Bride Gets It From Many

by Jay Jons

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Desc: Sex Story: True story of how my best man (and friends) wound up seducing my bride on our wedding day. I didn't learn of things for a year!

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This is a true story, though it happened quite a few years ago. It's a story of how my best friend managed to get into the pants of my conservative bride with my unwitting help. He took full advantage of the situation and wound up doing many a kinky thing with her. At first I did not know what was going on, but eventually found out, or rather was told - no more correctly, shown - that my conservative uptight wife was in fact a slut.

In the 1970s the sexual revolution was in full swing and worry about AIDs did not exist. I had just graduated from college and had gotten a pretty good job with a company car and all. In my last year of college I had hooked up with a beautiful Asian girl. We were getting married. She had been dating a friend of mine when we first met but they broke up. We met during a campaign for the student government. Her boyfriend and I were running for student Senator on the same party ticker.

Frank, her boy friend was quite the dog. He was short but had a way with the ladies. Well Jean, didn't go for his philandering. After we had been going out for awhile she told me that he did get her cherry (though not in those words). He was apparently a kinky little dude as she told me of one of her most embarrassing experiences. They were at a party and he was horny. So he took her out into the backyard, started to feel her up in the dark. He managed to pull her dress up so he could touch her pussy. He managed to do her right there on a table in the dark. She said that she was sure that some of the other people attending the party saw them. She wasn't really sure about it, but I could tell that the very thought shocked and embarrassed her (though I was not sure that it didn't turn her on a little. After all why did she focus on that particular event?).

Jean was a very attractive 20 year college student when we met. We were married only 2 years later. About 5'2", 95 pounds, long black hair, very cute face, and a typical deadly Asian body. Not big tits (about 33) but very well proportioned with fantastic legs and a great bubble butt. She was fairly conservative in those swinging days. She never even wore mini-skirts. She might wear a skirt above the knee but not by very much. Generally, she wore jeans as did most college students in those days, just like now. Some things never change.

We went out for about a month before I ever got in her pants. She had consented to giving me the occasional hand job, but this was to deter me from the primary target.

One night we were fooling around in my apartment - my two roommates were out. That was when I found out the secret that would lead to a pretty kinky lifestyle. As we were kissing we got more and more turned on and hands would wander. As usual I went for the tits, managing to get her bra unsnapped. As I was sucking her cute little tits old Roman hands and Russian fingers (I was an international kind of guy!) went between her legs as I had done often before. But this time she was wearing a skirt rather than the usual jeans.

She had always shaken me off before by stopping my hand with her hand, or simply moving it. But this time with a skirt on, I was able to get my hand under her skirt and on her panty covered pussy much quicker and with more touch than was possible through jeans. Almost as soon as I managed to touch her clit her legs just flopped open like I hit an "open" button. It was unbelievable. I have never run into anything like it since but there it was.

What I learned that night was that all I needed to do was touch her clit through her panties or less, and she was in automatic leg spread mode. It was like she went into a trance. From hesitant, having to be convinced, to "do me" "do me" "do me"- mode in a matter of seconds. As I massaged her clit she became very wet and her panties were soaked. For the first time I was able to get my index finger into her hot tight little pussy. I slipped my fingers under her panty leg at first. Man when I hit home it was great. She started moaning and twisting and turning. I was no dummy. I went immediately to sliding those sexy little bikini panties off. This same girl who before had never let me get any closer than rubbing her through her jeans covered pussy, actually lifted her delicious little ass to assist my sliding her panties off.

Soon I had two and then three fingers up her twat. I was stretching her out in fine fashion and she was getting hotter all the time. But I noticed when I pulled my hand away she started to regain control. I figured if I was going to get what I wanted I had to get my own pants unzipped and my underwear pulled down with one hand. Not to bore you with details that are of little interest, but it was awkward and upon reflection more than a little embarrassing trying to get my pants off without her catching on. At least for me in the real world, it never works quite as smoothly and sensually as most of the stories here seem to suggest. Ah the painful difference between fantasy and reality.

I finally got my pants down around my ankles. As you would expect from a 20 year old, I was hard as a rock. I am adequately endowed - 7 inches, medium girth, but certainly no monster cock. I know that doesn't sound as sexy as the 12 inch cocks thick as coke cans but it is the unfortunate reality. I slid between her legs which were conveniently spread wide. I rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy lips, but only for a few seconds. This was my first lay, and needless to say control was beginning to be a problem. Before she knew it I slid my cock deep in her wet warm cunt. Since I had stretched her out more than adequately with my fingers, this was a quick painless entry. But by the time I was pumping her, she didn't have any complaints anyway. I started slow, deep stroking her but soon shifted to pounding her for all I was worth. We had not taken any precautions but man by that time I was not thinking logically. I came in her like a race horse. Not surprisingly at that age I stayed hard as a rock ready to go again. But when I came it broke the trance and she panicked with thoughts of pregnancy. She sat up and ended the action right there as she chastised me, rightly, for not taking precautions.

That ended the night but what I learned was going to make a big difference in our sex life, and shortly, a much bigger difference in her sex life. Remember, I said she had had only one lover before me. He was described to me as small. She was impressed with my size. Boy was she in for a surprise. She did get on the pill shortly thereafter.

My roommates at the time were two high school friends, JB and Jack. They had come from the Midwest to join me in Hawaii. While none of us were exactly Don Juans, I did manage to succeed quite a bit better than my close friends with the ladies. In fact, after this night it was a fairly regular procedure for Jean and I to retire to my bedroom in the apartment while the boys were watching TV. It never occurred to me at the time, but it was pretty difficult for these guys to see me go screwing for hours in my bedroom with a beautiful girl when all they had was five finger Mary to help out.

After graduation, the three of us moved to our own apartments as we pursued our careers, such as they were. We did stay in contact, particularly JB and I. When Jean and I didn't get together (which wasn't often) JB and I would go out to bars. In Hawaii their version of the girly bar at the time was what we called Korean bars (not necessarily Korean hostesses though often they were). Hostesses would sit with you and try to manipulate you into buying them grossly overpriced drinks. Depending on the bar, the night and the atmosphere, customers would get a little titty feel, maybe even a little feel of the pussy or a hand job if you were a big spender and so on. All in exchange for dollars.

As plans for the wedding went forward, JB decided he would make arrangements for my bachelor party. He contacted my working buddies and they decided to take me on a tour of Korean bars. What I didn't know at the time was that JB had lusted after Jean from the first time he met her. JB was a big guy - 6'4", 250 pounds, a former football defensive lineman. I am 6'5" but much slimmer at about 195. He also was a bit crude. He barely made it through college and worked in a blue collar job. But he was my best friend. He was to be my best man.

As we went from bar to bar I was getting progressively drunker. I was not that big a drinker, and usually wound up as what is now called the designated driver. But not that night. We started out about 7 pm and went until they closed the bars at 2 am. I was introduced as the groom- to-be at all the bars and got a few lap dances and feelies etc but nothing very serious. But as I got drunk I tended to talk much more than I usually did.

By the last bar the group was down to me and JB. By this time he was asking very personal intimate questions about Jean and me. He wanted to know if she was multi-orgasmic, whether she sucked cock, did she swallow, how long did we screw, did she fantasize about large cocks, how many lovers had she had and so on. Well during this grilling he got around to asking about how I got her turned on. I had never really spoken quite this openly or this crudely with JB or anyone else for that matter about Jean.

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