Four Friends and A Camper

by Jerry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Swinging, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Four friends spend a day and night together enjoying their first swaping experience. The author fulfills a long desire to watch his wife being fucked. True story.

Kathleen and I are in our mid 30's married happily for over 8 years. Last year, we bought a 26ft camping trailer. We have enjoyed the peace of wooded campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest using the trailer only to sleep in. We always build a fire outside for cooking and sit around it until time for bed. Making love to the owls hooting at night or to the song birds in the morning has been wonderful. One trip though will be remembered forever. That was the weekend we were joined by our good friends Allen and Linda.

We pulled the trailer in and set it up in the early afternoon on Saturday. Then we hiked and lunched by the lake. We talked and made a fire just enjoying each other's company. Linda is a svelte brunette with lovely, big dark blue eyes. Allen is light and a real charmer, witty and competitive. Kathleen, my wife, is blond with Nordic ice blue eyes that capture you. I'm average in everything I guess but have enjoyed many wonderful encounters with women so I must have something going for me.

We ate dinner prepared in the campfire coals then sat looking into the dancing embers as the night chill began closing in. As the fire burned down, it could no longer hold back the cold and we went into the trailer. There, sitting around the table, Allen spotted a deck of cards and asked if we wanted to play. Kathleen, my wife, said with a twitter that she had never played strip poker and maybe we could since we were such good friends and all. Linda hesitated answering but after Allen and I jumped in that we thought it was a great idea, she agreed but only if by candlelight.

I lit one candle in the center of the table. The flame cast sensuous, dancing shadows on the walls and our faces. I dealt the cards. It took about 40 minutes for us to loose all our cloths. I noticed that the last thing my wife took off was her panties while the last thing for Linda was her bra. Kathleen is well endowed and very proud of her breasts. Linda's are small but absolutely gorgeous standing firm with large nipples. Allen couldn't take his eyes off Kathleen's chest as we played. When we were all totally nude, I suggested a game I had learned years before.

I blew out the candle and it was quite dark. Since Kathleen had been the last to loose her cloths, she was declared the winner and became the first subject. She stood perfectly still, arms to her side. The rest of us used our hands to gently touch her all over very lightly. Have you ever had 6 hands touching you at once? Since she was my wife I was more aggressive about touching her breasts and between her legs but it was just light enough that I could tell Linda from Allen and noticed with a thrill when each one of them stroked Kathleen's breasts or thighs.

We each had a turn at being the center of attention. As we warmed up to our game, we became more bold. Allen was second and I watched Kathleen play with his cock several times as we moved around him. We were supposed to keep our eyes closed when being touched; I peeked when it was my turn to be touched. I'm sure they did also. I noticed everyone's breathing becoming heavier. I smelled my wife's perfume behind me so I knew it was Linda who lightly tongued my cock for a second. Allen touched me also as I had him. At one point, Kathleen whispered in my ear, "I like this game, let's do everything."

Then it was Linda's turn to be touched. I felt her breasts and hard nipples. I put my hand between her thighs to move them apart a little but they were already apart. On my next pass around her, I slipped two fingers between her pussy lips and encountered copious wetness that had coated and could be felt on the inside of one thigh. Her sex smelled like heaven. I saw Kathleen put her hand into Linda's crotch. I couldn't see well enough to know just what she was doing but found out when, a few moments later, Kathleen put two fingers under my nose then in my mouth. She was really into this.

I saw Kathleen kissing Allen and could just make out her hand on his cock and his hands caressing her tits. I couldn't let Linda be alone so I knelt and, parting her legs more, got my tongue as far into her as I could. She ran her fingers through my hair and, in a moment, pulled my head to her and began to fuck my mouth. She climaxed powerfully. As I stood up, my cock was against her belly; her cool skin felt wonderful against the heat of my manhood. We hugged. Linda's back was to the sofa but I could see that Kathleen had sat down and Allen was standing in front of her. I couldn't see but guessed that she was sucking him as he played with her full boobs.

I wanted to fuck Linda so bad my balls were starting to ache. Then, as I was thinking how to get Linda to bend over the counter or follow me to the bed, I saw Kathleen and Allen trade places. He sat on the sofa and she straddled him lowering herself onto his rigid cock. They were oblivious to Linda and me. I knew Kathleen had always wanted Allen and was happy she was finally getting her wish. But I wanted Linda and wanted her NOW! I was afraid if I took her hand to lead her to the bedroom she might change her mind. I held her tightly to me and moved around her, bent down a little and placed my cock between her thighs from behind.

Linda didn't hesitate. She took a step forward and bent over presenting her sex to me and, when I entered her vagina, moved back against me. I gripped her hips and began thrusting. She was sopping wet and we made wonderful squishy noises as we fucked. About a minute before I came, I heard Allen come and I looked around to see him lifting Kathleen off the sofa with powerful thrusts of his cock in my wife. She too, was moaning and urging him on. When I recognized the characteristic sounds she makes when climaxing, I shot my semen deep into Linda. She humped back against me and went rigid with her own orgasm.

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