by Mtnz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: After a drunken night we make love in the morning. First of the Atlanta series.

The light was thin and grey through the gap in the curtains. The hotel room looked wrecked, clothes thrown about, empty glasses and champagne bottles, the TV still on, ESPN buzzing away softly. I remembered us getting into the cab from Beluga for the short ride back, but little after that. You'd fallen asleep next to me on a bench in the club's porch, and I'd made our excuses and left. Somehow we had made it into bed but I knew neither of us had moved from our prone positions in the night.

I threw the sheet back. I was nude, and you lay face down in your underwear, snoring softly. As I surveyed the soft ridges of your sleeping form I ran my hand down to my cock, already hard with its morning piss-on. With my other hand I gently stroked your panty covered ass, and I began to slowly jack off. I kissed your shoulder, and put a little more pressure into the hand touching you but still no response. I rub ny nose into your shoulder and smell you - a delicious mix of you, your hair and a sweet morning funk.

My mouth dry with lust I sit up next to you, facing your feet, and run both hands down your back to the arch of your buttocks, slipping them into your panties to cup each cheek in a palm. I force the thin fabric down to the top of your thighs and then spread each globe a few inches. There is enough light in the room now to make out your entire sexual cleft, from the pink ring of your anus down into the folds of your cunt.

With the thumb of each hand I prise open your outer lips and they part willingly, their interior slightly moist. Now I lean down and inhale deeply your gorgeous humid scent. I run my tongue gently down across your anus and into the bottom of your pussy, teasing, playful. Still you lie still, although now your breathing is shorter and more shallow. I insert my nose into your pussy, the skin of my face touching the moist flesh, my mouth pressed hard into your ass. Still holding you open I reach down with my index fingers to touch your clit as my tongue snakes into your asshole, and I press the bridge of my nose into your pussy. I am sucking and nibbling and massaging your entire crotch, and now small moans and sighs are coming from you. But still you lie motionless beneath me. You want me to do all the work.

After several minutes I sit up again and pull your panties off your legs. Sitting beside you I move your legs apart, wide, and notice your cunt is now a warm pink, and slightly open. I take three fingers of my right hand and curling them tight, ease them inside you. Once they are in up to the knuckle I start to fuck you slowly, turning them slightly on each stroke. Your back arches, and you move your pussy against me.

I suck two fingers of my left hand into my mouth, covering them in spit, and massage your asshole. After a few moments of slight pressure the tips of both fingers enter your pliant rectum. I move them in concert with the fingers in your pussy, and your moans are deep now as you rotate your body against me.

Your first real movement is to reach behind you with your right hand to feel around until you find my hard cock, rigid against the skin of your ass. As my fingers pry you open you run your thumb and fingers over the wet head of my cock, then down. I raise on my haunches as you reach down and take my balls into your palm, and pull gently.

I add a fouth finger into your pussy, and I'm rapt by the beauty of your holes opening and spreading before me. Your hand on my cock is insistent; you want to be fucked. I throw my right leg over you, pull my hands from your body, pull your cheeks apart and insert myself into you.

The feeling of your wet pussy enveloping my cock is indescribeable.

I watch fascinated as I stroke deeply in and out of your cunt; the outer lips wrapped tightly around me, your now empty anus winking. Your hand is rubbing against the shaft of my cock, measuring each stroke as I move. This is a slow, really deep fuck, my balls rubbing against the sheet and your clit on every complete thrust. I put two fingers back into your ass, and feel my cock moving inside you. I am fucking you quite hard now, sometimes short and quick, then long and forceful. Every now and again I pull out completely, pausing to admire the beauty of your open cunt, wet and red.

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