Weekend Lover

by Liberty Bell

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young Marine home for the weekend meets girl and gets very lucky.

Authors Note: This is a true story with very little embellishment. It took place in the early 60's in the rural south when things were quite different from today. It is also my first submission for public publication so, hey give me a break, let me know how it goes.

I was a young Marine, home for the weekend on liberty from Camp Lejeune, NC. I had brought my best friend home with me. It was late when we got in as we had had to hitchhike rides with mediocre success. When we did get in we were tired and went right to bed.

The next morning after breakfast we decided we would head out into the village to see what was going on. As we walked thru the village, on the way to the bus stop, we saw my brother at his friend's sister's house working on an old car.

We stopped to talk to my brother and his friend. After awhile a very pretty young girl came out of the house and started talking to us. My brother introduced her as his friend's sister Terri and I could tell immediately that she was impressed by our uniforms and the fact that we were Marines.

We talked and played around for awhile and I finally asked Terri to go to the movies with me that night. She said OK and I told her I would pick her up later as I had to see about getting my friend a date. We left and my friend called a girl that he had met on an earlier visit with me and he got a date with her.

We goofed around the rest of the day until time to pick up the girls. It was in Nov, but the weather was still mild. It was getting dark early though and we were walking, as neither of us had a car, so we picked the girls up about five and headed for the bus stop.

By the time we got to town, we were pretty good friends with the girls and had our arms around them and was looking forward to getting them alone in the dark. When we got to the movie we bought our tickets and went up to separate sections of the balcony so we could each have what little privacy we could manage.

As luck would have it, the movie was a double feature Elvis movie that had been playing for several days. The attendance was low and there were only a few couples besides us in the balcony. The theater darkened and the movie came on. I didn't want to come on too strong so for several minutes I just sat with my arm loosely around Terri's neck resting on her shoulder.

It wasn't long before I was holding Terri's hand in mine. Suddenly she took the hand that was holding mine and placed my hand on her big soft breast and her hand on top of mine. I got the message and didn't question it. I could tell that she hadn't worn a bra because her breast was soft and hot thru her thin blouse.

I began to knead and squeeze her luscious breast and felt her nipple harden under my touch. I looked around the theater to see if we were being watched but it was almost impossible to tell anything that was going on as it was so dark. I couldn't tell but I hoped my friend was having as much luck.

I continued to play with Terri's tit as I reached over with my free hand and began to undo the top two buttons of her blouse. She didn't resist so I removed my hand from her breast long enough to uncover it and then replaced my hand on her now naked tit. I heard a soft moan escape from Terri's lips as I tweaked her hard nipple between my fingers.

I pulled Terri closer and leaned over slightly as I played with her nipple and began to softly kiss her. She wrapped her arm tighter around me as she willingly returned my kiss and slipped her soft hot tongue between my lips. I took the cue and began avidly French kissing her willing hot mouth. As we kissed I dropped my free hand to her lap and let it slide down her skirt covered leg until it reached her bare skin.

My hand slipped under her skirt and up her smooth bare thigh until I felt her long crispy cunt hair. Now I knew that I was in for a treat tonight as she wore no panties. I could feel her legs beginning to drift apart as my fingers began to explore the warm crease between her legs.

I pressed my fingers into the warm furry slit of her cunt and felt the juicy lips begin to open. She moaned softly as my finger slipped into the tight wet hole of her hot pussy. I slowly dipped my finger in to the second knuckle and began an in and out motion. Soon she was moaning louder and grinding her hot, wet pussy on my finger as we kissed.

I let my finger slide out of her now sopping cunthole and slid it up and down her juicy slit flicking her stiff clit each time I reached the top. I knew she was about to cumm so I pressed my fingertip to her stiff clit and gave it a workout. In a few moments she began to chant; "Ooohhh... I'm cumming, I'm cumming... Don't stop!! It feels sssooo... good... I'm cumminggggg... !!!"

I continued to slowly finger her clit until she placed her hand on my arm and made me stop saying she couldn't take anymore right now. I ask if she had enjoyed it and she said yes but wanted to do something for me too. She slid her hand into my lap and began to rub my hard cock thru my pants. After a few moments she found my zipper and slid it down. My hard cock sprang free like a suddenly released spring.

She grasped it between her fingers working the skin back and forth uncovering my swollen cockhead. She watched smiling as the precumm leaked out and over the head. She rubbed up a gob with her fingertip and held it to her nose to smell. "I've never tasted any of this but I think I will now," she said, as she brought it to her tongue-tip. She licked it off her finger and went back to my cock for more.

"I think I like the taste of your juice," she whispered as she surrounded my stiff dick with her warm fingers and jacked out more of my hot ballcream. She slowly jacked my juicing cock with one hand and gathered my cream with the other, saying "Uummm" each time she lapped it from her fingers.

After a few moments it was all gone. "Ohh, is that all there is? she said, "I wanted some more."

She looked at me and I said, "Just keep that up and you'll soon get a handful."

"Good," she said as she increased the tempo of her jacking, "Just let me know when you're going to cumm."

She half turned toward me in the seat and placed her free hand on my hairy balls and began to slowly caress them. Between the action on my cock and the soft squeezing of my balls, it didn't take long for me to near the crest. "Oohh, Terri baby, I'm getting close," I told her.

"Slide way down in the seat," she said. I slid down till my knees were on the back of the seat in front of us, not knowing what she had in mind, but completely willing to go along. As I slid forward she followed, ending with her head in my lap.

She hadn't lost a stroke on my stiff hot cock. As I felt the first burst of my cumm spurting up my cocktube I felt her warm wet lips close over my cockhead. She took the whole head into her hot mouth, sucking it like a straw, and swirled her tongue around it as the first blast of hot creamy cumm coated the insides of her hot sucking mouth.

"UUuummmm," she moaned as she suddenly discovered she had more than a mouthful of hot cumming cock. She began to swallow as she sucked in the second and following spurts. I could hardly believe what was happening as I continued to squirt my creamy balljuice deep into her hot throat. She removed her hand from my cock and began going up and down on it while continuing to milk my balls and sucking ravenously.

My hands went to her hair as I began to fuck into her face until I was drained. She continued to suck my dwindling cock until it was soft and got so sensitive I had to lift her head away from it.

"That's the first time I ever sucked a cock or ate a guy's cream," she said as she raised up, "Did you like it?"

"Baby, if you fuck like you suck, I must be in heaven," I said.

We looked around and saw no one had paid any attention to us so we straightened up and tried to watch the movie. We continued to tease and play with each other thru out the rest of the movie but decided to wait until we got home before doing anything more serious.

When the movie was over we walked outside and waited for my buddy and his date. When he showed up, we could tell that they had something going also. We went to cafe and had a bite to eat while waiting for the bus home as it was getting colder. When we arrived back in the village we parted company, my buddy saying he would see me at my house later. I knew what he had in mind and wished him luck.

When we got back to Terri's sister's house all the lights were off and the car was gone. What luck! Just what we had wanted. A place to be alone so we could continue what we had started at the movie. Her brother had left a note saying they had gone to his dads and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night.

It had cooled off since dark so we made some coffee to warm up and talked for awhile while we drank it. We had built a fire in the wood stove and it began to get warm. Soon Terri began to get hot and began removing her clothes. I did too. Soon Terri was down to nothing and so was I. I looked at her beautiful young body and could hardly wait to finish my coffee. I wanted to fuck her right there on the floor.

As we finished the coffee, Terri turned to the bedroom and said, "Well, I'm ready for bed, how about you?"

You couldn't have held me back with a team of horses. I pulled the kitchen light string as Terri turned on the bedroom lamp. We left the kitchen door open to let in some heat from the warm stove as we crawled between the cool sheets. Terri immediately came into my arms as we started to kiss and fondle each others naked bodies.

I lowered my head to a smooth naked tit and took the big stiff nipple between my lips. I caressed her other breast with my hand as I rolled my tongue around her big nipple for a few moments. I switched and gave the other tit the same treatment.

I could have sucked her tasty tits for hours but I had other needs and so did she. I had no idea if Terri was a virgin or not as she seemed pretty experienced. She told me later it was because she lived on a farm with five brothers, two older sisters and plenty of male cousins. She had never actually fucked but had played around a lot; sometimes jacking boys off or letting them feel her cunt or tits.

She had also lost her cherry somehow in the meantime. After feasting on her tits for awhile, I decided I would return the favor Terri has bestowed on me in the theater. I began by licking all over and under her breast. Then I proceeded to lick down her tummy, dipping my hot wet tongue into her navel and continuing down.

I heard her gasp and felt her suck in her breath when my searching tongue touched her crispy cunthair. I sat up and threw back the covers, placing each hand under a leg to gently raise and spread her thighs wide apart. There before me in a nest of crispy brown hair was the object of my quest. It smelled deliciously sexy.

"Ooohhh, what are you doing," cried Terri, but making no attempt to stop me.

"I going to eat your hot juicy pussy just like you ate my cock," I replied, "then I'm going to fuck you bowlegged." With that I dipped my head and ran my hot wet tongue lightly along the top of her swollen pussylips, smelling the sweet sexual aroma as she began to really juice up.

She bolted as if from an electric shock at the first contact of my tongue and her ass rose from the bed pushing her pussy into solid contact with my probing digit. I licked again at the fragrant pussy flesh as her cuntlips began to spread and release their honey. I pushed my long hot tongue into her juicy cunt and began to swirl it around searching for more of her tasty treasure.

"Ohhh, God that feels so goooood... ," she cried, as she threw back her head and raked the bed with her fingers.

I continued to suck out her hole for a few more minutes then brought out my tongue to lick up and down her slit. When my hot tongue hit her clit and began to circle it she began crying, "Yes, yes, right there. Ooohhh, yes. I'm cummmming now, I'm cummmiiinnnggg!!!!!"

I continued licking and then sucked the stiff clit into my lips as I sucked and licked. After a few moments she collapsed back on the bed to get her breath. I lay back and we shared a cigarette as we tried to recuperate for the next round.

"Boy, that was really something. I never dreamed it would be like that. If I had, I would probably have tried it long ago," she said.

As we lay there talking and kissing, I felt her hand moving down to my half hard cock. She began to play with it and felt it harden still more. "Do you like to ball," she ask me suddenly.

"I love it." I said.

"I think I will too," she said, "and I'm about ready to try it. Let me get your cock really hard and ready to go."

She swung over my crotch taking my hard dick into her warm wet mouth and began sucking and licking it all over to get it hard and wet.

"Just enough to get it really wet and hard, baby. I'm about ready to fuck you now," I said. As soon as she was satisfied she raised up and gave it a few final licks before laying back on the bed and spreading her legs.

"Please, be easy with me. I've never had a cock in me before but I want it so bad I could bust," she said.

Realizing the honor she was about to bestow on me, I said with a grin, "Sure, baby. I'll slip it in so easy you won't even know it's there."

"I'd better know it's there," she replied with a smile. "Now let's fuck and have a ball."

I rolled between her spread thighs and lifted her legs off the bed and spread them wide. I told her to reach down and spread her tight cuntlips for me. She opened her lips and I spread a gob of spit with my finger right into her pussy opening. I gently pressed my finger in and reamed it around to stretch and lubricate her tight virgin cunt.

As soon as I removed my finger I guided my stiff hot cock into her virgin hole. She held it open as much as possible as I watched and felt my big cockhead disappear into her virgin pussy. As soon as the head was securely lodged inside she let go and locked her legs around my back. Damn, it felt like very tight hot wet velvet glove in there.

I held still for a few moments as Terri's cunt muscles adjusted to the rude invader. "Does that hurt, baby," I ask her.

"No, it doesn't hurt, but it feels very tight. Like you're trying to put a telephone pole up inside me," she replied.

"OK," I said. "I'll just stay still for a few minutes. When you're ready for some more just start working it in."

In a few seconds; she started moving her butt from side to side then up and down a little at a time, getting use to the feel of a hard cock entering her virgin hole. As she moved more, her pussy started to lubricate and adjust to my cock. In a few minutes, she had most of my stiff dick buried in her tight young cunt.

It was so tight and hot that I had to ask her to be still for a few moments so that I wouldn't cumm off yet. As I cooled down I dipped my head and sucked on her luscious tits. Soon I released her nipples and began to slowly fuck into her hot pussy with longer and longer strokes. She began to moan and buck her cunt up to meet my every stroke. In a minute I was plunging into her full depth.

"Ooohhh, God, that's wonderful," she said, "and I do know it's there, too. It's the most wonderful feeling I've ever felt. Do it harder now, baby, harder, I want to cumm."

I complied and began to pump her tight juicy pussy with long deep strokes which soon brought us both to point of no return.

"Ohhh, I'm cummmiiinnnggg!!!!" she cried, as she went wild with passion.

"OOOHHH, baby, so am I, take it, take it all," I shouted as I blasted my hot cumm deep into her hot virgin cunt. I kept pumping her tight, willing young pussy until I slumped over with exhaustion and rolled off her.

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