Kathy's Affair

by lizipicka

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Desc: Sex Story: Kathy's and my first time together.

My name is Ron and I'm 37-year-old who lives on the East Coast. I have been seeing a lady by the name of Kathy for a little more than 2 years now. I consider her the absolute perfect woman for my needs. She is 31 years of age and married. Kathy is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde. She is trim and fit at 5-foot-9 and 120 pounds, and has long-flowing blonde hair and brown eyes. Kathy has a sensational figure and the absolute, most perfect set of firm, long legs that I have ever seen on a woman. This is how we started our affair. It starts about 2 and half years ago.

We met while working part-time for a large private company. Our job was never in the same place 2 days in a row, and at times we, along with others had to go out of town, sometimes for the day other times it was overnight or longer. After a couple of months of spending time together, we began confiding in each other and soon we started spending even time when we were not working together. Kathy had told me that her husband was away a lot and that even when he was at home he was more interested in his job than her.

One day she came over to my place to just to talk, and I surprised her with a question, "How about this weekend we go to DC, and see the sights?"

Kathy gave me that radiant smile of hers once again, as we sat next to each other on my living room sofa. "Yeah, I'd really love to go DC," she had answered my question. "Especially with you. My husband will be out of town all weekend "

Kathy spoke that last in a different tone; the sort of tone, which intended to emphasize her feelings in the strongest way possible. I could only smile back at her, before returning, "Great, I'll set up some reservations at a hotel there. We'll just tell everyone that we have a job out of town for the weekend and no one will be the wiser.

Kathy looked down for an instant, then back up at me. She gave me an impish grin; it resembled a little girl's smile on Christmas morning.

"What? What is it?" I couldn't help but smirk at her expression.

"You're going to spoil me rotten," Kathy said. "All these wonderful things you have done for me; and now a surprise trip... How will you ever manage it, and have any money left?"

I grinned at her. "I never have any money left! Just joking... I just..." There was a slight pause on my part; I needed to find the right thing to say. "I just want you to have the best things. I want to give you some of the things... you deserve. I'll spend all the money I have on you if I have to."

A wide smile came to her lovely face this time, and then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "You're so sweet."

My eyebrows rose, then I grinned. "So sweet? Does this mean you don't want to go?

"Not in a million years!" she giggled.

"I'm only doing this because I want you to be happy," came my soft words.

She reached forward and grabbed the front of my shirt. "And I want you to be happy too." Kathy pulled me close to her, bringing my mouth to hers. Our lips touched once, twice, a third time, before she opened her mouth and pleased my senses with her velvety tongue.

I certainly didn't think Kathy was in the mood for romance prior to this. However since she was, I had absolutely no objections.

I embraced her shapely body with my arms, pressing her full breasts firmly into my chest. I wanted and needed, to feel her against me. My one wish in life was to hold Kathy, and feel her warmness and beauty.

The two of us kissed each other slowly, completely; making sure each and every single reachable area of the others' mouth had been served and taken care of. I loved the feeling of the shared kiss with Kathy. It was pleasurable.

Kathy's kiss felt golden, like magic; like all the wonderful things in life rolled up into one package.

Her tongue continued to explore the deep confines of my mouth, and I felt myself going light-headed. This woman can almost be too much at times. She is just so sensual and erotic, and attentive, too. I could tell that Kathy wanted to please me just as much I wanted to please her. I certainly couldn't complain about that.

I felt Kathy's arms close around me, embracing my body as well. She extended her fingers and dug them into the middle of my back. I tensed against her, but carried on with the kiss.

The kiss became deeper from my end, more wanting and demanding. I needed to taste her mouth and all it had to offer. The increase in passion prompted Kathy to embrace me even tighter. I felt her hands on my shoulder blades now, massaging them in small circles. I reached down and gripped the back of her waist, then lightly rubbed the upper portion of her bottom as we sat together on the sofa.

Kathy's delicate hand reached between our bodies and traveled south, directly toward my haRD shaft. She grasped it through the slacks I still wore, and pumped gently. That caused me to break the kiss and tilt my head backwards, and sigh. My eyes had been closed, but when I opened them and looked back at her, she offered me a devious smile, her gentle hand still rubbing on my hard dick. "You like that, don't you?" she giggled, sneering at me.

"Oh yes," was all I could muster.

"Then let's make it even better for you," she said, sliding off the sofa and down to her knees. "Let's get you out of your clothes."

In an instant, Kathy used both of her hands to unbuckle my belt and slip it off. Then she undid my slacks and pulled them downward, along with my briefs. I lifted both legs and stretched them out to make it easier for her to get both garments off. I had already taken my shoes off earlier; all I wore now below the belt was a pair of socks.

Kathy positioned herself directly between my parted legs as I sat on the sofa, and then she grasped my cock again. With her right hand, Kathy began to pump away at it. I extended my knees out beyond her so they weren't bent... this was a more comfortable position.

Her brown eyes soon met mine, and I gasped in return.

"Big, beautiful cock," she taunted, whispering up at me. Her hand... OHHHH, her hand. She pumped away on my quivering cock; sometimes gentle, sometimes hard and a little rough. I never knew what to expect each time. It was incredible. Simply incredible.

Her right hand, which did the pumping, soon got some assistance from her left. She used that hand to cup and lift my testicles. The move sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout my entire body, right down to my core... I could do nothing but throw my head back and moan in response.

I sighed once more as Kathy's mouth descended toward my shaft. She reached out with her tongue and gently licked the tip, before pulling her mouth away from it. "I'm not going to stop giving you a hand-job," she teased, "until you cum for me."

"Oh, oh my..." I breathed out loud. This woman is incredible! She wouldn't stop until I came in her hand?

"But I don't want you to cum yet," she added. "Hold it in. I want to keep pumping this dick; keep pumping it for all it's worth and give you as much pleasure as I can."

Kathy's left hand then squeezed my balls, the tips of her fingers sliding and digging gently into them. I almost lost it right there, as her right hand continued to squeeze and pump away upon my enlarged cock.

Soon, it felt like my whole being was concentrated in that part of my body. It was like fire and heat emanated from her hands and fingers, searing through my skin right to the very core of me. Kathy was giving me so much pleasure. Almost, too much pleasure. It was ripping into me, tearing throughout my body like nothing before.

I moaned loudly as she pressed her sharp fingernails from her left hand hard up into my balls. My back even arched high off the sofa. When I came back down, perspiration forming on my forehead and face, I saw her smile and grin at me. Kathy was telling the truth earlier. She really did want me to experience pleasure.

Her right hand still pumped upon my cock, but faster than before. Squeeze after squeeze after squeeze, I felt as though I would surely lose my mind. With her other hand, she trapped the soft flesh of my testicles between her fingers and rolled them in maddening circles.

"OH MY!" I hissed, eyes closed, my head pressing hard against the back of the sofa. "I... I can't... I can't hold it much longer. I... I'm goanna cum!"

"Do it!" Kathy encouraged, now gripping my cock, her hand closing around it like an unforgiving vice.

I moaned and wailed in passion as the first helping of cum jetted out from within my shaft. My neck was arched back, eyes closed, as the waves continued. I felt it. The only other thing I felt was Kathy, who was still pumping away on my cock.

Delight and pleasure ripped throughout me before my body went limp on the sofa. I took in a deep breath and then sighed. Kathy's hand was still upon my shaft, but now she was lightly gripping it. I sighed once more before opening my eyes and looking at her.

The sight amazed me. A stream of cum was dangling from her chin, while a spot was on her left cheek. But she was more concerned about her left hand, which was covered by the sticky juice I had given her. Kathy surprised me by licking that hand with the full length of her tongue, dutifully swallowing the liquid down her hungry little throat.

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