Becky's Revenge

by LaffWithMe

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Desc: Sex Story: This is a story that many women can identify with. David loves his wife Becky to give him oral but then refuses to kiss her after she sucks his cum. Well, if he doesn't like tasting his own cum, I wonder how he will like tasting the cum of some other men. Sweet revenge

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It's funny how we sometimes allow things to bother us for a long time without doing anything about it. Then, for some reason, we just suddenly decide to respond to the problem. Sometimes we respond in a way that had never occurred to us until that fateful moment.

This is my account of just such an event. By the way, I'm Becky Ann Mills. I've been married to David for five years. I met him when I was seventeen and he was twenty-two. We were married the summer after I graduated from high school.

This story probably begins on our fourth or fifth date, whenever it was that I first sucked his cock. But the real nitty gritty happened just last Saturday.

We were getting ready to go to a party at his boss's house. I was trying on a few outfits and as usual David was pressing me to wear something sexy. He was lying on the bed naked and I began teasing him a little as I changed outfits. I was feeling a little bit horny and was encouraged when I saw his cock move and thicken slightly as I peeled off a blouse. I slipped out of my bra and panties and snuggled in next to him.

I began kissing him. My tongue swished into his mouth and demanded attention. I love deep wet tongue kisses and soon had his tongue responding to my demands. I have small breasts but quite firm with small nipples that become quite hard when excited. I rolled on top of him and rubbed my hard tits against his chest as we kissed long and deep. My thigh rode against his cock. I felt it, semi-soft at first, squeezed against my warm flesh.

I continued kissing him and gently rubbed my thigh into his cock, pressing his meat between my thigh and his. He began to stiffen; I could feel his cock move as it became erect. He pulled me up so that my tits were available for his mouth. As he began softly chewing on my nipples, I caressed his now hard cock with my leg. As I did this, I also managed to rub my cunt up and down his hipbone.

I pushed my tits away from his nibbling lips, pushed my body down so that my pussy met his hard cock. Sitting up, astride his body, I reached down to direct his hard cock into my pussy. The rubbing had made my juices flow and I was quite wet. I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet slit pressing it against my still little clit on each rub. When he felt the head of his cock meet the moist lips of my cunt he pushed up. His cock quickly buried in the wet tunnel. We fell into a practiced rhythm, his cock sliding in and out of my cunt, his hands now massaging my hard nipples.

I bent forward and once again buried my tongue in his mouth. Sloppy and wet, my tongue fucked in and out of his mouth as his cock fucked in and out of my cunt. I moved my kisses down his neck, and then nibbled on his nipples. His hands gently pressed me downward. His cock plopped out of my pussy and I felt the wet hardness drag across my tummy as he forced my lips downward.

My lips met the sticky wet head of his cock. My tongue licked around the crown, tasting my cunt juice on his shaft. Opening my mouth, I sucked in the warm meat, licking it round and round. Cupping his balls in my hand, I buried his shaft deep in my throat. Then I brought my mouth up the shaft, letting my tongue dance over the ridges. It wasn't long before I felt his balls tense, then felt the warm cum shoot into my mouth. I swallowed quickly as each little burst of cum pumped out.

His cock softened and I moved up kissing my way back to his face. Then as usual, when I got to his lips, he turned away. That's when it happened; I finally got pissed

'Goddamn it David! You do that all the time. It's your damn cum in my mouth. It's not going to kill you to kiss me. Shit!'

'Becky, Becky; Take it easy. It's not that. Well not exactly. I mean I just don't feel like kissing afterwards, that's all.'

'Bullshit! I do all kinds of shit for you. Just to please you. You think shaving my pussy is my idea? You think I like that damn itching when it grows back? You think I like that damn push up bra that bites into my tits? Hah! You think I like sucking cock?'

Well, actually I do like sucking cock, but damn if I would admit it to him.

And on it went for a half-hour or more. We finally stopped battling and went to the party.

I guess I didn't realize how angry I was but a few drinks into the party I found I was still fuming. Then Dave's boss came nosing around. He's always after me and Dave just laughs it off and says 'be nice'. It didn't take too long before Mr. Barns is asking me to dance and I'm out on the floor with his hand on my ass doing a slow dance. But tonight I figure what the hell, give the old fart a treat. So I let him pull my ass forcing my cunt hard against his crotch. I lean into him and give him the full benefit of my little b-cup tits. He's a little drunker than I am but I soon feel the bulge in his pants.

He makes a few suggestive remarks about how hot I am. That's when the alcohol in my brain makes contact with the spite in my heart. That's when I decide it's time for a little revenge.

'Damn Becky, you don't know how much I've looked forward to a chance to dance with you.'

'Oh, I think I'm getting a feeling of how much you enjoy dancing', I giggled into his ear. To make sure he understands, I push myself hard against the stiff cock in his pants. I see him looking around to see if anyone is watching us. 'I saw your wife out on the patio and David's busy talking over there, if that's who you're looking for.'

His face flushes slightly and he moves away from me just a bit. 'Ah, uh, no. Just seems a little to open here for us to, so close.'

'That's OK; it's just that you're such a good dancer. Anyway, I'm kind of feeling to warm and I got to go pee. Maybe you can show me where a bathroom is and someplace cool.'

As soon as we were out of the room and walking down the hallway he slipped his arm around my waist then slid his hand down onto my ass.

'Becky, you're so solid. You must workout everyday.' His hand pressed into the crack of my ass, squeezing one cheek of my butt, his little finger digging deeper into me.

'Paul! Stop that. You're making me awfully horny. What if someone sees us?' At the entrance to the bathroom I reach down and rub the hard lump in his pants, 'ummm, and you seem pretty solid yourself.'

'Oh, Jesus, you really are a hot little girl.' as he pushed me into the bathroom, closing the door behind us. His hand pulled my dress up enough to allow him to rub my pussy through my panties. He began kissing me.

I rubbed and pushed his hard cock forcing it over to one side. I could now rub the length of it through his pants, could feel the short shaft and the wide head.

He was panting now, almost shaking. 'Oh shit, oh god. Take my cock out. Let's do it. Now. Right here. Your pussy feels so hot I've just got to get in you.'

'I can't,' as I found his zipper. 'I really want to, but I just think fucking would be unfair to David.'

'Shit Becky, people do it all the time. C'mon, your cunt is so wet and hot.' His finger was now past my panties and plunging in and out of my cunt.

I worked his cock out of his pants. I looked down at it as I wrapped my hand around it. It was not very long but had a very large mushroom shaped head. It was oozing pre-cum. I rubbed my thumb over the piss hole, and then stroked the pre-cum around the fat head. I slipped my finger along the ridge of the head. It was very high. 'Oh Paul, it's so big and hard. I really wish I could feel that big thick head pushing into my wet pussy.'

'Ohhh, oh shit. Do it Becky. Please.' I thought he was going to cum right there.

'How about if I just suck it for you?'

'Oh damn, anything hon. Yes! Suck it!'

I kneeled down, stuck my tongue out to taste the tip of his cock. As soon as my lips were close to his warm meat, he lurched forward with his hands on the back of my head. His cock rammed into my mouth. I cradled his balls in one hand and could feel the tension. He was close. I bobbed my head back and forth, running his cock in and out of my tight lips. My tongue swirled around the head of his cock. Then bang! I felt the warm fluid squirt into my mouth. One squirt, two squirts. Not much. I sucked and licked the last drops from his cock, swirling the warm cum around my mouth before I swallowed it.

I stood, pulled my dress down, glanced in the mirror to see if I looked OK. Mr. Barns collapsed on the toilet, a groan of pleasure. 'Damn, you're good. Maybe we can have lunch next week.'

'No! No I can't do that. I never cheated before and I shouldn't have now. I mean, it was nice but I can't do this again.' I rushed out of the bathroom. Hurried back to find David still talking.

'Hi honey. Still talking that boring talk? Give me a dance lover.' I pulled him onto the floor, wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a big wet kiss. Yes! Buried my tongue in his mouth. Sucked his tongue back into mine.

'Becky, you've been drinking too much. I can smell the booze on our breath.'

'Oh hon, just cause I feel like kissing my hubby doesn't mean I'm drunk.' I kissed him again, working my tongue in and out of his mouth. I was enjoying knowing that I had just sucked a cock and now he was kissing me. It felt even better than I'd imagined. The only thing missing was that he didn't even notice. I decided that maybe he needed a second shot.

This time I did the choosing. I noticed a nice looking guy standing by himself at the punch bowl.

'Hi, are you serving punch?'

'Huh, oh yeah, I guess so since I'm standing here.' he laughed. 'I was just looking for a friendly face. I just started working for the company, so don't know to many people.'

'Well, I'm Becky. My husband David over there has been with them for three years.' But he's too busy talking shop to dance with me.'

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