by Bob Wilson

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Desc: Sex Story: Just a little story about eating out.

they were a young couple having dinner at a hotel they had always wanted to visit. It was a special occasion since they were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

She had always been stunning, but, since the birth of their daughter two years before, she had developed an innner glow of completeness that made heads turn wherever she went. He had outgrown his tall, gangly, puppy dog look and was truly handsome with just the right touch of severity about him to cause men to automatically be respectful and women to feel exhilarated and embarrassingly damp. The amazing thing was that they had eyes for no others. Their love was complete and with their daughter they had formed a world of contentment and happiness.

Perhaps that was why he was so stunned when he looked up and saw the most beautiful, seductive, exotic woman he had ever seen being seated at a table directly across from him. As her escort held her chair for her, the young man watched the curve of her body as she lowered herself to the chair. It was apparent that she was slim and athletic, but, she was also amazingly graceful, almost feline in her movements. As he watched her with undisguised admiration, he felt a growing sense of lust as the muscles of her fine legs flexed, adding to their beauty. He saw the arch of her back which caused her magnificent breasts to thrust out to his delight. But, the most thrilling moment came as he saw the shape of her ass as it was about to touch the cushion of the chair. At that moment he had an almost overwhelming desire to be that chair cushion.

Suddenly he realized what he was doing and returned his attention to his wife. He was slightly upset by what had just happened since it was so unlike him. He had always been attracted to and appreciative of beauty, but, not even with his wife had he ever experienced such a powerful surge of pure lust. He looked at his wife and felt the calm of their love and the anticipation of the remainder of the night. They had left their daughter with her grandparents and flown to the city for the weekend to luxuriate in each other and experience the thrill of a whole weekend of sex and indulgence. This meal was but the first of many delights they expected to enjoy this night.

He was a little surprised when he found that he could not keep from stealing little glances at the beautiful young woman. Every time he looked at her he felt this small inner thrill that was slowly building in intensity. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, but, he could not stop. His imagination began to control him and he started to fall into a slight daydream, while still upholding his end of the conversation with his wife. Luckily, this was not much of a problem since she seemed to be somewhat lost in her own thoughts. So, feeling only slightly guilty, he allowed his thoughts to drift.

Suddenly, as he was admiring the beauty of this magnificent creature, she turned and looked deep into his eyes. He felt a shock as though he had stuck his finger into a live electrical outlet. The shock of that look ran through his body with a feeling that was almost painful in its intensity. Then she gave him a slight, but powerful, smile. Seeing the invitation in that smile and feeling the pull of his own desire he found himself standing and walking towards her. As he approached, he watched her turn back to focus her attention on her escort. That exposed her lovely neck and without concious thought he reached out and softly stroked the back of her neck with his fingertips.

He could not believe his outrageous behavior and turned to flee back to his wife. However, as he turned he saw that no one was paying any attention to his actions. Not his wife, the other diners, the serving staff, not even her escort. As he tunred and looked down at her he understood that somehow she was the only person who was aware of him in any way. She looked up and him and smiled that marvelously seductive smile and he saw a slight shiver run through her body. That was too much for him and he felt himself falling into a pool of hot, wet, lust. He reached out again and softly touched her hair as he bent to place a gentle kiss on the back of her neck. She smelled and tasted so delightful that he was immediately consumed by hunger for her. She, meanwhile, continued to sit stoically staring at the table in front of her. But, he knew that she was excited by the rapidity of her breathing. The rise and fall of her breasts was exciting him even more. He no longer cared about anything but possessing her now. He lowered his lips again to the back of her neck and began to place soft slow little kisses along the back and sides of her neck, then down her back to the top of her low cut dress. She said nothing and made not a move except for the increase in her breathing.

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