wood and a cup of coffee.

He took a blanket and the basket with the coffee and Danish.

We took a good walk along the paths of the wood and then we found a private spot out of sight from the path nearby path.

We had a good long talk and drank his coffee and ate the Danish, he was a nice guy, easy to talk to and he had a good body, his cock "betrayed" him, I could see a big bulge in his jeans, very promising indeed, my pussy became very wet and hot.

Shortly after he asked me if I was willing to go further than just talking.

I agreed he was a pleasant and handsome guy with a big hard cock trying the best it could to get out of his jeans.

He then kissed me and slowly he removed all my clothes, while he still was kissing me.

When I was naked he took off his clothes except for a pair of boxer shorts, he told me it was mine to take of.

My body was trembling in anticipation, when I pulled his boxers down a big fat and hard cock was revealed.

I was surprised, I had not expected it to be SO BIG, it was the biggest cock I have seen "live".

I was beginning to be afraid, could I manage to take that big cock it was the biggest one I have seen at that time?

I guess he could see the mixed fear and the excitement his big cock had put me into, he kissed me and said: "Don't worry Line, I'll be real gentle!"

He pushed me down on the blanket and licked my burning pussy. I was so horny. I got my first orgasm as he was licking me.

When he slowly penetrated my pussy it was soaking wet and hot. Real slowly the great monster conquered my pussy inch by inch, it stretched my pussy in a way no other guys cock have been able to, and soon it reached the bottom, I felt how my uterus being pushed further up my belly.

He lay on top of me caressing my body and kissing me for a while until I at last whispered in his ear: "Please fuck me now Kim, fuck me!"

Then he slowly began to fuck me, I was moaning and groaning. I got 2 or 3 orgasms, before he at last filled my pussy with his hot sperm; I pulled him tight into me with my legs around his waist.

I wanted to feel him grow limp inside of me, that is a feeling I just love, nearly as much as the fucking it self, but OK only nearly as much.

We lay there in the wood birds were singing and I was oh so satisfied and relaxed.

We talked a bit more and drank the last coffee. Then he asked me if he might fuck me in the ass.

I sure was not ready for his big fat cock in my ass so I said: "That will have to wait until you come visiting us Kim then you can fuck me just as you pleases. But that's another story.

We put on our clothes and walked to the car, he drove me home to my waiting husband and left me in the side of the road 400 yards from home.

When I got home it was real late, I told my husband what has happened, and then he fucked me in the ass, my pussy was quite sore, after having Kim's big fat cock.

In bed that night I lie awake for long time wondering when I would get Kim's big cock again.

That was the end of my first date with Kim.

My next meeting with Kim!

After our first meeting my husband talked with Kim over the phone, he told him that he was welcome to visit us anytime.

Kim told my husband that he had big trouble getting away for that long and he had to drive around 120km each way to get to our place, so he had to say no:

I was sorry for that and a bit disappointed, was I not worth 240 km of driving???

A year later we moved to another part of the country, and by chance it was only around 20 km from Kim's place, not planned but maybe an act of fate?

We had lost contact with Kim, and I had at that time wanted to get some "fresh blood", so we had a new ad in Weekend Sex "TIE AND GAG MY HUSBAND WHILE YOU RAPE ME!" We were seeking a guy 25-40 years old and with a cock at least 18 cm.

We got lots of mail including a letter from Kim, he wrote:

Hi there!

I have seen your ad in WS, and I think we know each other; the girl is called Lene and her husband Joergen.

Last year I visited Lene on Funen and 2 weeks later her husband phoned me and asked if I would visit them. But I have to drive 118 km each way and meant that it was to long for a relationship. So I passed.

But if you live closer now, I'll like to meet you, VERY MUCH INDEED.

I think that Lene is very exiting. Please call me if it's a yes or no! I wait and hope for the best. Many good wishes from Kim.

If the ad is real, please hurry up and phone me.

(There were a phone number to his work.)

I remembered the great fuck with Kim in the wood, and my pussy turned real wet. When my husband came home I showed the letter to him, and said; "May I phone him darling."

My husband said; "Yes, I never got to see him fucking you and I surely would like to se that."

The next day I phoned Kim at his work. He was really exited to hear; that it was I. and he told me, that he had regretted many times that he cut the connection.

He then told me, that his wife was visiting a sister in the week to come, and we could come and visit him an evening after our choice we should just phone him and tell him that we were coming the next day.

I talked to my husband about it, and we got a babysitter for the next Wednesday evening. I phoned Kim Monday and told him that we would visit him Wednesday evening around 7 PM.

He was really exited. And so was I my pussy was getting soaking wet when I remembered his big cock.

Wednesday evening 7.10 we knocked on his door, he came out gave me a hug and a kiss and let us in. He offered us some coffee and we had a long talk.

Suddenly he looked at me and said: "Can you remember what you promised me the last time we meet Lene?"

I said: "Yes Kim I remember, but you must be careful, with that big thing off yours."

"I'm happy you remember Lene because I have been longing for it a long time!" he said.

When we had finished our coffee he took us into their bedroom, there was to separate beds, my husband was quickly tied to a chair and then he was gagged with my soaking panties and one of my nylon stockings.

Then Kim kissed me all over my body and squeezed my tits. He pushed me down on one of the beds and licked my burning pussy. He licked me until I got my first orgasm. Then he slowly pressed his big dick up in my pussy and fucked me hard. I was moaning loudly. And I got an orgasm more, just as he filled my pussy with his juice.

We were caressing each other's bodies for some time, while we waited for his dick to begin to grow again.

When I felt it beginning to move, I licked and sucked the big dick, and soon it was hard as rock again.

Kim said: "Down on the floor Lene on all four!"

I know what was about to happen and I said: "Be gentle with me Kim, your dick are so big!"

He fetched some lubrication jelly and lubricated my asshole and his dick with it. Then I felt the big cock against my ass; it was a steady pressure.

Suddenly my asshole opened and the big dickhead into my aching ass.

I moaned: "No Kim it's to big!"

Kim said: "Don't worry Lene and relax; you are going to be just fine!"

He kept the dick in my ass just inside it so my anus was squeezing his cock right behind the big head.

He was quite still for one minute or so. Then he slowly pushed the big cock all the way up my ass. It felt good now, it only hurts a little, and the feeling of being filled to the limit was great.

Just as his dick went to the bottom, I came in an explosion of an orgasm. I was screaming and moaning.

When I had calmed a bit down he began to fuck me. It was so great, he fucked harder and harder, and I felt my tits swinging with his hard thrusts.

When he filled my gut with his juice, I got another orgasm. It was so good. I succeeded in getting back to the bed, on trembling legs. I was lying panting for air as I felt his juice leak from my expanded asshole.

Kim were caressing my relaxed body, and kissing me.

Later we released my husband and then Kim and I got a quick shower.

Kim offered a cup off coffee before we vent home.

I was sure that I would meet Kim again and feel his big fat dick again.

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