Birthday Cum Laude

by Pearl Diver

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: My husband helped me live out my favorite fantasy!

Ever since my first handjob with my high school boyfriend, I've loved men's cum. I remember like it was yesterday, fishing my boyfriend's stiff prick out of his pants and stroking it up and down. When a huge streak of jizz shot up my arm, I was fascinated by the stuff. While he gasped for air in the driver's seat, I studied it carefully, getting enormously excited by the smell and feel of it. The urge to lick it off my arm was almost unbearable, but I didn't do it on that occasion. Later, yes, I ate a lot of cum. But not that first time.

Lucky for me, my husband, Rob, has the biggest cum loads of any man I've ever seen. I love it when he fills my mouth with his cum, and I love it when he shoots it all over my body. My favorite treat is when he comes home after travelling for business - Rob doesn't even jerk off while he's gone, so he always has a huge load saved up for me when he gets back. Getting one of these enormous sperm baths after a week of saving up never fails to get me cumming buckets myself!

My favorite sex fantasy, the one I always use when I masturbate, is to be surrounded by dozens of naked men, all of them jerking off their big stiff pricks. The thought of all those cocks spraying their cream all over my naked, heaving body never fails to bring me to a thigh- crushing orgasm. Several years ago, I mentioned my fantasy to Rob, but he just laughed - he didn't think I was serious.

My birthday was coming up, and much to my disappointment, Rob was scheduled to be out of town. So I was feeling a little down. I was looking forward to his return, since he promised me a special celebration when he got back, but it was still my birthday, and I still had nothing going on. I was resigned to going home after work, taking a bath, and frigging myself to my favorite fantasy. It wasn't my first choice of a way to spend my special day, but it wasn't my last, either!

So imagine my shock when I walked in the front door of our house to a big group of people yelling "Surprise!" And in the middle was Rob, grinning like the Cheshire cat. The house was decorated with balloons and streamers and we proceeded to have a rock roaring party.

There were seven couples at the party, and a kind of weird crowd. A few couples were close friends, and a few others were casual acquaintances. But there were also a few complete strangers to me. Why Rob would invite someone I didn't know to my birthday was a mystery. But they were a fun-loving crowd. The party turned into a real whammer- jammer.

We drank and danced and opened presents and ate cake for several hours. I was having a great time, but it was getting late, so I was disappointed when Rob turned down the music and gathered everyone into the living room for a toast. I figured this was the beginning of the end of the evening. But at least when everyone left, I could get Rob back in the bedroom and fuck his brains out! I couldn't wait to get a huge load of Rob's cum in my horny cunt!

Rob made a beautiful toast that had me all teary-eyed by the time he was done. We drank and I hugged him and everyone ahh-ed, but before I could give him a kiss, he gently pushed me away. "And we have one last present for the birthday girl!" he announced, and everyone cheered loudly. They sat me down in a chair in the middle of the room. I didn't have the slightest idea what was going on, but there was an air of nervous expectation in the room.

What did these people have up their sleeves?

Rob took a tape out of his shirt pocket and put it on the stereo. "Evelyn," he said, "we've put together a little show for you. I think you'll like it." And then the music blared out, loud, raucous rock and roll, followed by a huge cheer from all my friends. And then, two of the men leapt out in front of me and started dancing.

They were Fred and Ian. Fred is a good friend, married to my best friend Sally. Ian I didn't know, but I was getting quite an eyeful from this dance! They had a whole routine choreographed, with lots of suggestive hip thrusts in my direction. I never knew Fred was such a great dancer! Everyone cheered and clapped and hollered.

When Fred and Ian started taking off their shirts, I became hugely embarrassed. I'm sure I turned five shades of red. But they danced along with their shirts off while the crowd cheered and clapped.

When their pants came off, I was too nervous, embarrassed, and excited to do much more than stare slack-jawed. How far was this going? I had to admit Fred and Ian looked awfully good in their boxers!

When they teased down their shorts, I knew I was in for something way out of the ordinary. Everyone hooted and hollered and soon I had two naked men shaking their butts and dicks at me. I got so turned on I almost reached out and grabbed them!

But I didn't get the chance, because the music changed and the guys backed away to be replaced by Jack and Lydia. I didn't know them too well, but they were a gorgeous couple. They danced very sexily to a slow number, grinding against each other, and after a short time, Lydia started taking Jack's shirt off. Jack was very muscular and beautifully tanned, and it was very sexy to watch Lydia rubbing up against his bare chest. The real shocker, though, was when she worked his pants down, leaving him in nothing but a little g-string. And boy did he fill out his g-string! It looked like he had an orange in there! They danced that way for quite a while, giving everyone lots of looks at Jack's gorgeous butt. And finally, Lydia pulled off his g- string, while his back was to me. They danced close for a few moments, but I couldn't see what Jack's dick was like because Lydia was so close to him. And finally, as the music faded, she pulled away to show off the biggest limp cock I've ever seen. It must have been seven inches long and very fat.

I didn't get much chance to gawk, because the music changed and Joe started his dance. Joe and Sara are friends who are into the swinging scene. Rob and I never did anything with them, but we've heard a lot of far out stories. In any case, Joe was not much of a dancer, but he had a great time stumbling about as he stripped out of his clothes. He had a pretty nice body it turned out! His dick was pretty big, too, but not nearly as big as Jack's.

The next dancer was a real pro, Sam, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was a male stripper somewhere. He really worked it, building up a heavy sweat and bumping and grinding all over the place. I didn't know him at all before that night, and I'll bet Rob got him just for this show. He had a real beef cake body, too, although not quite as muscular as Rick, and he had only average equipment when his g-string finally came off. But a very professional and horny performance!

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