Carree Loves Billy: Graduation Trip
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is an account of our Graduation class trip. The story entails our first time sleeping and waking together. We experience tenderness and passion as young lovers as we experiment with our bodies and sexual freedom.

Bill was nervous but he spoke first, "Mom and Dad, Mr. and Mrs.

Kasc, you know that we are going away on this senior trip on Friday, and that Carree and I are going to drive another couple to Jersey. You also know that we signed a paper that we wouldn't stay "together" in those motels. Uhhh, Carree and I have gotten another room in another motel and plan to spend the night together."

I spoke up on cue, "I know this may not make you happy, but I think if you found out we were sneaking around to do this it would make you even unhappier. You know, and both approve of, our engagement. You also know we do not plan to get married until after we have finished college. We are not going to do ANYTHING to jeopardize those plans. I hope I am making that clear"

Bills father was the first to speak. "I really don't approve of the 2 of you alone for a night in some motel room out of state, with a bunch of wild teenagers."

"Dad," Bill spoke up firmly,

"I think you know that neither Carree not I are big partiers, meaning, we don't go out and drink at parties and we don't do drugs. If we have ever done any drinking, it has been at our house or your house (shifting his look to my parents) when we were not going to drive. And, we certainly do not get drunk. We simply want to spend some alone time with each other in the last summer we will have to be alone together."

I piped in before either parents could, "Bill and I have been engaged for 6 or 7 months and have never been away together. We would like this chance. We both start college in a few months and that will be 4 years of stress. During that time we will be close enough that we will be able to visit each other at our dorms, or meet at a motel half way, whenever we like. So, your forbidding this will only put off the inevitable. All four of you know that my intentions and Bills intentions are honorable. We are engaged and do plan on getting married and living our lives together. Our union is so special. We would not do anything to hurt that, or that would change our plans."

"What we want here," Bill said, "Is the blessing of all four of you on this. I love Carree, and she loves me. I can see not one reason why you wouldn't trust us to do the right thing"

My father was the first to speak up. "Well, I don't like it, because that's my little girl there. But, Bill, you have proved to me how much you love her, and I know that you are a man of your word. I trust you. You have earned that trust. Don't do anything to make me doubt you. I love my little girl"

My Dads words made me cry and I hugged him. My Mom said, "I feel about the same way Carl does. I know Billy is a good boy. (she hesitated knowing she picked her words wrong) Oh, I know Carree, BILL is a good MAN, but I can't stop thinking of you both as kids. I'll trust you Bill, to not get Carree in trouble or lead her on. For Gods sake don't tell anyone," and she hugged me and then gave Bill a kiss.

Bills parents stood up. His Dad spoke, "I don't know which of my sons Bill you two are talking about, but he must be a different boy that I have in my house. I have a hard time thinking of Billy as a man, he will always be my little boy. I know he spends all of his time up in his study, working, or with Carree. I think Carree is a good girl. I may be more worried about them being away, out of state, than I am them being together. But, remember, you aren't married yet, and won't be for a while. Some things are supposed to be left to the sanctity of marriage. The two of you say that your intentions are honorable. I don't see that. I think this is an invitation to trouble. How can you keep your hands off each other away like that in a room together."

I looked at Bill and held up a finger signaling that I should answer.

Mr. Wilson, what Bill and I do behind closed doors, whether it's in New Jersey, or at my house, or right up there in Bills study, is NOBODYS business but ours. We know that the four of you may not approve, and, we don't ask you too, because, quite frankly, it is none of your business. I don't say that in a smart tone or to be smart. We are adults and we have been asked to make adult decisions with our lives as far as college and career choices. If we were at war, Bill would be draft-able, maybe even me, too. We are also old enough to vote. We are both 19 and considered adults. As adults we can make adult decisions. If we make bad ones, we will learn by them. We don't think this is a bad one.

One thing that is none of your business that I WILL tell you, and it's against Bills wishes that I tell you, and I have discussed at length with my parents, is that,... I am a virgin. Bill and I have not had sexual intercourse, and I have known no other men.

Nor do we plan to have sexual intercourse until the right time.

We feel the risk is too great. While we love each other so much that we might want to, we also love each other so much that we won't. But, we do long to be alone together.

Please do not make us feel that we have disappointed you by doing this. We want your blessing, and your trust.

Bills Mom was the first to speak, as I think I let all the doubting air out of Mr. Wilson's balloon. "With you being so frank, and showing me, at least, that you have thought about this and know what you want, I will say OK.

Carree, it took a lot of courage to say those things to us, and you are right, NONE of it was any of our business. When I was 19 I was out of school and going to rock concerts across the country in a VW microbus doing things that, well... will go unsaid.

But suffice it to say I didn't have the grasp on the future you two do." She looked to Bills Dad, "Willie, do you agree with me or is baring her soul not enough?"

"Do I have to like it to give my blessing? I would feel better if you were going to a motel just outside of town. I don't like the New York City mess and all of Jersey is a dump," Bills Dad said.

My Dad piped in two cents worth. "Willie, I happen to have traveled that area a lot last year and I can tell you that there are 4 hotels, all close to each other with a big lot with shuttle buses that go to the amusement park all day long. They can park their car at the Hotel and never have to move it. Bill, is your hotel one of those 4 that are together near the Park?"

"I think so" Bill answered, it has about the same address as the Holiday Inn and the HoJo's. It's the Marriott"

"Yes, that's one of the 4 that corner there. I stayed there," my Dad added.

"Promise me that there will be no side trips into New York City or anything like that, would you?" Willie Wilson asked.

"Sure thing Mr. Wilson," I said.

"You have my word Dad," Bill concurred.

"Well then if the 3 of you all think they will be OK and will not do anything against their word, I won't be a stick in the mud,"

Bill's Dad said as a smile crawled over his face. "OK, you have my approval. BUT (he grew stern), let's not make a habit of this hotel and motel thing. I was a 19 once too, you know."

I went over and hugged Mr. Wilson and whispered in his ear so no one else could hear, "Don't worry about us. We take good care of each other. I love Bill as much as you do."

When I hugged Bills Mom I whispered almost the same thing.

When I let go of her I saw Bill shaking hands with my Dad and hugging my Mom.

This turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

As we all got up to go into the Wilson kitchen for coffee, my Dad took me aside. "You will make sure that both chaperones will know where you are staying and when you leave the group, right?"

"I'll do that for you Dad, I promise," I said.

While we had coffee, I snuck out to the phone and called Heidi Stewart right then and told her what we planned to do. I gave her the option of talking to my Dad if she wanted corroboration.

"Carree, you're 19, Bill's 19, I think I can trust you here. Plus you will both technically be out of school by then, but I know where you will be and how to get hold of you. That is all that is required." Heidi said.

"Thanks Heidi, I would like to stop by some day at your house and talk about stuff, OK?" I said.

"I would like that Carree, just call ahead, Ok? Bye." Heidi said as she hung up.

I rejoined the group and sidled up to my Dad and talked in a low register under my breath. "Promise taken care of. Chaperones have all the info and are OK with arrangement if you are."

Dad looked in his coffee and then smiled at me and winked. He offered his coffee as a toast, but I had nothing to lift.

"Consider yourself clinked," I said as he smiled again.

I was surprised how easy it was to get our parents to agree with our arrangement in New Jersey, even if I had to tell everyone that Bill and I were virgins when it came to intercourse. Bill thought it was a sacred secret and didn't want me to use that card, but I was not ashamed of it. Our parents ranged from 41 to 45, so it wasn't like we were dealing with senior citizens. They all graduated in the early seventies, so you have to figure they were pretty loose then, too. Memories of their high school days may have scared them about us. But all was OK, now.

Writers note: Our Graduation was a special time and a very special night. It will be a story by itself in the series. Our class trip wrapped around Graduation Day, so it was hard to leave out of this story.

Look for CARREE'S GRADUATION DAY, real soon.

For all of us going on the trip, we sort of promised ourselves to behave as far as drinking and partying on Graduation night.

Puking hangovers would not be welcomed on the bus, and many family parties were held the weekend before and many the weeks after. Parties on Graduation night were supposed to be dry, supervised events. From the looks of everyone at the bus on Friday morning, everyone was OK.

My parents had a party for me at the house with Bill and I inviting friends, as well as Bill's parents asking all of the Vermont relatives who could make it, to please stop by. It was nice to have so many friends together, and to meet some of Bills relatives, and Bill mine. Both our parents asked me not to wear the engagement ring, so relatives would not ask a million questions. We respected that wish. We wanted to talk about our college futures, not getting married.

By the time we reached the scheduled leaving time for the bus, we had everyone who signed up for the trip. We were amazed. Kim and her boyfriend Brad were riding with us. I had hoped to have Meg and Jimmy, but the Bus was better suited for Jimmy as he was still not fully recovered enough from his accident to be cramped into a back seat for 3 or 4 hours. Not that I didn't like Kim, she was one of my best girlfriends, but we wanted to talk with Meg and Jimmy.

Kim knew that Bill and I were engaged, but she was one of the few. As far as we knew, it was our parents, Megan, Kim and their boyfriends, we suspected, and maybe a few others. Before we went away to college we planned on letting everyone know, we just didn't want to make a big deal about it while we were in school.

The talk was small on the way down. I think there was a certain amount of anticipation to the trip for Bill and I, plus I am sure Kim and Brad planned to sneak off together too. Heidi Stewart had said that there would be no boy / girl arrangements at the two hotels that were officially with the schools bus. I am sure she would enforce that, and she had her lieutenants who would snitch at any deviation of the rules. We did sign a letter saying that there would be no hanky panky in the school-selected hotels. That was why Bill and I stayed at the Marriott, just to keep that rule. I don't think even Kim knew that Bill and I were going to shack.

We all made small talk on the way to Six Flags, mostly about school, college and friends. I had been in school with Kim since about grade 8 and there were times when we were best girl friends. I think she considered Meg her closest friend, as I did.

As we were passing the City skyline I could see Brad nudging Kim about something and Kim resisting.

Finally I turned around and said "OK, you two. Are we going to have to stop the car? What is it you want to ask me or us, Brad?"

Kim say up, "Brad is such a jerk, he wants me to ask if you and Bill are going to sneak off in a room alone and can you help us do the same. I keep telling him it's none of our business."

Bill was smiling and answered her, "Brad, we signed a paper committing ourselves to not having any hanky panky in those two motels. So we have reservations in another, a third one. If you guys signed that form, you ought to honor it. You wouldn't want the last thing you do with the school that might have to recommend you for a college to be something dishonest or against school policy. I know that's a pretty straight answer that you didn't want to hear, but it's your word you are talking about. I am sure you will be able to find someplace at Six Flags to be alone for a bit, or even at the hotel outside of the rooms for a while."

Kim was mad. "He wants to get me alone and spend the night and I don't see how we can do it. Maybe we can get OUR own room for a night, Brad. Why don't we check out the Marriott when we get there. See if we can get in for a night"

"They have weekender rates if you stay Friday and Saturday, its just $40 more than one night," I said. "But, remember, if you stay together and are missed, the chaperones will report you. You have to let Heidi Stewart know before hand.

"Well, forget it then," Brad said. "Heidi and my mom are good friends and she would surely tell her"

"Ummmm, don't be so sure of that," I said. "As long as you are planning to be safe, sexually, she might look the other way"

"What's she gonna do, come up and check us out," Brad said with an attitude.

Kim tried to calm the situation. "Heidi looks out for us, tries to keep us out of the maternity ward, Brad. If we told her out and out we were going to screw all weekend, she would have a hard time with it. If I got pregnant, she would blame herself"

She hit a soft spot with Brad "IF YOU GOT PREGNANT IT WOULD BE THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION," he shouted to her.

"I sense some hostility here," I said. "I think you two need to do some talking"

"No, we need to do some FUCKING is what we need to do," Brad said.


Carree and Bill, I apologize for my Cro-Magnon boyfriend. He seems to think that his dick is the most important thing on the planet. I do what I can to keep him happy, but he wants to do the big one."

"Listen," I said, "If you guys are serious about each other you are going to have to work out the sex thing. Actual intercourse is not the way to go, if you are not ready to have children or get married right away. (Brad had a bull headed look on his face with his arm crossed and was watching the skyline go by) But, there are lots of other things you can do to enjoy each others bodies, if you are committed to each other and don't see anyone else"

"Carree, I've talked to him about all of that and he won't accept what I offer," Kim said.

"Have you listened to him and seen what he wants to offer, it's a two way street. You don't hold all the sexual goodies, you know.

It can't be just what YOU agree to, it has to be what you BOTH agree to." I said to Kim.

"But, you both have to confess to any cheating you might have done with anyone, if you have. Exchanging any bodily fluids with another person, makes safe sex an impossibility," I preached.

Brad softened up and so did Kim. In a few minutes they were stretched out on the seat whispering to each other and seeming to make compromises. We turned up the radio to give them privacy.

Bill squeezed my hand and said in a low voice "Thank you Dr, Ruth"

We all met at the Holiday Inn parking lot and did a head count and we all made it within 20 minutes of each other. Heidi and Bill gave out room assignments and allowed mutual swaps as long as they were not boy/girl. They promised a bed check at least once a night. "If anyone sleeps with a teddy bear" Heidi started,

"Or in the nude," Bill laughingly added, "Please be sure your secrets will be safe with us," Heidi finished. I have a coded key that will get into all of the girls rooms and Bill the boys. We can set the bolt electronically with a code from the outside and you will all be safe. DO NOT SET THE BOLTS. If we get to a room and the bolt is set, it will be assumed you are violating and your 6 flags pass will be revoked and you will be reported on our return. No matter how old you are, you did sign an agreement.

Don't ruin your trip by being stupid."

I always wondered what those electronic locks were capable of, now I knew. I would be setting the chain on our door at the Marriott.

"The busses to Six Flags leave from the west parking lot every hour, on the hour. There is a safe walkway for each hotel.

Officially we will leave as a group at 3 o'clock today, 10 o'clock tomorrow. If you don't leave with us, you won't have the ticket to get in. We will return on the 9 o'clock bus each night.

It's 2 o'clock now, Go to your rooms and get settled, and be here at 3:00 to leave in that parking lot."

Everyone began to disperse, boys with Bill Fuller to one hotel, girls with Heidi Stewart to the other. I caught Heidi's eye and gave her a mini-wave with 2 fingers. She winked and mouthed, "Be good," to me.

Bill fished Kim and Brad's stuff from our trunk. We agreed to meet them at nine thirty for dinner at the Marriott that night.

We were NOT going to the amusement park today, and we doubted tomorrow.

Bill went into the Marriott to check in as I gathered things in the car that had to go inside with us. He came out with a smirk on his face and I stopped what I was doing and dropped my hands to my side then brought them up akimbo.

"What is so funny Bill?" I said, "Walking out here with that smug smirky smile?"

"The clerk had me show ID that I was over 18 and was checking my credit card and telling me about the amenities of our room. All the time he was doing it I could see he was distracted by something out here. After he said, "I hope you and Mrs. Wilson enjoy your stay" I turned around and saw what he was so distracted about," Bill explained.

"What!" I said.

He laughed and said, "You were bending over the trunk and your ass was just a picture to see. Those pants are so tight when you bend over, and I don't think you are wearing any underwear, well, they don't leave much to the imagination."

I blushed and said, "So you think someone ogling my butt is funny?"

"No, I think the fact that I'm going to be squeezing, kissing and caressing that ass, while he jerks off over it, is funny," he said.

His words gave me a warm start between my legs, telling me that I was a little randy already. I was hoping that this would not be a 48-hour sex fest and we could just spend quiet time holding each other. But, I would let nature take its course. I wanted Bill right now, right in the parking lot. I suppose I could wait a few minutes. I turned to finish my gathering of things in the trunk.

Was it a coincidence that the next bag contained the lube and sex toys?

We gathered our stuff and headed for the lobby to take the elevator.

The Desk clerk asked Bill, "Are you SURE you don't want the bellman to get those for you, Mr. Wilson?"

"No," Bill said. There's only a couple bags and some personal things, we can get them."

I made sure I showed my ass real good to the desk clerk as I walked by. I also made sure that I cued Bill to catch him staring at me. We laughed like hell on the elevator at his embarrassment.

I never, ever flaunted myself like that. Well maybe alone with Bill, but never in public. This was fun. I would never make a habit of it, but this lecher had it coming. I hate guys who stare at my breasts or my butt. I certainly don't blame them for looking, just like I look at an attractive guy. I find a second look at me to be flattering. But to stare and live out little fantasies in your mind is rude and inappropriate, especially for someone who meets the public as much as he.

Bill had pushed the button for the seventh and top floor of the hotel and the elevator was smooth and slow to the floor. I noticed Bill had to use the room card, after the elevator stopped, to open the door. That was weird. I expected the door to open in a hallway with a row of doors lining both sides. Instead, the door opened and there were 4 foyers, each with a red carpet leading up to them, and then a short hallway with 4 more foyers with the same set-up.

"Bill, what kind of room do we have? These are like meeting rooms. I thought you had a weekender rate," I said.

"No, silly" he said, "They're suites. I have a honeymoon suite as a surprise for you. I used part of my graduation money for it. I wanted it to be special, for a special time for us. The first time we sleep together, and you know I mean sleep."

"My Lord Bill, so extravagant. Can we really afford this," I said incredulously waiting for the door to open.

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