Living Large

by yarnmaster

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Interracial, Black Male, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Size does matter

I recently had to go on a business trip to Brazil in order to teach a training class for company executives and was able to carry my wife with me. This would be a get-a-way for both of us. We have three teen-age children, so they were old enough to stay with friends for the entire week. Linda is 40 yrs old and works out almost everyday. She is 5'4" tall, 118 lbs., Hispanic and looks like she is only half her age. She turns heads everywhere she goes. I am a retired body builder and also try to remain in decent shape. We arrived on Sunday night and were escorted to a beach house that was within walking distance to the conference center where I would teach class each day. Linda planned on lounging around and to work on her tan at the small semi-private beach that fronted the small bay and our beach house while I conducted the training classes. On Monday when I finished up class around 4 pm she was just coming in from laying out on the beach. She had on a white thong bikini that barely covered her ample jet-black bush. She has a medium size bust with large nipples with silver dollar sized dark areolas. She always gets extremely aroused whenever she lays out in the sun and we had a very intensive round of sex that evening.

On the second day I finished up about thirty minutes early and I quietly came in thru front of the house and onto the patio area. She was lying down on a towel about five yards from the edge of the patio and had on a pair of dark sunglasses. I sat in a chair and watched as she lay on her stomach facing away from me wearing her yellow thong bikini. I could see the perfectly formed mounds of her shapely rear sticking invitingly up in the air. In front of her I noticed a young slender male, maybe 17 or 18 year-old and very dark skinned young man whom I assumed to be a native of the area. He was lying down on his back a couple of yards away from my wife with his feet towards her and also towards me. He had on a loose pair of shorts in which the wind had blown the leg open enough to see a very large flaccid cock laying against his leg. I had to look twice before I could believe what I saw. He moved a little and the large, skin covered, plum sized head was sticking out past his shorts. I watched my wife adjust her sunglasses and knew she was taking in the view. This young man's cock appeared to be 6 or 7 inches long, heavily veined and very thick, and was still soft. I am not that big when erect, so I knew my wife was admiring the size of his manhood. After a few minutes the young man came over and spoke to my wife and then started walking off towards the downtown area. I quietly snuck back into the house and hid in the hall linen closet next to the bathroom. Linda came in and went straight into the bathroom where she immediately removed her thong bikini and began masturbating. She was very flushed and reached an orgasm almost immediately. I assumed her excitement was brought on by the vision of that well-endowed young man on the beach. We made love that night and she was unusually passionate. I never said a word, but was excited by the fact that she was aroused by such a young, boyish looking teenager.

The last day of the class went rather quickly and we finished up around two pm. I quickly walked home so that I could get a little sun and maybe get lucky. I changed into my swimsuit and went outside to lay on the beach next to my wife. Again, she was lying facing the bay and had on the white thong bikini that she had worn on Monday. After about ten minutes or so, the young man appeared and placed his towel in front of us. He laid down with his head towards us. I watched Linda raise up and adjust her sunglasses and then proceeded to rub suntan lotion on her legs and belly. I asked Linda did she know him and she said "no" and that "he must be one of the local boys." As Linda lay back down, I noticed her nipples were erect and was very noticeable. It was then that I decided to act like I was leaving so that I could watch what would happen if Linda thought I was nowhere to be found. As far as I know, I am the only man that Linda has had sex with because she was raised in a very strict home. The idea of her with another man, especially a dark skinned and well-hung young man, was starting to rouse my interest. I stood up and told Linda that I was going into Town to pick up some steaks for supper and that I wanted to run by the gun shop to look at some of the Brazillian made firearms. I told her that I would be back in a couple of hours. She kissed me on the cheek and I stood up and walked into the house.

When I got inside I purposely left my swim trunks where she would see them and know that I had changed into my street clothes. I then hid in the linen closet and peered thru the louvered door giving me an excellent view of the living room couch and the patio doors leading to the beach. As soon as I got settled in, Linda came in and went to the bathroom where she hopped in the shower. Her white bikini became translucent and you could see her large nipples and black pubic hair very clearly. She wiped off gingerly and went back outside. I slowly opened the door and snuck onto the patio where I see what may happen next. Linda went to the young man and touched him on the shoulder and spoke a few words, smiled and returned to her towel. She then laid down with her feet towards him and spread her legs to give him a generous view of her crotch. The young man immediately turned around and put his feet towards her and pulled his loose fitting trunks so that his large cock and balls were clearly visible. Linda turned around so that she was on her stomach and her head was only a foot or so from the young man's feet. She never put her head back down and just stared at his large semi-erect cock. After only a few minutes, she went over to speak to him again and I quickly went back inside the house. He immediately stood up and began following her onto the patio and into the house. I pulled the linen closet door in front of me and waited to see if they would come in the house.

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