Bride Gets It From Many

by Jay Jons

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Blackmail, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: True story of how my best man (and friends) wound up seducing my bride on our wedding day. I didn't learn of things for a year!

© 2001

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This is a true story, though it happened quite a few years ago. It's a story of how my best friend managed to get into the pants of my conservative bride with my unwitting help. He took full advantage of the situation and wound up doing many a kinky thing with her. At first I did not know what was going on, but eventually found out, or rather was told - no more correctly, shown - that my conservative uptight wife was in fact a slut.

In the 1970s the sexual revolution was in full swing and worry about AIDs did not exist. I had just graduated from college and had gotten a pretty good job with a company car and all. In my last year of college I had hooked up with a beautiful Asian girl. We were getting married. She had been dating a friend of mine when we first met but they broke up. We met during a campaign for the student government. Her boyfriend and I were running for student Senator on the same party ticker.

Frank, her boy friend was quite the dog. He was short but had a way with the ladies. Well Jean, didn't go for his philandering. After we had been going out for awhile she told me that he did get her cherry (though not in those words). He was apparently a kinky little dude as she told me of one of her most embarrassing experiences. They were at a party and he was horny. So he took her out into the backyard, started to feel her up in the dark. He managed to pull her dress up so he could touch her pussy. He managed to do her right there on a table in the dark. She said that she was sure that some of the other people attending the party saw them. She wasn't really sure about it, but I could tell that the very thought shocked and embarrassed her (though I was not sure that it didn't turn her on a little. After all why did she focus on that particular event?).

Jean was a very attractive 20 year college student when we met. We were married only 2 years later. About 5'2", 95 pounds, long black hair, very cute face, and a typical deadly Asian body. Not big tits (about 33) but very well proportioned with fantastic legs and a great bubble butt. She was fairly conservative in those swinging days. She never even wore mini-skirts. She might wear a skirt above the knee but not by very much. Generally, she wore jeans as did most college students in those days, just like now. Some things never change.

We went out for about a month before I ever got in her pants. She had consented to giving me the occasional hand job, but this was to deter me from the primary target.

One night we were fooling around in my apartment - my two roommates were out. That was when I found out the secret that would lead to a pretty kinky lifestyle. As we were kissing we got more and more turned on and hands would wander. As usual I went for the tits, managing to get her bra unsnapped. As I was sucking her cute little tits old Roman hands and Russian fingers (I was an international kind of guy!) went between her legs as I had done often before. But this time she was wearing a skirt rather than the usual jeans.

She had always shaken me off before by stopping my hand with her hand, or simply moving it. But this time with a skirt on, I was able to get my hand under her skirt and on her panty covered pussy much quicker and with more touch than was possible through jeans. Almost as soon as I managed to touch her clit her legs just flopped open like I hit an "open" button. It was unbelievable. I have never run into anything like it since but there it was.

What I learned that night was that all I needed to do was touch her clit through her panties or less, and she was in automatic leg spread mode. It was like she went into a trance. From hesitant, having to be convinced, to "do me" "do me" "do me"- mode in a matter of seconds. As I massaged her clit she became very wet and her panties were soaked. For the first time I was able to get my index finger into her hot tight little pussy. I slipped my fingers under her panty leg at first. Man when I hit home it was great. She started moaning and twisting and turning. I was no dummy. I went immediately to sliding those sexy little bikini panties off. This same girl who before had never let me get any closer than rubbing her through her jeans covered pussy, actually lifted her delicious little ass to assist my sliding her panties off.

Soon I had two and then three fingers up her twat. I was stretching her out in fine fashion and she was getting hotter all the time. But I noticed when I pulled my hand away she started to regain control. I figured if I was going to get what I wanted I had to get my own pants unzipped and my underwear pulled down with one hand. Not to bore you with details that are of little interest, but it was awkward and upon reflection more than a little embarrassing trying to get my pants off without her catching on. At least for me in the real world, it never works quite as smoothly and sensually as most of the stories here seem to suggest. Ah the painful difference between fantasy and reality.

I finally got my pants down around my ankles. As you would expect from a 20 year old, I was hard as a rock. I am adequately endowed - 7 inches, medium girth, but certainly no monster cock. I know that doesn't sound as sexy as the 12 inch cocks thick as coke cans but it is the unfortunate reality. I slid between her legs which were conveniently spread wide. I rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy lips, but only for a few seconds. This was my first lay, and needless to say control was beginning to be a problem. Before she knew it I slid my cock deep in her wet warm cunt. Since I had stretched her out more than adequately with my fingers, this was a quick painless entry. But by the time I was pumping her, she didn't have any complaints anyway. I started slow, deep stroking her but soon shifted to pounding her for all I was worth. We had not taken any precautions but man by that time I was not thinking logically. I came in her like a race horse. Not surprisingly at that age I stayed hard as a rock ready to go again. But when I came it broke the trance and she panicked with thoughts of pregnancy. She sat up and ended the action right there as she chastised me, rightly, for not taking precautions.

That ended the night but what I learned was going to make a big difference in our sex life, and shortly, a much bigger difference in her sex life. Remember, I said she had had only one lover before me. He was described to me as small. She was impressed with my size. Boy was she in for a surprise. She did get on the pill shortly thereafter.

My roommates at the time were two high school friends, JB and Jack. They had come from the Midwest to join me in Hawaii. While none of us were exactly Don Juans, I did manage to succeed quite a bit better than my close friends with the ladies. In fact, after this night it was a fairly regular procedure for Jean and I to retire to my bedroom in the apartment while the boys were watching TV. It never occurred to me at the time, but it was pretty difficult for these guys to see me go screwing for hours in my bedroom with a beautiful girl when all they had was five finger Mary to help out.

After graduation, the three of us moved to our own apartments as we pursued our careers, such as they were. We did stay in contact, particularly JB and I. When Jean and I didn't get together (which wasn't often) JB and I would go out to bars. In Hawaii their version of the girly bar at the time was what we called Korean bars (not necessarily Korean hostesses though often they were). Hostesses would sit with you and try to manipulate you into buying them grossly overpriced drinks. Depending on the bar, the night and the atmosphere, customers would get a little titty feel, maybe even a little feel of the pussy or a hand job if you were a big spender and so on. All in exchange for dollars.

As plans for the wedding went forward, JB decided he would make arrangements for my bachelor party. He contacted my working buddies and they decided to take me on a tour of Korean bars. What I didn't know at the time was that JB had lusted after Jean from the first time he met her. JB was a big guy - 6'4", 250 pounds, a former football defensive lineman. I am 6'5" but much slimmer at about 195. He also was a bit crude. He barely made it through college and worked in a blue collar job. But he was my best friend. He was to be my best man.

As we went from bar to bar I was getting progressively drunker. I was not that big a drinker, and usually wound up as what is now called the designated driver. But not that night. We started out about 7 pm and went until they closed the bars at 2 am. I was introduced as the groom- to-be at all the bars and got a few lap dances and feelies etc but nothing very serious. But as I got drunk I tended to talk much more than I usually did.

By the last bar the group was down to me and JB. By this time he was asking very personal intimate questions about Jean and me. He wanted to know if she was multi-orgasmic, whether she sucked cock, did she swallow, how long did we screw, did she fantasize about large cocks, how many lovers had she had and so on. Well during this grilling he got around to asking about how I got her turned on. I had never really spoken quite this openly or this crudely with JB or anyone else for that matter about Jean.

But I was drunk and answering questions with nary a thought. So naturally I went into great detail about Jean's big turn-on. I told JB about how difficult she was, playing hard to get all the time, and never initiating the action. But then I found her secret. If I could get my hand on her panty covered pussy, particularly touch her clit, it was an automatic go button. Her legs flopped open, her resistance not only left, but turned into aggressive heat. I revealed that for quite awhile when we were first going out I never fucked her. But when I found the secret I managed to do her whenever I wanted.

At the time it seemed just innocent man talk. But JB was listening very carefully. He wanted Jean, and didn't really care if she was my fiancé or wife. He now had the information that he needed to succeed. I found out later that from that very minute of the conversation he devised his plan to get into Jean's panties as soon as possible. He was a kinky dude, and now had the information to act out those fantasies that most young men, hell most old men, have.

He always bragged about his "big dick" and how he loved to stretch out the chicks. I knew this was mostly talk about "stretching out chicks" as he had few dates while we were in college and not much more afterward. Truthfully I didn't ever notice his cock size. We played sports together and showered in the gym but most guys don't really ever check out other guys. But I was to learn more than I really ever thought I would very soon.

As the Best Man, JB's job was to get me to the church on time the next day. He dropped me off at my apartment that night. Jean and I did not live together. We would be moving into our apartment together the day after the wedding. We had the apartment though, and that was where I was living for about 2 weeks before the wedding. But no, Jean did not think it right that we have sex in the apartment before she moved in. Screwing in a car when you are 6'5" at the drive-in loses a lot of its appeal when you are used to a bed.

Anyway the next day JB picked me up about noon and took me to the church. We were getting married at a fine large church not far from downtown Honolulu. The night before I had told JB about the room off on one side and at the back of the church where Jean would be putting on the final touches before walking down the aisle. As you may be able to tell, I was giving out a lot of information that wasn't really anybody's business, but JB was my best friend.

I got the balance of the story on what happened that day only later from JB. When we got to the church I was immediately taken up with family business, talking to my in-laws, my own family, and others. I didn't really notice it but JB disappeared at the time.

It turned out that he moved slyly to the back of the church to scout out the bride's waiting room. He watched as the bride's maids came out giggling and talking with Jean. Then finally my mother in-law left the room. JB made his move. He knocked on the door. When Jean asked "Who is it?" he told her it was him, and he wanted to talk very quickly with her about her big day. He made like he was a big brother wanting to wish her well on the biggest day of her life.

She let him in the room. By the time he got in the room he later told me, she was in full bridal regalia. He went over to her and put his arm around her and spoke softly to her as they sat down on a small divan in the room. He sat down with her on his left. She was sitting upright away from the back of the couch which he said played exactly into his plans. He leaned back and pulled her back all the time telling her how close he felt to her and me, and how we were going to be best friends for all our lives. As she fell back with an "Oh!", her dress puffed up a little giving him the opening he was looking for.

He shot his right hand under her dress and went straight to her panty covered pussy. He immediately massaged her clit with his fingers, and as he later said, like magic, her legs spread wide immediately. She tried to scold him and push him off, but her juices were already flowing and she wound up slumping back on the couch hunching her moistening pussy upward.

He massaged her clit for a few minutes then slipped his hand under the leg hole and slipped a finger right onto her pussy. He continued massaging her clit with his thumb and then slipped two fingers into her rapidly moistening cunt. His fingers were quite a bit thicker than mine, and he said she complained at first but soon was lost in the trance-like state I had told him about. Her legs simply went wider and she hunched her hips on his fingers moaning and at the same time telling him to stop. Like that was going to slow him down!

He pushed her white long wedding up so much that he later told me he couldn't see her face. She had on very sexy silk white bikini panties. He shifted to his left hand to rub her wet and getting wetter pussy, while he used his right hand to grab the top of panties and pull them off. He said that as they got close to her ass, he thrust three fingers into her and just lifted her up a little. After getting her panties off, he wisely had his right hand free to unbuckle his own pants and take them off. He said he was so excited that he just managed to push his pants (which I was paying for as rental of his tux for the wedding party) in a rough fashion to his knees.

He then rolled over her, between her widespread legs. He had been working on her pussy for a few minutes and it was wet, and stretched from finger action. He said he when he was on his knees, his cock was about level with her pussy hanging off the front of the couch. He slipped the head in quite quickly, but he was indeed quite a bit bigger than she had ever had. He said it took it little awhile, pushing and pulling his cock to finally get it fully embedded in her.

He then began giving her the fucking of her life (his description). He said that he started slow with long strokes and talked dirty to her. He was telling her how wet and tight she was. Then he told her how easy she was, what with her getting married in an hour or so and here she was getting fucked by the best man. "So tell me now Jean, who is the BEST man?" he asked her as he rammed it in.

Jean alternately tried to push him off and tell him to get off, but he said it was a bit half-hearted. As she began to moan and get into the rhythm he started slamming his big cock into her with some vengeance. He was telling her that he felt it was his duty as best man to ensure that she had all the elements she needed for a successful wedding: she would have something borrowed (his cock), used (her pussy), and blue (her well fucked black and blue pussy) when he was done.

He had no intention of pulling out as he later told me. He was kinked out by the idea of the bride walking down the aisle with his cum dripping down her legs. He was certainly reaching spots in her pussy that I had never hit and he said that Jean was doing everything in her power to stay quiet. He then told her he was going to cum in her, and then pumped extra deep and held his pelvis to her pussy very tightly. He said as he spurted he could tell she was feeling him as she wiggled a little each spurt. He was convinced that she was orgasming as he pumped a big load into her sweet little pussy. When he was done, he just stayed on top of her for awhile savoring the great and kinky fuck.

Jean got more and more frantic trying to push him off. Finally he pulled out, and said that there was a real gusher of cum that trailed out with a string hanging from his cock to her pussy. Jean by this time was scolding him in a very low soft voice but she was visibly upset.

"Oh God, JB what have you done?" she sniffled.

"Well I gave you the fucking of your life you little slut. Man you are tight as a 16 year old virgin. What's the matter doesn't Doug fuck you enough or is he a pencil dick? You liked having a big dick shoved up your hot cunt didn't you?"

"Don't talk to me like that. You shouldn't have done that. Doug really turns me on because he knows what he is doing. You're just an animal."

"Bullshit you little bitch. Don't try to lie to someone who just plowed you deeper and harder than you have ever been screwed before. You got wetter and started cumming when I pumped my cum into you. Too bad you're on the pill or I am sure that deep plowing would have left a junior JB in you."

"How did you know I am on the pill?"

"How do you think? Doug told me when I got him good and drunk last night and pumped him for information. I knew that all I needed to do was get my hand on your pussy and you were mine. Your true love told me exactly how to seduce and fuck you. You loved it you little whore. You know that I was hitting places that your hubby-to-be never got close to."

JB didn't really care about her complaints at the time. He called her she a whore because she was so easy. Even as the cum was dripping out of her onto the back of her wedding gown, he wasn't done. He stood up, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face down toward his cock. He told her to clean him up so that he didn't smell up in his new tux. At first she resisted, but as he pulled her hair back it forced her mouth open. He jammed his cock in and told her to suck it all clean. I guess by this time she had little choice, and cleaned him with her tongue. He made her drink it down rather than try to spit it out.

Then just as he was pulling his cock out of her mouth, her mother knocked on the door to ask if she was ready. He slipped into a small closet, almost too small for him to fit, and Jean opened the door and told her mother she was fine. Her mother said they would be starting in about 15-20 minutes and needed to find JB. Then Jean closed the door.

JB laughed and said "Why didn't you invite your mom in? Maybe she'd like to see the big cock that was the first to score with you on your wedding day."

Jean was distraught about someone finding out. JB was more concerned about humiliating her it seemed. He was going to take her panties as a trophy but she begged him to let her wear them. Otherwise she would have been dripping all down her legs onto her nice new garter that we would later be throwing out at the reception. So he relented but insisted on putting the panties back on her. He made her lift her legs one at a time as he put the panties on. Then he pulled them up and patted them over her pussy. He said that there was so much cum that they were slightly damp even as he patted her.

Getting JB out of the room without anyone seeing him became her all-consuming challenge. She had to open the door and check the outside four times before she gave JB an all clear. As he was leaving, JB kissed her and asked her if she liked being stretched out by a real cock. He told her there would be a lot more where that came from. She spit back at him "No there won't." Little did she know.

At the time of course I didn't have a clue about what had happened. About 10 minutes before things were to start, I found JB walking up on a sidewalk on the side of the church.

"Where have you been? Janet(my mother in law) is frantic looking for you."

"Oh I just wanted to take a little private time with Jean and tell her what a lucky guy you were and how I would be there if she ever needed anything. I really gave her a serious insight into what our lifelong relationship will be like."

"Thanks bud. That was real nice of you." Or so I thought.

Interestingly enough I never noticed anything amiss during the ceremony or even with the first kiss of the bride. Don't know how she got the smell of all that sperm off her breath. After the wedding we piled into a limousine and headed for the hotel where the reception was being held. At the hotel Jean and I were in the reception line greeting the guests. JB did manage to kiss the bride in a quite friendly way I thought. But he was getting drunk and was exercising "Best Man privileges" on every female in the place. I know that he managed to get Jean's best friend, Gwen, the maid of honor, into quite a kissing match because Jean remarked how shocked her mother was when she saw it.

It turned out that JB got more than a bit of French kissing with Gwen. He conned her into going out on a balcony and worked her over pretty good. He got his hand under her dress and felt her pussy up for an extended time. He later told me that she did not swoon like Jean, but eventually did get very turned on. Her boyfriend was otherwise occupied with friends in the reception while JB was taking full advantage. He pulled her down the stairs into bushes which were up against the wall of the hotel just outside the ballroom. He got her panties off, bent her over and fucked her right there outside. She was also a tiny girl (about 5' 90 pounds) and he said she was tight as hell but as he described it:

"I loosened her up but good. Her boyfriend wasn't going to get much feeling that night when he fucked her, because I stretched her little hole out with a man-sized cock and filled her with a big load of cum." He made her clean his cock off with her mouth before they came back into the reception. He thought it was funny because if you looked carefully you could tell that her bride's maid dress was soiled where her knees rested on it while on her knees in the bushes both getting fucked and licking his dick clean. She had tried to clean the dress off, but where the dirt had been ground into the dress it was still obvious. I noticed only because JB told me and pointed it out. He was not entirely forthcoming about the day's events but was proud of doing the maid of honor even as her boyfriend was at the reception. I suspect that he was even prouder of doing the bride but at the time he didn't mention that!

While at the reception the JB got to talking with the events manager who coordinated the whole affair. It was actually a pretty big event with over 300 guests, a 9 course Chinese dinner, band, etc. In conversation it turned out that Jeff, the manager, was very taken with my new bride. Jean was friendly but a bit standoffish. Some people interpreted it as arrogance. It wasn't really but that impression motivated people to try to get back at her in someway, especially men. She was the kind of beautiful girl who unknowingly flirted a little by being friendly but then made it clear that that was a far as it went. Men tend to think about such women, "Man I would love to give her a good fucking just to show her."

Well JB understood that while he had banged her but good, he still didn't have anything he could hold over her to ensure repeat business. He asked Jeff if he had a Polaroid camera. Of course he did as they liked to take pictures of various functions. That was enough to trigger another devious plan. He asked Jeff if he would like to fuck the bride in her wedding dress. Naturally Jeff jumped at that chance. So they hatched a plan taking advantage of Jeff's knowledge of the facilities.

Jeff went up to Jean and told her that he needed to see her when she had a spare moment. He directed her to a room off the side of the ballroom. The room was usually locked up as a storage room, but Jeff had unlocked it and JB and Jeff had arranged some of the boxes and a table.

Jean came into the room only to find JB there. He cut off her exit to the door and grabbed her up in a bear hug/kiss. While she struggled mightily, he slipped his hand under her dress once again and went straight for the panty covered pussy. As he began to massage her clit through her thin panties she once again went into leg spread mode. He maneuvered her over to a table they had set up inside the room. He pushed her down on her back onto the table while massaging her clit.

Jean was quite upset and scolded JB without raising her voice. She didn't want to alert anyone who might come in and catch her inflagrante indelicto.

"Don't do this again JB. Damn you, someone might come in or hear us. Please I couldn't stand that."

But the complaints soon turned into moans as her legs spread wider and wider under her bride's dress. JB pushed her dress up over her head but not just to gain better access to her pussy. Jeff stepped out with his Polaroid camera (this was well before video or digital cameras were available) and started taking rather incriminating pictures of JB playing with the bride's pussy in a storage room on a plain table. JB played the whole game - pulling her panty leg aside while he shoved fingers in her cunt, finally pulling the panties down and spreading her legs for the photos while manipulating her wet little pussy with his fingers. But they realized that the pictures wouldn't do much good without her face, so JB pulled her to a sitting position even as he was working her pussy over with his fingers. Jeff got a number of shots clearly showing who the bride was, what was happening, and who the guy was who was taking liberties.

Jean was shocked and JB said it seemed she came close to crying (Jean never cried. She was a tough, very in control person (at least when no one was playing with her clit).

"What the hell are you guys doing? Don't take any pictures!! Please, oh God what is happening? JB, please you can't let anyone ever know what we did today. It's not fair. I didn't mean for it to happen. I don't want to hurt Doug. Please."

JB tired of the talk though as pushed her back down to take care of business. He pushed his pants down and started rubbing his big fat cock on her pussy. He told me later that he was surprised that she was not simply soaking after having cum in her only hours before. She was wet but not as wet as he expected. We figured her body must have absorbed most of the cum from before. As he started to slide his cock in he directed Jeff in taking pictures. (I eventually did see the pictures some time later. They were kinky, detailed, very sexy, and surprisingly good quality. Close-ups of her pussy getting massaged, then 1,2,3, and even 4 fingers ramming in and out, and finally a number of pictures of a large cock rubbing on her pussy lips, and then a series of the cock sliding into her.)

As JB pushed her back down onto the table and Jeff finished with his picture taking, he went around to her head which she was holding up from hanging off the end of the table. He grabbed her head and waved his cock in her face. At first she resisted, saying no way. But JB told her to loosen up."

"Open your mouth slut. Your may talking like you don't want it, but your pussy is telling a different story. It is squeezing my big dick harder than any whore I've ever bonked. I know you like getting it especially from big dicks. I can feel you hot tight little box milking my cock. Take good care of my friend. Besides just consider this an additional tip over an above the cash your husband will be giving him."

Finally Jeff grabbed a handful of hair and she opened her mouth as her head hung over the edge of the table. He rammed his cock into her mouth and told her to suck. Jean had never deep throated anyone or anything. I'm not even sure she had experience sucking much cock up to that point. But the boys were determined to teach her. Jeff took some very graphic pictures of her face with his cock jammed between her lips. Her lipstick was visible on his cock in some of the pictures. He moved her head around with his hands trying to find the right angle to get his cock down her throat. He was not as big as JB. What I would call "normal" sized, about 6-7 inches, normal width.

Jean was resisting his efforts to locate a good angle to get his cock entirely down her throat. You have to remember this was about the time of Deep Throat, and that was that was the goal of most guys.

JB finally said: "Don't worry about her. Just jam it in her face and down her throat. She can take it. She is a cock loving slut and this is just the beginning of what is going to be a cock filled life from now on."

Jean winced when she heard JB talking about her in that way but it would get worse. Jeff finally just grabbed her head and crammed his cock down her throat. JB later told me that Jean's eyes bulged out and she gagged a little as Jeff pushed more and more of his cock into her mouth. He was telling her to relax her throat or it was going to be painful. Apparently she did as instructed though because Jeff was able to get his entire cock down her throat without her gagging much or throwing up. He then just proceeded to fuck her face with what JB described as a vicious slamming action. His pelvic bone was actually hitting her on the nose with each thrust. He didn't last long though and filled her stomach, throat, and mouth with a big load of cum.

When Jean tried to spit some out, Jeff grabbed her and said "Swallow it all bitch. We are going to fill your little stomach so you won't be hungry for any of that Chinese food tonight. He held her head straight so she couldn't turn it to the side to spit anything out to clear her mouth." When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, he grabbed it and squeezed cum onto her face telling her she better lick it clean or he would drip it on her wedding dress. He got a number of pictures of her tongue stretching out to lick the end of his cock of all the cum.

It may have helped Jean somewhat that just about the time that Jeff was cumming in her mouth, JB slammed full length into her pussy, pushing her legs back til her knees were at her ears, and came in her at the same time. He swears that when he deep strokes her and slams it as far as it will go up her, that she cums. He can feel her pussy walls squeezing his fat cock.

He waited for Jeff to pull out of her mouth and get the camera again before he pulled out. He wanted Jeff to get pictures of him slowly sliding out of her, then get a closeup of her cum filled pussy. Jeff got some great graphic shots once again. As JB pulled out, there was a little gusher of cum that surged out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass onto her wedding dress. Once again though JB's cock was soaked and he wanted Jean to clean it up.

He went around the table and slapped her face with his large cock. I did subsequently see that cock in action, but it was pretty clear from the pictures that he was well endowed. About 10 inches long, and what was most impressive was its girth. It was much wider than most cocks I have ever seen. And he was proud of it. He liked to talk about the damage he could do to pussys.

He held his cock away from her mouth, making her lick it with an extended tongue. It made for great pictures. Meanwhile Jeff was not losing time as he went for his chance at sloppy seconds. Jean's legs were still spread but as he moved between them she tried to close them. He roughly grabbed both thighs and pushed them apart, telling her:

"Listen you little slut. You are never to try to close your legs when someone wants to fuck you. Keep your legs spread wide at every opportunity. We don't want to ever hear that you refused to fuck someone. You are a slut and a whore."

When he said that, he gave JB a $20 bill saying "Thanks JB. She was worth it. Now I'm going to drop another load in her." And he did.

While in describing it, it seems like a long time, all this actually took only about 10 or 15 minutes. They had locked the door when Jean came in, but did monitor the reception noise. Just as Jeff was dumping his load in her, they heard some girls outside the door talking about the pending toss of the brides bouquet. It is tradition to throw the flowers to the single women. Tradition holds that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married.

After the bouquet toss for the women, there is a ceremonial garter toss for the men. The garter has money pinned to it and there is generally quite a struggle to catch it. JB and Jeff thought that the garter toss would be a lot of fun this time, because the bride was so full of cum that it was likely to drip down her legs onto the garter.

The way it works is that the bride sits on a chair while the new husband reaches up under the skirt to pull the garter off before throwing it. JB and Jeff were kidding around with Jean held down between them:

"Imagine ole Doug slipping his hands up her legs only to find that they are very sticky. If he pulls the garter off and it is covered in cum how do you think he'll react!! Just think if he throws it and cum flies off it in flight. Hate to get hit in the eye with a load of cum at a wedding!!"

This time Jeff wanted to keep Jean's panties when they were done working her over. But once again, Jean begged to keep them after hearing their ribald taunting. While her panties were hardly clean, they at least managed to hold back most of the cum from dripping down her legs. The guys put the panties back on while holding her down on the table. Naturally each managed to get in more feels as they slipped the panties on. After patting her now very wet panty soaked pussy they finally let her up. JB talked to her as she was going for the door.

"Jean you are an unbelievable slut. I have never found or heard of anyone easier in my life."

"I am not easy. Oh please JB, don't tell anyone. I don't know what happens when I get touched there. It's like I lose all control. Please don't tell anyone. I am not really easy. I have never slept around. Doug was only my second lover."

"You ARE too easy to believe. Shit here you have been married about 3 hours and already you have doubled the number of people who have fucked your precious little pussy. I love banging your tight little pussy. And you love my big cock driven deep inside. I think we may just have to take your pills away from you and make a baby or two or three or four!! I've got these pictures now. If you don't want anyone else to see them, you will do what I want when I want. And don't worry, I know from the feel of your hot little cunt that you are going to like getting fucked regularly by my big cock. Maybe I'll find some other big ones to stretch you out. In a couple years, Doug won't be able to feel a thing when he fucks you. I am warning you, be careful about putting guys down. I may just wind up letting those who you scorned fuck the daylights out of you. You are going to make a great little whore."

"How can you talk to me like that? How could you do these things to me? Doug is your best friend. You have known each other for years. Don't you know this will hurt him?"

"Well, that it may, but the feel of your tight pussy on my big cock will help me forget that part! Ha ha ha By the way, its time you buy some mini-skirts and very skimpy panties. I don't want to have any trouble getting access to MY pussy when I want. I have gone through blue balls hell the last couple of years watching Doug take you back to his bedroom while Jim and I sat alone watching TV. Flaunting that tight little body at me. Now you will pay the piper."

They let Jean out the door and then all went back into the ballroom just in time. Jean's mother came running over asking her where she had been. Jean told her she drank too much and had to go to the bathroom for awhile. The bouquet toss went off without a hitch. The gal who caught the bouquet worked with Jean at the store where she was a manager. JB made every effort to get into her panties as well that night. But he didn't succeed. She had the good sense not to get drunk.

About 10 minutes after the bouquet toss, there were shouts for the garter toss. Traditionally the bride puts the garter fairly high up on her thigh to afford her new hubby a little playing time and to titillate the men at the wedding reception. While conservative, Jean was not an uptight prude so I was surprised when I found the garter just slightly above her knee. Oh well, there was plenty of time for fooling around later. Besides I suspect now that I know what went on, that if she put it too far up her leg that it would indeed have been sticky!

As the reception wound down I was looking forward to getting my new bride up in the wedding suite. The hotel gave us the suite for having the reception there. First though we went to her parents house to sort through the wedding gifts. Everything was well organized for keeping records of who gave what so we could send intelligent thank you notes. Jean was a fast rising manager for a major department store and used her organizational skills to the utmost. JB and the wedding party came up to the house with us.

As we readied to go back to the hotel, JB and the other male members of the wedding party - George, Jack, and Blake - volunteered to drive us back. I was a little tipsy and thought it was probably a good idea. On the way back Jean and I were in the back seat and I was trying to fool around. She was strangely distant, but I guess that was just because she did not want me feeling her cum-filled pussy and getting suspicious.

The bridal suite was fabulous. There was a large living room separate from the master bedroom suite. The guest bathroom was accessible by a short hallway that went beside the bedroom. The whole party came with us up to the suite and immediately began drinking and talking in the living area. At the time I didn't really notice it, but they made special efforts to get me involved it the conversation with stories etc. My bride excused herself and went off to the bedroom to clean up (far more necessary than I suspected).

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