My Very First Affair After Marriage!

by Hornylene Dk

Copyright© 2002 by Hornylene Dk

Sex Story: I feel for his naughty letter and his hot drawing.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Sadistic   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

This is the true story about my very first affair after I got married.

Shortly after we got married I told my husband that I wanted to try another man, I haven't tried that many before and have been rather shy before I got to know my husband.

But I told him I would only do it if he gave me the permit to do it, I wouldn't cheat on him.

He was pretty chocked and said that he would think about it.

Time vent by and I have forgotten all about it.

Then suddenly one-day years later he said to me: "Lene do you still want another man"?

I was very surprised I looked at him and said; "Yes dear".

He continued: "There is just one thing darling, I want to watch it, and if I'm not there, you'll have to tell me all about it".

I told him that I wanted to think about it.

I did, but not for as long as he did, the very next day I said: "I'm OK with it, and if the guy say OK, you can watch, or else I'll tell you all about it after we are finished!"

We talked a lot about where and how we should pick up the guy, we didn't want it to be anybody we know already, and nobody from where we lived.

We agreed to put an ad in a Danish Adult Magazine called Weekend Sex.

At first we had an ad in the magazine without picture that one only gave 2 responses, and none we like.

Then my husband got an idea and took 4 pictures of me and I choose one for the ad.

Both me and my husband is a bit submissive so in the new ad we were looking for 1 ore more males 25-40 years old, they should tie my husband and "Rape" me in front of my helpless husband.

This time we got a lot of answers including the one I'm going to tell you all about.

He sends me a real naughty letter including an excellent drawing of me "Frank" and my husband.

I was tied up on a mattress with my arms above my head, blindfolded, my legs wide spread, a dildo in my pussy and wood pegs with weights in my nipples, Frank had firm grip at my thigh and was lubricating the tip of an anal vibrator with some jelly.

My poor helpless husband was lying on knees and shoulders, gagged, knees tied together and his arms handcuffed behind his legs, in that position he surely could only watch the show.

His letter and drawing made me so hot and horny, my pussy was soaking wet after reading his letter and seeing his drawing.

I simply had to meet that guy.

I asked my husband what he said, he also loved the drawing and we send him a reply.

Right at that time he was hung up with work and family business, but he would call us in a week he said.

14 days later we send him a new letter.

The very next day Frank called. I talked with him for an hour, he would like to meet me right away, I was so hot but we had nobody to look after our kids with that short notice.

I was very eager to meet him and my husband said: "I cant bear to see you that way, of you go, I'll look after the kids!"

I kissed him and gave him a big hug.

3 hour later I was sitting in a train on my way to the northern part of Jutland to meet Frank, he would pay for my ticket.

In the train I was about to regret it 3 times. But anyway a couple of hours later he picked me up on the station, he drove me out to his brother's big weekend cottage.

When we got there I phoned my husband and told him that I had arrived.

We then had a cup of coffee and a talk, he was a very pleasant man to talk to and time slipped away.

Suddenly he looked me deep in the eyes and asked me: "Well now Lene do you intend to go further I sure want it"?

I said: "I had not taken that long trip for nothing".

Well he said: "I'm real happy about your decision, because I really want to fuck you".

He switched tone of voice and became the "master".

Then he commanded: "Off with your clothes Lene - NOW".

I took of all of my clothes and a moment later I was standing as naked as I was born in front of him, he turned me around and inspected me real closely and his hands was all over me.

My horny body was trembling; finally I was going to have sex with another man.

He dragged me into the bedroom; a big bed was standing there. A moment later I was lying on my back, I was blindfolded and my hands were tied over my head.

He commanded me to spread my legs, and tied my right leg, and then I got a slap on the soft inner side of my thigh and a command to spread my legs even more.

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