Vickie Goes to a Redneck Bar

by D L Staunton

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Rough, Humiliation, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the story about, Vickie who goes to a redneck bar seeking vehicular assitance and gets a whole lot more!!

I came across this story from an old drunk I know called Jed, I heard it on one of my stop-offs in a truckers-rest bar near where route 66 used to run, this is where old jed spends all his time, its a crying shame to see a man in this state, drinking 24/7 but where else am I gonna get entertainment from, the rest of the fellas in this bar "rattlesnake lodge" are not to be talked to, not if you like your face how it is. So i dont know whether this is true, but i liked it anyway, that drunk is one lude fellow!

It was two mondays back, i was in here having a chat with my old mucker Mr J. Daniels, we'd been having quite a long chat as it happens so i was lose of tongue, hehe you know me! Well the fellas were shooting pool and having a drink and generally doing nothing new, the lazy sum bitches, a dreadfull storm out, had the flags a cracking.

So there i am when low and behold, the doors open and in walks the damndest sight id ever seen! A fellow and his wife walk in soaked to the skin, got some heads turning i tell you! Turns out they's broken down a mile back and needed a place to stay, wondered if this was the place! I went over and talked to em, looked pretty scared they did! Well the wife was called Vickie, about 35 id say and pretty as a peach, Was about 5 foot 5 tall, with medium brunnette hair tied up the back, had these green eyes, like stars they were, emerald stars glittering. Her eyes crowned beautiful high cheek bones and a sweet unnasuming eyes. She got better from here, man she had breasts they were like mellons, but they were so high and firm she could of had them for shoulder pads!! But her best feature was her ass, man it was tight, so pert you could use it as a trampoline, 35 she may have been but had the body of an 18 year old. Where was I, ah yeah, her fella, Bubby was his name, big tall strapping fellow, fine looking gent he was, could see why Vickie was with him.

So I got Linzie, thats our 21 year old bar lady-least she says she's that old :-), to get them some whiskey, well one went down after the other and we got talking and and got on quite well, turns out they were moving cities cos Bubby had got some fancy-dan job or other, and they'd broke down cos of radiator trouble and then the heavens opened as if fate was moking 'em. So there we are happy as pie when up walks Leroy a black fella, comes in with some of his mates, looks for fights so we usually leave him alone. By this time the two were pretty pissed and not thinking to straight!

Leroy comes up and sits between the too, and starts trying to buy Vickie a drink, Bubby got up but some of leroys mates took him aside and told him he didnt want to worry - if you follow my meaning. So there leroy is and he starts whispering something to Vickie and we see here giggling, and hes says something like thats it my bitch or you know something like that. So next thing almost gets my heart stopping!

Vickie gets up on the barand starts dancing real sexy like, moving her hands all over her body, running them down her sides, over her breasts, between her legs - man it was sexy. Bubby tried to get up and stop her, but leroy's homies told him to sit down if he knew what was good for him. Leroy is egging on Vickie something rotten at this point and she started to get into it even more, started to unbutton her blouse, button by button untill it was open, you could see her lacy bra as the blouse flapped open with her dancing. By this time the entire bar was shouting and going crazy like a zoo with all the hooting, take it off, take it off they screamed. Vickie wasnt going to dissapoint, she flipped her blouse off and through it away, her black lacy bra encasing her full bosom, she rubbed her hands on her bra and i was getting excited at this point hehehe, the hooting got louder and leroy got louder than that. Looked like Vickie wasnt through, she kicked her shoes off and then took her jeans off, slow and sensual of course, and revealed her panties, man they were sexy panties, black as the night. Vickie was like a professional, never seen anything like it and ive seen a lot!! Then the bar really erupted, they were chanting "off" again and again. i think Vickie was unsure but leroy gave her a look like she better had, and then it happened. She unhooked her bra and let it fall off - man- These things were magnificent, they were huge, must have been E cup or something, but so pert, natural I tell you but so pert, they even had that cute thing wher the nips point slightly upwards, they were perfect, her nipples were medium size and light coloured, and erect like bullets, would have had your eyes out. Then she played with em, wow, she rubbed and played with them, tweaked her nipples ran her tongue over them, My old boy could have put a hole through steel, and then without prompting from the crowd she took her panties off, clean off! her pussy was clean shaven except for one tiny, cute, patch of curly black hair, it was glistening and excited, and she ran her had over its pretty lips, oh boy yeah, and then turned round and her ass was as pretty as it looked through her jeans, not a blemish on it, it was firm and perfect, man the place should have had a health warning: for your heart and for the noise, it was deafening. Well leroy was impresesd you could tell! he told her to get down.

Vicke got down naked as the day she was born. She sat down, the whole bar looking. Leroy looked her over and told her she was a very good girl and that very good girls need a lolly, and with that he reached in this pants and pulled out his long black cock, it was big like a horses, in the backgrounf Bubby tried to move but was quickly made to think again. Vickie looked shocked, but leroy pulled her down onto her knees and turned to face her. Come on girl, then Vickie leaned across and and held the cock and started licking and kissing it, pulling back the forskin and running her tongue over it, it quickly go tvery hard and was like a baseball bat, Leroy pulled her head onto it, said you bad bitch or something like that, then more than she gave him a blow job He fucked her face rapidly and hard, you could hear her gagging, it wasnt pretty, but leroy liked it, Then leroy told her she was gonna eat what he gave her and then came hard in her mouth and held her nose so she had to swallow it. Leroy put his cock away and sat Vickie up on the bar who was panting, thats a good slut he declared! Leroy then told her to lie down, on the bar

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