Weekend Slave Girl!

by Hornylene Dk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The result of an ad in an Adult magazine!

Some years I had the following ad in a Danish Adult magazine called Weekend Sex!

I want to write about the result from the ad!

09-05 AREA:

Married girl, 32/170/80, seeks with my husband's permission a well-hung man, who likes to have a visit from a willing sexslave in the weekend.

I like most kinds of sex, but not urine and HARD S/M.

Drop a note telling me a little about how you are going to treat me.

Answers with photo and return stamps will be answered first, but all letters with return stamps will be answered.

Among other answers I got one from a guy who I'll call Bent in the following:

He wrote and told me that he was a man 27/192 and had a great passion for hot sex, and especially to use a horny girl as a sexslave a whole weekend was very tempting.

He ended the letter with his address and a phone number and he appeal to me to contact him.

I talked with my husband about it and he gave me permit to call Bent on the phone.

I was getting real horny by the thought that I was going to be lent out a whole weekend.

Next day when my husband was at work I called Bent on the phone.

He sounded happy but a bit surprised; I felt that he hadn't counted on an answer.

Friday evening I was sitting in a train heading for Aalborg.

I was so horny and had to leave my seat and go to the toilet with my dildo in my purse to get my soaking pussy satisfied.

My body was trembling with nervous excitement, what was it I was doing. What if he was a real rapist or a violent criminal?

At Aalborg station Bent received me with open arms, he drove to a very remote weekend cottage, he told me that he had lend it from a friend. I looked around and saw that the next house was about 700 yards away, I started to get nervous again, I realized that there was no place to get help now.

Bent offered me a cup of coffee and we had a pleasant conversation while we drank the coffee. He seemed like a nice guy and has gentle eyes.

I was getting to feel safe in his company and I felt the juices running down my thighs, I started to wish that he would fuck me real soon.

Shortly after Bent looked me in my eyes and asked; "Well Lene are you willing to go all the way with me now you have met me?"

I smiled at him and said; "Oh yes Bent I want you to fuck me, really to fuck me hard!"

Bent smiled and said; "Oh yes Lene that I'll do many times and you will have to suck my cock too!"

He pulled his trousers and briefs down and said; "You can start with that right now Lene. Suck my cock you horny slave!"

I obeyed but to slow. Bent was shouting; "Don't waste all evening slut suck my cock NOW!"

He pressed his cock into my mouth and a bit down my throat; I was gagging and had a hard time breathing.

I was forced to suck his cock until he filled my mouth and throat with his warm slimy seed, he groaned; "Swallow it al you little sluttish slave!"

I tried the best I could but I didn't succeed in swallowing it all it ran down my chin.

Then he told me to undress.

That was an easy task; the only thing I was wearing was a thin summer dress and nothing under it.

He looked at me turned me around and then he pushed me into the bedroom, he chained my arms to the bed head with 2 pair of handcuffs.

Then he spread my legs and chained them to the bed.

Now I was totally helpless and open, he could use me in any way he pleased there was nothing I could do to stop him and there was no help to get anywhere I was just an object he could use as he please.

He found a razor and some shaving cream and in spite of my protests he cropped my pubic hair and then he gave me a close shave, my pussy was as nude as the day I was born.

Bent stepped back and looked at his work with a smile and said; "Now you are ready you little whore I wont get hair in my mouth now!"

He began to lick my pussy, I moaned and enjoyed it a lot but when I was ready for my first orgasm he stopped.

I moaned; "Ooooh keep on Bent please!"

Bent looked at me with a hard look in his eyes and said; "Is that a proper way to address your master slut, you have to say please Master wont you please give your slut an orgasm, is that clear?"

I was so horny and wanted an orgasm so bad and said in a low tone of voice; "Oooh please Master wont you please give your horny slut an orgasm?"

He looked at me and said; "As a punishment for addressing me as your equal you will have to wait!"

I moaned; "Oooh Bent you can't mean that!"

He hissed; "You can only address me as Master, haven't you got that yet? Then I have to teach you some manors!"

He slapped me over my thighs so it hurts. He found some wood pegs and placed them on my nipples, it hurts in the beginning but it also made my pussy even more wet and horny.

Then he slapped me some more over my thighs.

He looked at me and said; "Well I'm thirsty now!"

He fetched a bottle of beer and sat down beside the bed and drank the beer.

I lay there helpless and waited to get his big cock and to get an orgasm, my pussy was nearly on fire so hot was it.

I don't think it was a nice thing to do letting me suffer in that way. He sat there slowly drinking the beer and played with his big cock.

He stood up and took of the rest of his clothes slowly, I could hardly wait but there was nothing I could do.

Slowly he came closer while he showed me his big cock. Then he said: "Are you ready to feel my cock you little slut?"

I moaned: "Oooh yes Bent, I want your cock right now!"

"Haven't you learned your place yet, you have to address me as Master and say. I want my masters cock in my unworthy slavecunt!"

At that time I was nearly desperate to feel a cock in my pussy so I would do almost anything to get it I said; "Ooh Master I want your cock in my unworthy slavecunt!"

At last he was satisfied. He kneeled and placed his cockhead between my wet and swollen pussylips, then one hard thrust and his cock went into my pussy right to the hilt.

I screamed because of the sudden and hard stretching of my tight pussy; "Oooooh auuuch ooooh!"

One more thrust and I came in a big orgasm while I screamed and moaned; "Oooooh Bent ooooh fuck me ooooh yeeees!"

I was so horny I only sensed the big cock in my pussy and I screamed and moaned while he fucked me hard and demanding. He was so exited that it didn't take long before he buried his cock in my pussy and filled me with his hot seed while he groaned; "Ooooh yes, now you'll get my seed you horny slut oooh yeeees!"

I got another orgasm while he filled me with his seed. He lay on top of me for a while with his cock buried in my pussy.

Then he pulled it out and forced me to suck it clean from our mixed juices and he said; "You better clean it well you little slut!" I obeyed with great eager.

Now the worst of our lust was satisfied.

He set me free and we got a bite to eat and drink.

After that he found an xxx-video and put it in the VCR. After that I have to suck his cock a bit more before he was ready. When his cock was hard as rock he lay down on his back and said; "Now its your turn to do the work you little lazy slut, ride my cock now!"

Again I obeyed and straddled over him and placed his cock in the right spot, and then I slowly impaled my self on his big fat cock. When it hits my womb I moaned highly; "Oooh Bent ooooh you are so big!"

He hissed; "I know that, just shut up and ride my cock, if you say another word before I cum I'll spank your ass!"

I bite my teeth tightly together to keep quiet and I succeeded with great difficulties.

That disappointed him, and suddenly he grabbed my hips and pressed me harder down over his big cock. That made me moan highly when it pressed my womb further up in my belly; "OOOOOH BENT OOOOOOH!"

He had a satisfied look in his eyes and rolled me of. A moment later he sat down on the edge of the bed with me across his legs with my ass in the air.

I felt the pressure from his throbbing cock against my hip. He gave me 10 hard slaps over my buttocks while I screamed loud; "Ooooouuuch oooooouuuch Bent I'll keep my mouth shut ooouch!"

He told me to get down on all four on the floor like a bitch in heat.

He fucked me hard from behind until he groaned; "Now you little cunt, now you'll get my seed in your womb oooh yees now it comes ooooh!"

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