My First Woman-Woman Experience

by Jerry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ok, I'm a guy and I wrote this from my wife's perspective but it is a true story and she said I captured HER feelings perfectly. I know I sure enjoyed my first FMF.

Bob, my husband, and I had talked about putting some variety in our sex life for some time. We fantasized about many things while making love. One story though, kept repeating itself in theme but with different settings. I slowly figured out Bob was a voyeur and wanted to watch me with another man or woman. He didn't care which or even if he joined in. We played that he hid in the closet and watched me and another man. When I joined in with these fantasies, his passion was untiring. The more we talked about it, the more excited I became to act out our thoughts for real. I consented to have a threesome with a woman friend of ours whom we believed could be persuaded.

I talked with her over several meetings and we always got around to talking about sex in some form. Slowly, the topic came out and she indicated her consent to join us at our home. This is how the evening went:

My husband is very quiet and gentle, not pushy. He orchestrated the whole evening between us and our woman friend. He made a light dinner of salad, French bread, and wine. He had a small fire going in the fireplace (this was last March), nice music on the stereo and the lights down. We started with a foot massage using unscented almond oil and went to her back then turned Susan over. By that time she was very ready for anything.

Susan's eyes were closed and Bob and I were silent using hand and eye signals to

communicate. While doing her breasts and belly with the oil, we-at the same

exact time-bent over and took a nipple between out lips. Susan just took in a deep breath and lay very still. Bob then stayed with Susan's breasts and had me move my hands down to her thighs. She parted her legs just a little and raised up; I slipped off her panties. She had been covered with a sheet when we started.

Bob reached down and gently parted her labia and indicated with his head for me to go down on her. I hesitated for a moment not sure. He bent over, kissed me, then whispered in my ear that I and Susan would love it, trust him. I did, and I DID! Her vagina was moist, the firelight dancing in her silky moistness. Her smell was at once strange and intoxicating. She smelled of the sea, like me but different somehow. I've tasted myself many times and not found the experience particularly enjoyable, just neutral. But it was the scent of her sex that pulled my head down, that forced my tongue from my mouth to taste her, to feel the satin smooth inner lips. I explored her with my fingers, finally inserting three into her. I finger fucked her fast for a moment then, leaving my fingers in, I bent to her clit and licked it fast and hard. She bucked her hips up to meet my mouth and I became ecstatic with the sounds coming from her. Her vaginal walls gripped my fingers and spasmed. I was actually going to suck off a woman and I was thrilled! I didn't even know Bob was in the room, I was lost in Susan's woman-sex. My other hand went up to her breasts and pinched her nipples. She came with a powerful thrust of her hips. My fingers were clamped tightly together by her cunt muscles. I could feel mine hug Bob's cock when we fucked but had no idea it was so powerful. When her climax was over, I gently put her legs down and together then we covered her with the sheet so she wouldn't get chilled.

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