Three Guys

by Bob Wilson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Three friends exchange tales about their adventures with girls

I had just returned from los angeles where I had been for three weeks on a job assignment. It was only natural then that I had called bill and mike, my two closest buddies to have a drink with me so we could catch up on the latest happenings. The three of us were sitting in al's bar which has been our favorite hangout since we became old enough to drink legally. It is a nice friendly place and we have spent many nights getting totally hammered in here. But al always makes sure that we get home safely.

As usual, we sat there bitching about work, wondering why we were such losers in the "y" basketball league and trying to top each other in stories of our sexual conquests. Some of our stories got pretty silly and we all knew the true ones since we had spent the last 20 years of our lives growing up and going to school together. But every once in a while we would surprise each other with a whole new story about some new girl. Now a lot of people might think that we have no class at all for talking about these exploits, and maybe they are right, but, I can tell you that if you put any three guys, or girls, who are close friends as we are together, they are going to share intimate details with no hesitation.

Tonight seemed to be one of those nights when some surprises were going to be happening. Bill had been chasing a new girl at work for a few weeks and when he came in tonight I could tell by the shiteating grin on his face that he had scored. And, a few minutes later, mike came walking in with that swagger that we knew so well as his victory walk.

After a couple of drinks had been absorbed and some general bullshitting had gone on, bill looked like he was about to burst. I knew he had a juicy story coming so I asked him, "hey man, why the big smile? Did you win the lottery or what?" He said, " well you might call it that I guess! You guys know that i have been after that girl ann at work right? Well, I finally got her to have a drink with me yesterday afternoon."

We both congratulated him profusely since we knew that would just open the floodgates on the rest of the story. He said, " you guys have got to hear this story! It is too unbelievable! We were able to leave the office early because my last client cancelled and I had arranged for ann to assist me on that job. I guess I caught her in a good mood because when I asked her to have a drink with me she said yes. So, we went down the road to that little bar in the next office complex, you know the litte meat market place? We sat down and i knew right away that something strange was going on because she was acting much more chummy than I had ever seen. You should have seen her guys. She was wearing this little, short, skin tight black dress and she had no secrets. So, we had a few drinks and I asked her to dance. The music was nice and slow and she is a very good dancer. As I took her into my arms she just kind of slid up against my body and it was great! I could feel her pelvis pushing right up against my dick which was growing by the second. I mean this girl was hot guys, and she was letting me know she wanted it. After a few minutes, I was ready to get out of there and find a private place to see if I was really going to get laid.

She was ready to go too, so we went back to my convertible and were going back to my office for some privacy. As we drove back to the parking garage, she really surprised me. She calmly reached over, unzipped me and had me in her mouth in seconds. Now you guys know how I love head! I knew that we would never make it to the office at this rate, so I looked for any spot I could find. Of course, there were no spots at all until we hit the roof of the parking garage. I slammed on the brakes as soon as we got there and started tugging at her clothes. She came up off my dick and stripped almost as quickly as she hade jumped it before. Well, it took me maybe 10 seconds to get naked with her and guys, I am telling you, she is totally fucking gorgeous! Well, we don't waste any time and I have her flat on her back, legs waving in the air, pumping for all I am worth when she suddenly starts to giggle. Of course, I was just a little preoccupied at the moment, but finally her giggles caused me to slow down long enough to ask her what the hell was so funny? As I looked at her face I could see that she was also waving her right hand. I looked up to see what she was doing and there I saw about 200 people in the building next door gawking at us through their windows. Now you know normally that would have been the end of me. I would have shrunk to nothing in seconds, but, I looked back down at her and she was really getting off on it. She had this look in her eyes that I have never seen before. I swear it was like she was fucking everyone that was staring at us. That just made me go harder and faster.

Then I realized that this was probably not the best place to be since the security cops like to hangout there and watch the girls in the offices next door. So, I pulled out of her and said "let's find a litle more privacy." She didn't say a word, just grabbed my dick and kept stroking me with one hand and her clit with the other. I started the car and went back down a floor in the garage and right there was an open parking spot way back in the corner. I zipped into that sucker and pulled the door open. She slid out of the car with me still in her hand. I pushed her up against the wall and slid my way down her body. Kissing and licking and sucking all the way. Now I have already told you how beautiful this girl is, but I have never tasted anyone like her. She has this kind of sweet, cinnamon, tart taste to her skin. My mouth was watering like mad as i sucked her nipples. She was pushing them hard out at me, and squirming like a snake. Man, I was just loving it! Then I slowly licked and kissed my way down. She spread those beautiful legs and I found heaven. I started to kiss and lick her and she just seemed to melt in my mouth. She started to quiver and her legs were jerking. Suddenly I felt this river of cum washing over my face and into my mouth. It was pure ambrosia. I was stroking her ass as she came and it seemed like it was going to go on forever. Finally she seemed to quiet a bit and I stood up to give her a long deep kiss so she could taste her cum in my mouth.

She was sucking my tongue so hard I thought it was coming out. But, at the same time, she spread her legs and reached down for my dick. She slowly slid me inside her and lifted her right leg to wrap around me. I started stroking her with long slow deep thrusts and she just got hotter, tighter and wetter with each thrust. We stumbled back to the car and fell into the seat. She climbed on top of me and started riding. She was all over me. Up-down-side to side, all the time looking into my eyes and playing with her nipples. Tugging them out and letting them pop back, stroking them like she had my dick, twisting them until i could see pain in her eyes. But, as I saw that pain she was drawing me up inside her as though she was trying to suck me up into her body whole. She reached down and took my shoulders in her hands and really began to ride fast and hard. She just seemed to explode and she took me with her. I have never felt anything like it. My dick seemed to swell until it was huge. As I felt myself throbbing into her I knew that I was spending more cum inside this girl than any 3 girls in the past. She absolutley drained me, guys.

I lay there for a couple of minutes trying to decide if I were alive or dead. Finally, she sat up and said "let's go to the office now. I want to show you a little more about why you have found your perfect assistant." We quickly dressed again and I started to get out of the car when I heard a sound behind us. I turned to see the two security guards approaching the car. They both seemed to have little smiles on their faces and I wondered how long they had been there. The older one looked at me and said "hi, bill. Say, you haven't seen anything strange going on down here have you? We had a report that there were a guy and girl doing some things that some of the people next door were really enjoying. Of course, there were a few that didn't care too much for it too!" I looked at her and we traded a small smile, then I turned to him and said, " no, fred, we have not seen thing. We have been discussing ann's new promotion as my executive assistant. As a matter of fact we are on our way to the office now to review the job description. But, if we see anything we will let you know right away."

"As we walked away I turned to see the guards and they were both standing there rubbing themselves as they watched her ass. I knew that she would never want for anything in this building. So, it was with a very happy heart that I went back to the office to review all her new duties!"

Mike and I actually had to clap at the end of that story. It was just the kind of thing that bill would do and get away with!

Then mike said, "bill, that must have been a fantastic time for you, but, i had my own experience the other day that I think you will enjoy too!" So, bill and I settled back with new drinks to listen to mike's story.

" You guys know how I spend a lot of time out on bayshore boulevard jogging, biking and rollerblading right? It's a great place because there is a never ending parade of beautiful young girls there in the sexiest outfits you can imagine. Well, I have seen this one girl there many times and I have always tried to catch her eye, you know, smile at her, a nod of the head as she goes by, stopping to tie my laces in front of her. And nothing has ever worked. She has always made me think I was invisible! And if you guys ever saw her you would understand when I say she is a goddess! She is about 5'7", long blonde ponytail, legs that go forever and a perfect body!"

"It was late on saturday when I went jogging and I didn't expect to see her since she always seems to be there in the mornings. I was feeling a little down because I had a hard week and nothing going on for the weekend, so I decided to go jog as the sun set. That's always a nice calm time to be there and I thought it might cheer me up some. Well, I took off and it seemed to be working. The farther I went the better I felt. I made my three miles to the downtown end and started back. When I got about a mile down the road I saw her come from a side street and start jogging in the same direction I was. She was only about a hundred feet ahead of me, so, I closed up a little for a better view. Man, she has the sweetest ass to watch that I have ever seen. She has natural rhythm that makes her a joy to watch. By then I was only a few feet behind her and I could hear her breathing and smell her body. Damn, guys I was getting turned on here and you know how hard that is when you are jogging, but my dick was straining hard against my running shorts. I started to daydream a little about how sweet she must taste. Suddenly, I was on the ground and she was lying beside me. She had stopped and like an ass I had just run over her."

"I couldn't believe that I had been such a jerk. I quickly knelt beside her and asked if she were injured. She said no, that she was fine and started to apologize for being in my way. Luckily, the accident had happened right in front of one of the benches. You guys remember those benches? They are right at the top of the little stairways that go down to those little docks all along the roadway. I helped her up and led her to the bench. She did hold on to my arm and acted as though her ankle might be hurting. I sat her down and asked if i could massage the ankle for her. She said no at first but I told her that I felt really bad and it was the least I could do to make up for my clumsiness."

" Finally, she said, well ok, I wouldn't want you to have a lasting trauma because of my ankle. She put her foot up into my lap and I satrted to slowly massage her foot and ankle. I introduced myself and found out that her name was kathy. We started talking about all the things to do on bayshore and i admitted that I had seen her many times. I even told her about the ways that i had tried to attract her attention. Then she surprised the hell out of me because she admitted that she had seen me doing all those things and thought i was pretty cute, if maybe a little silly. She said, if you wanted to talk to me why not say so? I stuttered and stammered a little and just blushed. It was then that i noticed something. As I looked down at the ground and then back up to her foot, then up her legs, I saw that she was wearing regular wideleg running shorts, but, she had nothing on under them. I could see her sweet little shaved pussy peeking out the leg. I must have jumped a little because she said are you ok? Then I really started to stutter and stammer and blush. As I raised my eyes to hers I saw a little twinkle and I suddenly knew that she knew what i had seen. Instantly my dick jumped to attention. She had to have felt it under her ankle, but she didn't say a thing. I went back to massaging her foot and ankle, but now I was rubbing her leg some too. I looked back at her shorts and i saw a little quiver in her thighs. As my hands ran softly along her legs she spread them a little more and then she was totally exposed to me. It was getting pretty dark by then and the only lights were from passing cars. I slid my hands all the way up to her thighs and then slowly brought them back down to her ankle. I did that several times and each time I came fractions closer to her pussy. Finally, I barely touched it with my fingertips. She rolled her head back and let out a low moan."

"I slid closer to her and touched her again. She just kind of melted and i could tell that she was going to let me do as I pleased. I slowly slid my finger up and down her lips, stroking them so softly. I would go up one side and down the other. They started to swell and spread and tiny drops of moisture began to appear. Then I stuck just the tip of my finger inside her. You would have thought I had hit her the way she jumped and shuddered. I was afraid that I had gone too far and that she was going to say stop. But, no, she just opend her legs a little more and reached out to take my arm in her hands. Then she started pulling and pushing and twisting my arm so that my finger went where she wanted it to go. She pulled it up inside her and she fealt so hot and wet that i thought I was going to cum. Very gently I started to stroke her clit. She was moving against my hand as though we were fucking. Her clit was growing to match my dick. I leaned over and kissed her, a long slow deep kiss. Her eyes were closed and she kissed me back. She was pulling my finger deeper inside her as we kissed. Then she moaned and started to shudder again. I could feel her getting ready to cum. Her stomach muscles were tightening and her legs were trying to draw me up inside her. I curled my finger inside her and found her g spot. As i stroked it she began to cum. I could feel it flowing out of her."

"As she subsided, I took her in my arms and held her for a minute. She totally relaxed against me and gave me a kiss. Then she pulled away from me and stood up. As she stood, she took my hand and pulled me up too. She said you are such a good boy that I think you deserve a reward. She led medown the steps to the little dock. Now these docks are only a few feet below streeet level. Standing on the dock the lower part of your body is hidden but the upper part is exposed. She pushed me up agains the wall with my back to the street and pulled my dick out. By now that thing was ready! She looked down at it and said, now you are going to enjoy this. Hell, I knew that, I was already enjoying the hell out of it!. She slid down to her knees and took me in her mouth. She has a terrific mouth guys and a really talented tongue. I had no idea what was going to happen next, but she kept sucking me and playing with my balls until i knew that I was going to explode soon.I reached out and stroked the back of her head and I could feel myself on the verge. Suddenly I shot my load into her mouth! She kept sucking and sucking until I was milked dry. Man, did I feel great!"

"I thought that was going to be the end, but she stood up and pulled her shorts off. She said, now we are finished with the appetizers, lets get to the real meal. I thought oh my god! She still had my dick in her hand and I was afraid that it was going to be too soon for me to go again. But, she kissed me and stroked it a couple of times and damned if it didn't get rock hard again! She turned around and faced the street with her arms up on the wall so she could see the cars going by. Every car that passed washed over her with their headlights she stuck her ass out and spread her legs and I entered her with no hesitation. I pulled her back on to me and ground my dick in her all the way to the top of her. I could feel her muscles tightening and sucking me as I was stroking her. She was leaning against the wall and throwing her ass back against me hard so that I was going deep with every stroke. She was watching the cars go by and I heard a new sound. She was humming! I loved it! I could feel her tensing and hear her humming get ragged as I pumped her. Finally, she stopped humming and started to moan again. I was really slamming in to her now. My balls were flying I was hitting her so hard. Then she made this little noise like she was laughing and I could feel the cum starting to flow. As soon as I felt that, I felt my dick start to throb. I felt the cum travleling through my dick and spurting inside her. It was throb and spurt, throb and spurt, throb and spurt until I was dry again! As I slowed she reached around and kissed me again. I slowly pulled out of her and turned her around so I could really kiss her. She tasted so damn good."

" I reached down to get her shorts and as I did, I had to kiss her pussy, then i had to lick it just to see how sweet it tasted. She pulled me up by the ears and said, now that you are no longer too shy to speak to me, can we go to your place and do this again? It took me about 10 seconds to get her shorts and mine back on and then we were jogging to my place a block away, where we spent the rest of the weekend holed up in my bed."

"Bravo! Bravo!, Said bill." "I simply sat there and smiled at mike because I knew that he had found the girl he always wanted."

Both of my friends had been through great experiences and had the women they needed in their lives now to continue to be happy! I was really happy for them both. But now it was my turn to tell my story!

I looked at them and said, " I could not be happier for you guys. You are my best friends and I think it is great that you have been so lucky and found the right girls for you." They both returned my smiles but I could see that they were thinking, "yeah, bob, too bad you have not been as lucky!" So, I thought this would be the proper time to let them in on my little secret by telling my story.

I looked at them and said, " you guys know that I just got back from california and I have to tell you that it was a great trip. I was amazed at the attitudes there. Women have no problem walking up to you and saying 'i think you are cute! Can we fuck?' -Now you know the first time that happened to me i damn near choked to death on my drink! I got used to it pretty quickly though since I was out almost every night. The guys I worked with are all serious pussy hounds and they knew where to find anything and everything you could ever want. But, the best time I had was when my boss sent me to san francisco!"

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