Carree Loves Billy: Summer Internship I
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of the spring leading up to, and the summer after our junior year at college. It was the first year that we both had internships. While we had planned to have this be our best summer, our last before Graduation and getting on with our lives, all of a sudden we were going to be in different cities struggling with being apart.

Going into our junior year I had hoped that I could get an internship in or near New York City so that Bill and I could spend our last summer before graduation together, as a couple. I became obsessed with what a special time this was to be. Never again would we have the opportunity to be free and on our own before crossing the threshold into adulthood, a career, marriage, and hopefully parenthood.

Beyond that, things seemed to be great all around as my relationship with my roommates Maria and Henny could not be any better. This was our third year together and we had bonded nicely. My dearest friends from high school, Megan, Kim, and Jennifer were still dear to my heart, but actually living with and sharing thoughts with these 2 young women had drawn us close together.

We were advised early on in our first year that finding and keeping a good roommate would be hard, yet the 3 of us clicked pretty well the first year. Maria was never a problem, and Henny was more a worry than anything. While we got along, she had a habit of bringing home guys she barely knew to spend the night. Although they were gone in the morning, Maria always worried and was wary for Henny and us. We were both much more comfortable when her "friend" Nick came around. They both acted like a real couple in love, but Henny made a point of saying that he was just a friend she slept with, and without fail, on the day Nick left, she brought home a new lover for that night, as if to make an exclamation point to her "friend only" status. Nick was handsome beyond words, and looked like an Italian movie star. He didn't play down his looks, as he should have. Without the jewelry or the tight pants and the perfect hair, Nick would have been beautiful. Maria and I called him Dreamboat, and he actually was the only guy who really made me sweat, besides Bill, but Nick always exuded a certain sleaziness because of the wrong "trim". Between her bad "boy" habits and her warnings from school, it didn't seem that she would be asked to return the following year. Then, that freshman year, when we all came back from Presidents Day holiday weekend, Henny returned a changed woman. There was some sort of epiphany in her life. Part was due to a change in her relationship with Nick.

Bill and I had arranged to pick Maria up at the airport in Syracuse. She was flying in from seeing her guy, Jack, who had bought her the ticket for her visit. So, we were all together when we walked in the dorm that day in our freshmen year.

Hen and Nick were curled up on the community sofa. Nick was in a pocket Tee and jeans with no jewelry and cut dry hair. No big waves, no gels, just "au natural." (God, he wasn't a dreamboat anymore, he was a stone fox!) Henny, who had a habit of talking before thinking, and doing a lot of talking, looked at Nick. "You tell them, they'll never believe me." She said.

I was afraid that something had happened. I knew Nick had lots of family problems. If not for the frat he lived at and Hen's Mom, he would have no place to sleep or eat.

"We got each other to admit that," Nick said pausing, "We're in love, and have been for a long time. We always thought of ourselves as brother and sister, best pals and never gave ourselves the chance that we could really be compatible as a couple. We always abused each other's feeling as some kind of way to try and shoo the other away. We had a breakthrough this weekend. I can't go into a lot of it, but... "

"Just like that," I said, "Over the weekend, you figured all this out?"

Henny sat up and had a tear forming in her eyes and for the first time her stone exterior melted away. "I've always known it, well for the last 4 or 5 years. I was afraid to say it to him, thinking I would lose him. This weekend I quit being an asshole, but only for a few minutes - don't get your hopes up, and had to admit it to Nick, as well as coming to a lot of other crossroads in my life. Ummm, Nick's reaction was positive... and told me that he couldn't stand it any longer either. He was on the verge of telling me the same thing too. I feel like a new person and have lost a big weight off my shoulders. I'm going to declare a major tomorrow, and make the deans list every semester the rest of my time here. I promise that to myself."

"Henny," said Maria, "you can't just turn it off and on like that. I know your GPA, and you have a lot of work to do just to get asked back. I love you and will help you all I can, but it will take a lot of work. Just reciting the words won't do, let's face it, doing school work has not been your priority."

Henny looked at both of us, then at Nick and put a stern look on her face. "Just watch me! But, I need you guys to believe in me, though. Can I depend on you?"

Maria and I both agreed to do what we could to get her in better study habits. Whatever happened at her home that weekend had a profound lasting effect because; she did just what she said she would do. Now, midway though our junior year she had the 4.0 GPA, still had Nick, who turned out to be an awesome guy for her, a perfect match. They met as infants in daycare and have basically never really been apart. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had put my student advisor hot of the trail of a New York City internship and she came to me with 3. She had assured me that these would not be posted anywhere until I had followed up on her initial contacts with them. The only problem was, there were 2 other girls on campus vying for the same positions. Two were for television networks and consisted of 20-25 hours of unpaid intern work and 30 hours of paid secretarial type of work. They included living stipends that could be used at a set of double occupancy flats that the networks held for interns. The third was with an international publisher of financial, travel, and health newsletters. My advisor pushed me towards this one because of the requirements list. "Must have an interest in marketing, writing, editing, advertising, human resources, or graphic design. Must be energetic, analytical, work well under deadlines, and are able to juggle many projects." She thought it sounded like me and this firm was just opening up in New York, expanding from their Baltimore base. I had become interested in the travel industry, actually trying to set up my own agency, ever since I had taken a cruise last summer with Megan and Kim to the Caribbean. While there, I was scouting places for a possible honeymoon spot for Bill and I. I asked a lot of questions, got to know a lot of people, and before I knew it, I was intrigued by it all. I had expressed that to my SA and she added it to my resume. This juncture was the first piece of fate that I encountered that advanced and decided my career. The contact for the publisher was someone I had met and heavily questioned while in St. Thomas. We had shared a drink and later met at her hotels private beach with Meg and Kim, treating us to a roast and party her company sponsored on the beach. I never knew the name of her firm and assumed that when I never contacted her back, it was the last I would hear from her.

Maria ended up being one of the other 2 applicants for the network positions. It happened that one of the internships fell through, a victim of Nielsen ratings. The other did end up going to Maria. I always thought the fact she lived in the city was the deciding factor, and who could blame them. We had found that TV production staffs pinched pennies on help, because they were so extravagant with everything else, I guess.

I stayed in daily contact with my advisor about the final internship in New York that I wanted. There might be others available later, but I wanted this one to be nailed down right away to ease my mind about being near Bill for the summer. Plus, this position would earn me college credits that I could turn in towards tuition or keep, should I decide to continue my education. In the end I got the position, but my connection at the firm, the woman I had met in St Thomas, Miranda Fond, wanted me in Baltimore, not New York. (Later their expansion to NYC was scuttled anyway) Although normally they worked only with Maryland colleges for these positions, she really wanted me on their staff. I was actually mad at myself for being so damn likeable and personable. While my student advisor, my family and Bill were so happy and supportive about getting this plum position, I hid the fact that I hated everything about it. It would ruin my dream summer with my love, Bill Wilson.

I will tell you now of the other twist of fate concerning this job, this firm and my life's direction. At the end of that summer's internship I was asked to do work during my senior year for the firm. I could get a retainer for services and extend my internship. It was apparent they really wanted to hire me after graduation. During that summer I was given a project of a mock advertising newsletter. Using photos from my vacation and information I had, as well as adding their required elements, I supervised a mock team of 2 other interns in producing the piece. (FATE) Somewhere along the line my mock project was sent to a client resort in the Caribbean chain, (probably sent by another intern) which the resort accepted as a prospectus. Later, they were notified that the mailing was an error. However, they were expanding their resorts and were going to start their own in-house agency. Long story short, after graduation I became a big part of the roll out of that string of resorts and their agency. Since then, I have run my own agency and later free lanced and done retainer work for different resorts and magazines. All started by a secretaries mailing gaff. I do not deny that my looks have also opened a lot of doors for me. I enjoy working on photo shoots outside at different resorts and like seeing my picture in my work. (William loved me in azure blue swimwear, my blonde hair and complexion lend well to it. It's the only color I appear in.) I have done some bathing suit modeling for a connected company of one of our clients, and even considered a career in that, should I want to stop the traveling I HAVE to do. (I fly a lot, but do not enjoy it) Although the modeling is legit and above board, it seems sleazy to me, even though William was quite OK with it.

Armed with this bit of background, on with the story...

Getting back to classes after an Easter weekend break, a break that only students who live close enough to commute can fully take advantage of, was hard on me. I had spent the break with Bill and our families, plus we had plenty of alone time. Although I was there with Bill, part of me was in a far off place. I was just coming to grips with what was shaping up for our summers. On the surface I was supposed to be happy for Bill and myself with the internships we had earned, but inside I was being selfish, wanting to wrap Bill in my arms and whisk him away for only me to enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - I was the first of the three of us to arrive back inside our dorm room. Bill was close behind with my overnighter and boxes of items from home for the, hopefully, upcoming warmer weather. The cloth bags of clothes slung over my shoulder rested at my feet as I fumbled with the keys.

"Right behind you, move it Care. This is getting heavier by the minute. Remember, you're not marrying an athlete," Bill said as he was stumbling the last few steps with his over burdened arms.

"Hey, if I don't get the key in the hole the door doesn't open. Besides, no one told you to bring it all in one trip," I chided Bill as the key finally went in the hole and I got the door opened.

I kicked my bags of clothes aside so Bill could get by without having to stop. He just made it to the community sofa where he dropped his load.

I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him from the back.

"You're athlete enough for me. Admittedly better in some sports than others." I said as I kissed his neck. He let himself slouch into my frame and dropped his head back to my shoulder.

"You wait until we get all the way back here to finally say something overtly sexual this weekend?" he said, hurting my feelings a little.

"WHAT?" I said. "I wasn't sexy this weekend? I really enjoyed all of our alone time, and as I remember your moans and groans as you filled my belly with your juice, you seemed to like something."

"No, I guess it came out wrong," Bill said. "You were certainly sexy and all, but you seemed to be in another place at times. I was worried you were a little bored with us. You know, a little slump."

I pulled Bill even closer and bit at his neck. "Bill" I said, "I could never be bored with you and if I was bored with anything, or had a problem about us, I would say so".

As the words came out of my mouth I knew I was lying and being less than forthright. Thoughts of summer and those months apart were weighing heavy on me. But, the internships were so important to Bill; I would never express my disappointment aloud.

"Geez, did you have to make that "filled my belly with juice" comment? Just thinking about you and me with our faces buried in each others sex has got me going again." Bill said as he reached a hand around to squeeze my ass.

"I wasn't trying to get sexy Bill. It's just you say that I didn't say anything overtly sexual, and the first thing that pops into my head is me making love to you with my mouth and swallowing your cum. If that isn't overtly sexual... , as well as all the other lovemaking we did. I mean, when you have your tongue on my clit and 2 fingers stuffed up my butt I'm not exactly ready to come up with any sexy one liners." I said defending myself.

"OK, OK! My remark was out of line. You were as sexy as ever." Bill admitted. "It's just being preoccupied with school and work, I guess, has got me a little nuts too. I just love to hear you say those words that drive me crazy, and I didn't hear them this weekend. But you said them all, just not verbally. You know what I mean, right?" he said, sort of apologizing.

Bill turned himself around and took me in his arms and held me like he knows I like. With his head pressed against mine, and his mouth right next to my ear. He whispers so low, as if even God isn't supposed to hear him.

"You know how much I love you, right?" he whispered. "You know how much I care. Don't let my stupid little comment bother you. We both know how sexy we were in the last 3 days."

His whispered words were honest and from his heart. Tears formed at my eyes as I thanked God for his love and how deep it was. I was mad at myself for not being forthcoming about my feelings about the summer. But the thoughts of our lovemaking in the past 3 days erased everything for the time being. We were able to spend Saturday night together, all night, in his room over the garage. Parents be damned, we just told them we needed time together like that. My Mom said she wasn't happy about it, but would speak no more of the matter. My Dad was the same. Bills parents worried what my parents would think of their judgment. He assured them that the decision was ours and ours alone. We were adults, and we were going to be married and we held our promise to each set of parents that pregnancy would not happen. When Bill told his parents of our intention to spend the night in his study/writing room his Dad challenged his decision. Bill just said, "Fine, we'll be in the Budget Inn near the interstate, if you need us." We were spending the night together with or without their approval. His Dad gave up and said it was OK, that he should save his money. They could really ask no more of us as a couple, and as members of their family. We fully functioned as members of both families, taking part in all of the family affairs together as a couple. When they looked around at other young adults our age, they had to know how lucky they were they we had found each other.

I pulled Bill into my room and closed the door behind us. I took my sweatshirt off and hugged my braless breasts to his chest while kissing his face.

"Show me one more time how much you love me," I said, poutily.

Bill wrapped his arms around my bare back and held me tight to him. He rested his head on my shoulder while taking the side of my neck into his mouth. He swathed his tongue over and over that spot and then gave it a deathsuck.

"No hickeys, no hickeys," I said, pulling away violently. Bill just smiled and planted his lips to mine, giving me a big kiss. He pulled back his face and looked at me. "You didn't get enough of me this weekend, baby?" he asked.

"Never, and I hope you never have enough of me." I said

"Don't worry, Care. The only way to get too much is to get me to pass out, and then I'm afraid what you would do with me, while I was out." He smiled to me.

He turned me around and pressed his loins to my backside while running his hands up my nude chest. He held my breasts fully in each hand and tipped his head inviting me to kiss him, and I did. I ground back at him with my ass, trying to feel his penis through his pants. If he let me go right then I would have turned and dropped to my knees to unzip him and give his penis a big wet kiss to relieve the lump I felt. Before I could make that move he dropped one hand to my waist and unsnapped my jeans. He slid the zipper down the track and slid his hand down my jeans, between the jean and my panty. He cupped my pussy and held it in his hand. I broke the kiss and just looked into his eyes and let out a long breath. I wanted him.

He drew his hand from my jeans and hooked both thumbs in the side of them. He pushed them down past my butt, along with my panties. He put his hand to the center of my back and pushed me forward, making me bend over my bed, that I was standing in front of. He ran his hands over and over the cheeks of my ass, telling me how beautiful it was. I didn't know quite what to expect. I thought he might want to eat my pussy, and I was looking forward to that, but then I heard him undoing his belt and zipper. I went to stand up, I wanted to turn around and see him, but he again placed his hand on my back and pushed a knee behind mine to force my knees forward to the edge of the bed. As I looked between my legs I saw his pants drop and then his underwear went down. He stepped up to me and I was first afraid he was just going to fuck me and get it over with, enough of being a virgin. But he wouldn't do that without talking it over first. Suddenly I felt his penis go between my butt halves and I panicked. Surely he wouldn't try to skewer me in my butt with no lube, or wetness whatsoever!! I was about to protest when I felt the length of him settle into the crease of my ass. He bent at the knees and was laid right in the part of my cheeks. He began to slide up and down in that valley a few strokes and then I felt wetness drop from his mouth to my ass and his penis. I was in sort of an awkward position, but his rubbing felt good. He was just touching my butthole enough to create a sensation. He had done this whole little sex act, one that we had never done, without a word, until he said, "Touch yourself."

I shifted a little to steady myself to raise a hand to my pussy. I didn't know if he had enough friction to get off like this or not. But, he was stroking at me like he meant business, even though I didn't think he had enough contact.

"Someday, I'll fuck you like this Care, accentuating his long strokes. I'll make love to you in every room of the house and in every way I can think of, but especially your ass, or I should say, so I can see your ass. It's so beautiful. Ughh, I could come just looking at it. Ughh, oh baby I love sliding my cock up and down your crack, such a sweet ass. I wish I was inside it, but we can save that for another time. Ohh, I 'm gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum,. Ohhhhh Ohhhh," and then he grunted heavily as I felt it splashing on my back. As he came he held his hand firm in the center of my back, letting he half think that he didn't want me to turn and finish him with my mouth, as he knew I would... My fingers in my pussy were leaving me happy, but the feel of his seed splashing on my back and the smell of it and the sex in the room, pushed me over the edge. It wasn't a deep, gripping orgasm, just a nice spontaneous orgasm. I was happy. Bill backed away from me and asked me to stand still, he would get a towel to clean me up, as he fished into my clothes bags on the floor. I stood and felt the cum roll down my back, one little trail making a path right between my ass. It made me shudder and tweaked a little orgasm from me.

"I asked you to hold still so it wouldn't run down like that," Bill said smiling at me as the look on my face gave away the sperm play on my back.

I just smiled and said, "Come here," as I squat down to be level with his dripping penis. He knew I wanted his cock in my mouth and he knew it was mine. He turned to me. I opened my mouth as far as I could and clamped down on him and sucked right up to the tip to clean him. I felt him shiver and a little new dribble go onto my tongue. That was it, I just wanted to taste him and give him that little rush. I took his cock from my mouth and kissed the topside of it and then held the side of my face to his pubic bone.

"How do I live without you when we have to go back like this," I said.

Although it was a rhetorical question, he answered it right away. "By knowing how good it will be when we finally see each other again and knowing how much we love each other. Carree, if I didn't have the continuing promise of your love, both the mental and physical side of it, I would have no reason to work as hard as I do to make things right for our future. You are my life."

It was like he had rehearsed the answer and waited for the question, but I knew that wasn't Bill. He felt that in his heart. Those words would hold me and make me strong when I thought of the hopelessness of a summer away from him.

I stood and helped him get his shorts and pants up, being careful to gently tuck his precious penis in without hurting it. When I finished I turned and bent so Bill could mop up his mess from my back. He pulled apart my butt and wiped me dry in there, leaving me sticky. I, too, still had my underwear and pants around my ankles and he pulled them up, patting my hairless mound a few times and rubbing circles and playful slaps on my ass, before pulling up my jeans. He reached around the front of me and snapped them and yanked up my zipper. He then held my breasts in his hands and kissed my neck.

"I really have to go. I'm supposed to log into TIME in less than 2 hours. I'll end up being awake half the night with them, but they give my evaluation to the college tomorrow for this half semester. My internship could be worth more credits with a good review. I'll call you, I'll miss you, and I'll always love you. One more thing,... put your sweatshirt on. I don't need the guys here seeing what great boobs you have." He said as he gave my nipple a little pinch.

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