Sharing Friends

by Dave Goodwin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two couples spend an evening together which envolves unplanned sex.

At last it was 5 o'clock, and Tracy was more than ready to go home. The events of her day in the office had taken its toll on her and she wanted to go home and relax. During the day her computer had crashed four times, the fire alarm had been set off, and the Regional Manager had paid an unannounced visit.

Tracy was 35 years of age, and had been married for 7 years to her husband Pete. At 35 Tracy was in great shape, having not had any kids had been a blessing to her well-kept body. Being 5'8" tall and blonde with ample 36DD breasts always got her a lot of attention when she went out. Pete, her husband was three years older than Tracy and was also in good shape, having a well proportioned body with rippling muscles from playing a lot of sport and being a builder just added to his physical activities.

Tracy left her office at the Marketing Company she was now a senior member of, and drove home in her Mercedes convertible. When she finally got home from over an hour of crawling through traffic jams, Tracy opened the door expecting to find Pete in the kitchen preparing their evening meal. She called out for him and was surprised not to get an answer. After checking the shed to make sure he wasn't putting tools away she rang his mobile to find out where he was.

Tracy was relieved it was actually switched on for a change when Pete answered the phone on the 4th ring. Pete explained to his wife that Martin, his business partner and best friend had got them a huge contract today and they were going over the plans at the pub, and that he would be home shortly with a take-away.

Tracy thought she'd make the most of the time on her own and took a bottle of wine into the bathroom and ran a soothing bath. Lying back she soon began to unwind and feel herself return to a calm, relaxed state, and the wine began to make her feel lightheaded and horny. Tracy began washing herself down with a bar of soap, noticing how erect her nipples were, and how sensitive her clit was as she washed. The smooth feeling of her soapy hands was beginning to send shivers through her body as she fantasized of her husband returning home and screwing hard in the bath. Her fingers rubbed hard on her nipples as she plunged her others into her gaping pussy, feeling her juices smothering her fingers. In her mind she could see herself sucking Pete's hard, throbbing cock and fondling his heavy balls, watching the look of lust and desire form in her mind, all the while fucking herself into a frenzy. As her breathing got heavier, and her breasts were heaving up and down, she could feel her body coming to the brink of an earth moving orgasm, then the spell was broken when she heard laughter coming from downstairs.

Coming out of her aroused state she quickly got dressed into joggers and a T-shirt, swearing as she slipped on the wooden flooring. Making her way downstairs Tracy automatically recognized the voices of Martin and his wife Shelly; Pete had bought them home with him to celebrate over some Chinese and drinks.

Tracy was pleased to see Shelly; they had become very good friends over the last five years and were like sisters to one another.

Pete told Tracy that Martin and Shelly were going to stay over, as it was a weekend, so they would both be able to drink without worrying about getting home. They all sat down to eat in the Dining room, talking about the new contract, and discussing the financial benefits the job would give them all. The Business was set to make £3.000.000 net profit over a period of 18 months.

After eating the Chinese food they retired to the living room to chat in comfort. As the drink flowed freely they talked about one thing after another, from work issues to cars, to holidays.

When all their glasses were empty again, Pete asked if anyone fancied something stronger to drink, they all readily agreed to shoot vodka. Pete said he'd go and get the drinks and Tracy left the room with him to go to the bathroom. When Tracy came back downstairs she saw Pete was still in the kitchen getting Ice, so she sneaked up behind him and held him whispering in his ear that she was ready for bed and explained that they'd interrupted her earlier on. He turned around with a grin on his face and gave her a long kiss, fondling her neck and, dancing a hand over her breasts. As he caressed her he felt her nipples come to life and protrude through her thin T-shirt. Sensing that her husband was also getting turned on Tracy started rubbing the growing bulge in his trousers. Pete was the first to pull away from the embrace and say they'd better get back to their guests, as they would be wondering where they had gone.

Tracy helped Pete carry the drinks through to the living room, but stood behind him in the doorway, as he came to a halt.

They both watched silently as Martin thrust his solid cock into the back of his wife's throat with hot desire. Shelly was working her lips up and down her husbands hard 9" tool, whilst rubbing her own cunt through her jeans. Pete and Tracy stood open-mouthed observing the porn like scene in their living room, stunned by the openness of their friends. As Martins Breathing became heavier it was clear that his orgasm was approaching, as was Shelly's. Her hand had moved inside her jeans and she was frantically fingering her slit.

As Shelly felt her husbands cock begin to grow to the point of exploding in her mouth she looked up and her eyes locked with Pete's. Noticing a distraction Martin looked round and also noticed his friends stood in the doorway. Nobody said a word, the room went silent, and no one knew what to say.

After watching Martins monster cock retreat from his wife's mouth, Tracy broke the silence and said, "you two were as horny as us then".

Martin laughed and said that they'd wondered what was taking them so long. Shelly didn't see the funny side of it and pushed past her hosts out of the room, crying. Martin started to apologize and the couple told him to forget about it, and Tracy went to go and find Shelly.

After searching the Bathroom and the Guests bedroom Tracy found Shelly in the conservatory having a cigarette. Her eyes were red and her nose was running. Tracy gave Shelly a tissue, and put her arm around her, telling her to stop crying. Sniffling, Shelly kept saying over and over how sorry she was, and that she'd never done anything like that before. She went on to tell her best friend how Her and Martin hadn't had sex for a couple of months because he was having a bad reaction to some treatment for diabetes. And had not been able to get an erection, but had got hard when he went to the kitchen and saw Pete and Tracy petting each other.

Tracy told Shelly not to worry about what they had done, and said that she was glad that they had helped in a way, and that they had looked really hot together. Shelly finally smiled and Tracy told her to finish her cigarette then to come and have some more to drink.

Tracy went back into the living room and joined her husband and friend, and explained that Shelly would be back in a minute.

In ten minutes they were all listening to UB40 and downing straight Vodka, laughing and joking about their sexual escapades. The conversation turned more serious again when Tracy said that her friends looked like real porn stars, and that they should have filmed themselves. She didn't expect her shy friend to suggest that they got the film camera out so Tracy and Pete could film her and Martin having sex.

The room went silent and they all had a shot of Vodka as if they needed it before Martin looked at Pete and nodded in agreement to his wife's idea. Pete said he'd go and get the camcorder from upstairs and that he'd be back in 5 minutes.

Martin crossed the room and joined his wife and Tracy on the large three-seat sofa, and sat down between them. Shelly leaned round and started kissing her husband, sliding her tongue into his mouth, and exploring his inner depths. Martin responded readily, letting his own tongue move with Shelly's. It didn't take long for Shelly to get turned on again so she started rubbing her husbands cock through his trousers, hoping it wouldn't stay soft for long; she wasn't disappointed because before their kissing had finished Martins manhood had developed a serious hard-on. Tracy sat there and watched her friends silently, whilst feeling herself get wetter and wetter by the minute. It wasn't long before Martin had undone Shelly's blouse and had released her breasts from their harness, and was molding them in his hands, gently rolling the nipples and giving them an occasional tweak, making them poke out proud and erect. Shelly thought it was her turn to feel so flesh in her hands and finally showed Tracy what she was itching to see, Martins 9" cock. Tracy was drooling when it was pulled out of Martins trousers. Pete's cock was about 8 inches long but about half the width of the monster in front of her friend's face. Shelly wrapped her hands around the piece of meat and started to slowly pull on it, helping it to continue to grow in her hands. Shelly looked at Tracy and said "nice cock hu"! Not knowing weather to take it as a statement or a question Tracy just nodded at her friend, staring all the time at the giant erection. "I think Tracy likes your wants your cock, love," Shelly said to her Husband. Martin looked at Tracy and then back at his wife. "I think you're right honey, her mouth is dribbling." Shelly bent down and started kissing her Husbands tool, wetting it with her saliva, and then she looked up at Tracy and said, "there's enough meat here for you to eat to Trace." Tracy couldn't believe that her friend was inviting her to suck on her Husbands cock. She bent down also and joined Shelly on licking up and down Martins tool.

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