Erotic Stories: The Benefits

by Telephoneman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: My manager catches me reading erotic stories on the web. I manage to convince her that it is not filth.

Julia was the senior project manager at the company I was contracted to. She was about forty, 5'6" tall and about 8st. (112lbs). She wore her dark hair to collar length. She was also quite attractive. I on the other hand am nearing 50, 6'6" tall, short grey hair and weigh in at just about double that of Julia. My contract was some 200 miles from my home and so I stayed in a hotel during the week going home just at weekends. After finishing my day's work there's very little to do so I usually stay at my desk and surf the net. Often left alone in the office I occasionally check out the web's latest erotic stories. The day in question I'd just finished reading one of the day's new romantic stories (Its Better than Football - The Evening). My mobile phone rang, and as reception is very poor at my desk I walked to the kitchen area where reception was at its best. It was my pimp (Agent) on the line with various questions about extending my contact. Finally agreeing an increased rate I finished the call and returned to my desk.

To my surprise Julia was sitting on the desk watching my return. Glad to see that she was not looking at my computer, which still showed the story I'd been reading I sat in my chair and pushed it away from my desk. This meant that Julia's back was to my PC.

'I didn't know you were still here' I said.

'Obviously' she replied 'or you wouldn't be reading that rubbish' as she inclined her head towards the screen. 'I must admit I'm surprised at you, visiting these porn sites'

I don't advertise the fact that I enjoy erotic writing but nor am I ashamed of it. 'Its not porn its erotica' I said defensively.

'Same thing.' Julia was obviously not convinced.

'It is, only if you class anything to do with sex as porn' I said starting to enjoy the argument. 'Is that how YOU define it?'

'No of course not' she said indignantly, 'what do you think I am? A prude' As soon as she'd said it Julia realised that that was exactly what she sounded. She smiled and ended 'I do sound it don't I?'

Julia rarely smiled, at least not at work, but when she did it lit up the entire room. 'A bit,' I conceded, 'seriously though. Have you ever read any erotica?'

'No. I just don't like all that foul language.'

'Eroticism is in the mind,' I argued, 'you don't need bad language to be erotic but equally the language of love, however crude, is nearly always erotic to some. Look I've just finished reading a story that I think you'll like. Why don't you read that and then decide?'

'I can't do that. I'm a married woman'

'What on earth has that got to do with it? In fact many couples use erotica to spice up their sex lives.' I looked straight at Julia and added 'Assuming it needs additional spice'

Julia nodded her head unconsciously confirming that hers did. I continued 'Now look just read this and tell me what you think'.

'I couldn't possibly read it with you here.'

'Ok. I'll go and make a brew and you can join me when you're done.' Without giving her chance to argue any more I turned and walked off to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later Julia had still not come into the rest area where I was lounging. I went to the door to check if she was still at my desk. She was sitting, with her back towards me, intensely studying the screen. Her right hand was on her lap and I hoped the story was stimulating her. It was a further fifteen minutes before she appeared, looking quite flushed.

To give her chance to regain some composure I asked 'Was that porn?'

'No. There was an odd swear word in it but it seemed right for the context'.

'Did it turn you on?' I asked simply.

Julia now flushed bright red and did not answer.

'Your face tells me that it did. I'm glad, which is what it's supposed to do. Did it offend you?'

'No. How could a lovely story like that offend me?' she asked in return.

'What better definition of erotic writing do you want. Something that is not offensive but is a turn on both mentally and physically'

'Do you think that that story is true?'

'I don't know, probably, but even if not its almost certain to be based around a real event, I know my stories always are.'

'You write. Where do you get the ideas?'

'As I've just said, my stories are embellishments of real events. Do you fantasise?'

A little hesitancy but Julia answered 'Yes. Doesn't everyone'

'I certainly do. My fantasies are always about real people and start in actual situations I've been in. It's the same for my stories.'

'What sort of events? I must admit most of my fantasies are about film stars.' Julia blushed again as she admitted this.

Suddenly I made a decision. I'd liked Julia since I'd started, as I liked many of the women in the company. I'd never seen her out of a trouser suit so I'd never been able to accurately judge her figure apart from her obvious slenderness. She was certainly attractive and I found myself strongly fancying her. She was married though but that did not deter me. Normally I avoided office romances like the plague but I wanted her. I really wanted her.

'A prime example of a story line is now.' I said. I needed to know how she'd react.

'What do you mean now?' she asked but her expression showed that she had a good idea what I meant.

'Up to now everything that has happened is fact, obviously. Well my story would use those facts up until I decided to enliven things.'

'You'd pretend it was one of the younger girls' she asked. I honestly didn't know if she was serious or fishing for complements. I think the former.

'Why on earth would I want to change the cast? Seems ideal to me.' This brought yet another blush to Julia's pretty face.' Why are you blushing?' I asked, embarrassing her even more. 'You must know that you're extremely attractive and many other men would willingly take part in any erotic adventure with you in it'

It seemed that Julia was not very good at receiving complements, her head went down and she refused to respond. Demur is the best description.

'Would you like me to tell you how the story might unfold?' I asked.

After a long pause Julia looked into my eyes and said 'Yes'.

'Ok then. Don't forget that normally I'd be writing the story myself and would therefore put words into your mouth and manipulating your body to suit the story. As you're actually here I will use your input as we go along'

'I'll start by assuming that you did like the story you've just read. What did you like about it? Did you enjoy the build up or the sex scenes the most?'

'I think that the build up provided all the eroticism and I found myself eagerly anticipating the story. I was amazed at my reaction to the actual sex; although I'm sure without the build up it wouldn't have had that effect on me'

'You were wet,' I stated before asking, 'did you touch yourself?'

Julia's eyes had not left mine and there was little surprise at my question. 'Yes. You knew of course?'

'I wasn't certain but I hoped so. Did you come?' I asked boldly.

This time her eyes flickered, showing the question had caught her unawares, trying to give herself time to think she asked 'What do you think?'

I took half a step forward and placed my hand on her trousers between her legs. Making a slow and deliberate movement I ran my finger up the length of her hidden pussy. I then put my finger to my nose and replied

'Yes. I think you did.' I'd not stopped to think of the consequences of my move but had acted on instinct. Although I'd removed my hand I hadn't stepped back. I knew that this was the point of no return. From my point of view I'd given Julia two options; to take offence and leave now with or without a slapping me or to accept the intimacy and proceed accordingly. The decision was out of my hands.

The next few seconds seemed like hours as she considered my intimate touch. She signalled her decision to stay by saying 'Is it that obvious?'

I released my breath, only then realising that I'd been holding it, 'Yes it's very obvious, both from the sweet fragrance and the very damp patch around your pussy' I then put my finger into my mouth to taste her.

This really shocked her and she almost screamed 'That's disgusting!'

It was my turn for surprise. Her reaction amazed me. 'You've just read a story where the boy was licking a woman's pussy. Why are you so shocked that I should want to taste you?'

'That story was just that; a story,' she defended herself, 'men don't really do that. I know they like to force women to do that to them but that's different.'

This was definitely not proceeding to plan. As a married woman in her sexual prime I'd not expected Julia's reactions or her naïve reactions. I just hoped I could educate her. 'You couldn't be more wrong. Men that care about women, and unfortunately that's not the majority, love the taste of a woman's love juices.' To emphasise my point I again ran my finger up the length of her pussy, slower this time and with a touch more pressure. I then placed my finger straight in my mouth, my face expressing my genuine pleasure. I'd also been looking at Julia as I'd rubbed her sex. She obviously found it equally pleasurable.

'That tastes fantastic and licking your pussy would be even better.'

'Is it really that good?' she asked, her breathing now showing signs of arousal.

I wasn't certain whether she'd meant was it good for her or me so I answered both. 'Many women get more pleasure from a man's mouth that they do from his cock. And every good lover loves pleasing his partner. For me the taste of a woman is unique, a flavour even the best vintage wine can never hope to beat. Add this to the pleasure you can give to your partner and going down on your woman can be second to none. It's certainly better than anything an unwilling, or should I say, unenthusiastic partner can do.'

'You don't expect me to believe that. Every man I know would prefer a woman to suck his penis, however distasteful she found it, rather than him kiss her sex.'

'If that's the case you know the wrong men.

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