At the Club (Sydney)

by Mtnz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, True Story, Group Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A true story of a hot threesome in a Sydney club.

We had been at the club for about an hour. I had gotten deep into conversation with some people at the bar and lost track of you. The E is kicking in nicely, the music and lights swirling around me. Suddenly there's a tap on my shoulder.

Hey its me-you said, your eyes shining - and this is Tonia.

Beside you is a woman almost your height, with short blonde hair and bright eyes. Your arm is draped over her bare shoulders. Her large breasts are in a tight black halter, her exposed midriff going to tight black leggings and sneakers. Next to you in sheer lycra and short silk the effect is devastating. I kiss you, feeling your firm nipples through your almost transparent top. I run my tongue over your beautiful lips, and you move in close to whisper in my ear.

-I'm being a bad girl-

I smile, -Really?-

You nod, and look at Tonia. She's grinning, very high.

You gesture over toward the corner and we three make our move into a darker part of the club.

As soon as we reach semi-privacy you pull Tonia in and kiss her, your tongue deep in her mouth. I am standing watching the two of you embrace, feeling the deep bass of the music in my hardening cock. Still kissing her, you pull the top of her halter down, exposing Tonia's right breast. Your fingers grip her nipple, pulling and rubbing. Your thigh is pressed between her legs pulling your skirt tight against your ass. I reach out and cup the cheeks of your ass in my hands, moving behind you both to shield us, and rub my erection against the crack of your ass. I am kissing the back of your neck as your hand leaves Tonia's breast and moves down across her belly and into the top of her leggings. You can feel my hardness pushing into you. I reach around and run my palm over Tonia's very stiff nipple, feeling the tight skin of her breasts. I feel her tremble as you play with her cunt in the dark. Your hand reappears and you reach back to place your fingers in my mouth. The taste is musky and sweet.

We are in the cab going home. The three of us are jammed tight across the back seat. The driver is listening to a Punjabi talkback station, and the city seems busy and quiet at the same time. I am kissing you as you ride in the centre, letting my hands run over your thighs. My fingers are teasing the damp crotch of your tiny panties, pushing the fabric between your lips. Tonia is licking your earlobe, her hands between her legs, pushing hard against the seam in her leggings. We are all willing the cab to go faster.

Inside, there is no talking as we climb the stairs. The only sound is your skirt's zipper as you let your skirt fall to the floor. I am transfixed by the sight of your g=string splitting the wondrous globes of your ass. You push Tonia on her back on the bed, and pull her halter off. We both look at her lovely breasts exposed in the light of a few tea candles. You kneel between her legs and start licking and sucking her nipples. Tonia moans and runs her hand down your back. I bend down behind you, pull your g to one side and plunge my tongue deep into your pussy. You gasp and kiss Tonia, your hands never leaving her breasts. I am sucking on your swollen bald lips, my tongue flicking over your clit, my thumbs spreading you open. You move back, pulling Tonia's leggings with you. She raise her ass to let you and her legs raise in the air as you complete the task. Her pussy is also bald, and obviously wet. You descend on her cunt with your tongue and fingers as I spread your cheeks and bury my tongue in your ass.

After a few minutes I move around to undress and watch you eat her. I kiss Tonia as I remove my clothes. She is panting and talking.

-fuck yeah, oh god-she is saying.

Her voice becomes muffled and you look up from eating her sweet pussy to see my cock disappear into her mouth. She is avidly blowing me as I work my cock in and out of her mouth.

-she's so fucking wet, mark-you say

-fuck her pussy baby-I reply.

-fuck that pussy with all your fingers-

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