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Desc: Sex Story: This is a description of the first time I cheated. I was embarrassed when I felt Mike's hand on my knee, but I was afraid to make a scene. After all, Mike is Sammy's boss. Sammy still doesn't know what I did that night.

My husband and I were thrilled when he finally got a job at a big Wall Street brokerage. It was something we had been working toward for years, and the money was really good. It was a welcome relief to both of us because his student years had been so tough. For his twenty-seventh birthday I decided to do something special for him, and reserved a room at a very nice hotel, and a table at one of New York's finest restaurants. To get him ready for it, I picked out a very revealing outfit from a specialty store. It was a very short red mini-skirt, with slits on the sides, and a white half-shirt, which I left mostly unbuttoned, with a lacy black bra underneath.

I took a cab to his office tower and enjoyed the looks of his co-workers when I made my way to his desk. Trying to be as sexy as possible, I leaned over his desk to kiss him. I wanted every man there to be as jealous as possible. My husband seemed surprised to see me but quickly recovered when I reminded him of our plans. He said he had to check in with his boss, but then we'd be on our way.

His boss turned out to be a big handsome man named "Mike." Sam had told me Mike was a former bond-trader who was said to have made a killing in the eighties. He was also said to own an island in the Caribbean, as well as his own private jet.

"Mike wants to take us out for drinks, honey," he said. "It will be a chance for you to meet some of the partners."

I was worried about our reservations, but it was obviously important to Sam that I go along, so I agreed. Mike made no pretense about checking me out as Sam introduced us. He was a very forward man, good looking, but obviously someone who was used to getting what he wanted.

There were eight of us when we finally got to the bar. It was a blues bar, and there was a band playing on a little stage in front. We sat in a booth in back, and had to squeeze to get in. Mike sat next to me, and another partner (a much younger man) sat on my other side. My husband wound up sitting on the other end, next to Frank, another associate. The two of them got drinks for us. At first I ordered a Shirley Temple, but Mike insisted I have something stronger.

The partners were very friendly. Mike and the other man, Junior, leaned in very close to talk to me and seemed very interested in what I had to say. Junior was much younger, almost my age, and also good looking. I tried to make a good impression on both of them, since they were both partners at my husband's company.

The men drank very fast and encouraged me to do the same. It seemed like as soon as Sam finished serving one round of drinks, they would send him for another.

Mike told me Sam was very lucky to have such a beautiful wife as me, and asked if I dressed this way all the time. I told them it was only for special occasions. When they asked me what the occasion was, I told them about our plans to finally have a baby, and about how we hoped to get started that night.

The talk became more sexual after that. They asked me questions about my sexual experiences, about my relationship with Sam, and about whether I enjoyed the looks I got from men in the clothes I was wearing. I found myself talking very openly with them. I told them about my first time (it had been with Sam), about the other man I had been with (even Sam didn't know about that!), and admitted to them I liked the way the clothes made me feel when men looked at me. I even told them how I had never had a man in my mouth, though I sometimes let Sam go down on me and how he very much wanted me to do the same for him. Mike told me I was being silly not to open myself up to oral sex. He said if I tried it I might like it more than I thought. I promised him I'd think about what he said.

While I was talking I felt Mike's hand on my thigh. He said he was very pleased with Sam's performance at the company, and he hoped both of us would be comfortable there. I thanked him and smiled, even though I was very uncomfortable with his hand on my bare leg like that.

He smiled back at me and I felt his fingers begin tracing a line on the inside of my thigh. It was very erotic, though also nerve wracking. I glanced at my husband again, but he did not catch my eye. "We think Sam might qualify for a share in the year-end bonus, Jenny," he said. I nodded, ashamed of myself for letting my husband's boss touch me like that. He continued talking to me about Sammy's prospects, but his hand became more and more forward under the table. I wanted to get up and move away, but somehow I didn't. I told myself it was not worth making a scene.

Then I felt his fingers touch me through my panties. I started, but he had his hand on my shoulder and stopped me. "Relax, Jenny," he said, "you're not hurting anybody. Just relax and enjoy it." I did relax a little. His fingers began to gently caress me there. "You're a beautiful woman, Jenny," he said, "you really should loosen up. Your husband would like that. I'll bet he doesn't even realize how lucky he is to have a beautiful woman like you in his bed every night."

Turning to Junior, he asked, "What kind of panties do you think she's wearing?"

Junior smiled at me. "I'm sure they're something sexy," he said. I felt his fingers touch my knee. The men continued talking about my panties, and I couldn't help but react to what they were doing to me. It was incredibly erotic to have two men caressing me, although I was embarrassed and humiliated that I was letting them touch me so openly. I glanced at my husband again, but he still wasn't paying attention. They maneuvered my legs even further apart. I didn't try to stop them. Mike's hand found my clitoris and he was gently stroking me there under the table. "I think she's taking my advice," he said. I realized I had been moving my hips against his hand and stopped myself. The men sitting closer to us were all looking at me. I looked for Sam, but he gotten up and gone somewhere.

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