Fun Time

by Lost Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: True story about my latest playmate. This is an on-going adventure in sex with her.

Chapter 1

We had been flirting on and off online for days. I asked if she wanted to come over and play. She told me she would have to check. When I got back online, there was a note saying she could. I sent her directions. It didn't take her long to get to the house. Her hair was still damp from her shower that she took before she left her house.

After a short tour of the house, we headed into one of the spare bedrooms. I pulled her close and kissed her deep. Our lips met, tongues touching. My hands roamed across her chest, feeling her nipples underneath the fabric of her shirt. It was clear that she was braless. Her hands dropped to my pants and she felt my hard cock under my jeans.

After the kiss broke I removed her shirt and felt her pert tits. Each of her long nipples were pierced with a silver ring. I kissed and sucked on each of her nipples, my tongue playing with the silver rings. My fingers rolled her nipples as I heard her softly moan.

She removed my shirt and her hands found my nipples. Kay leaned over and started sucking on my nipples. I could feel her teeth against my nipples as she gently nipped at them.

We were soon nekid on the bed. She moved to take my cock in her mouth. Her tongue moved against my shaft and I could feel her tongue ring moved against my cock. I watched her sucking my cock. Ever now and then she would glance up and our eyes would meet. The expression on her face was one of intent, making sure she was giving me pleasure and I returned the expression showing that she was giving me great pleasure.

My cock was hard and throbbing and I was ready to fuck her. I gently repositioned myself so I could enter her. She was on her back, legs spread as I gently slid my cock into her very wet bare pussy. My fingers toyed with her nipples rings as I felt her tighten her pussy around my cock. I continued to fuck, slowly at first, and then faster. It was difficult not to cum, I wanted the experience to continue as long as I could.

It was apparent that if I continued to fuck her I would come, so I slipped out of her and moved my head between her legs. I kissed and caressed skin of her inner legs before moving to her pussy. I could see the ring that pierced the hood of her clit. My lips touched her pussy and I immediately tasted her, it was delicious. I devoured her, licking and nibbling away. I wanted her to cum, I needed to make her cum. Remembering from the first time we had been together how she screamed and moaned made me want to give her that pleasure again. She writhed as I held her hips and licked at her clit. My tongue danced around. Kay thrusted and moved her pussy at my tongue, directing me to her points of pleasure. Soon I was rewarded by giving her the pleasure that she wanted.

She pulled me up and toyed with my cock to get me hard again. She wanted, she needed to be fucked. Her kisses and caressed soon had me hard again and I mount her again. The feel of my cock slipping into her was total pleasure. The look on Kay's face told me she felt the same way.

We fucked slowly and then hard and continued to repeat the process. Her hands found my nipples and she aggressively played with them. She enjoyed watching the expressions on my face as she twisted and pulled on them. She brought me to the brink of cuming and then backed off. She leaned forward and took one and then the other into her mouth, biting and sucking the nipple. She sensed that I was on the verge of no return, I was about to cum and she did everything in her power to make that happen. Her fingers twisting my nipples caused the lines between pain and pleasure to blur. My cock erupted, shooting cum out over her belly.

I leaned down and kissed her. Our tongues played and danced against each other. Our fingers caressed each other bodies. Soon I slipped between her legs again to taste her one more time. This time she wanted to suck on me as I sucked on her. I swung my body around soon she could take my cock into her mouth as I licked and nibbled on her clit. As my tongue worked on her clit, I toyed with her ass. Soon I had slipped a finger into her rear as I pushed my lips around her clit, exposing it to my flicking of my tongue. Kay sucked and licked my cock. I could feel her tongue ring against the shaft of my cock as she took me completely into her mouth.

After making her cum again I moved my head from between her legs so that I could enter her sweet pussy. I rubbed my cock against her bare slit. I could feel her clit ring against the tip of my hardon. I pushed the head of my cock into her and then quickly pushed it completely into her. The pace was fast and furious. The passion, the need was great. The look on her face was one to remember. It didn't take long for me to cum again.

I was spent from our encounter, but sensed that Kay could have continued for hours. This is something that we will have to explore in the future. She needed to get home and after a short while of holding each other, she got up and took a shower. I watched her dry off and get dressed. I guess the smile on my face betrayed my thoughts as I walked her to her car. We promised to do this again when time and opportunity favored it. I am looking forward to that moment.

Chapter 2

We had chatted on-line and had made the date. The drive to her house was quick, less than 30 minutes. I parked the truck and went to the door. The moon was up and full. She answered the door dressed in T-shirt & panties, her hair down around her shoulders. Upon entering the house I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our lips met and tongues played with each other.

We moved to the couch and continued our intimate kissing and fondling. I felt Kay's tits though the thin fabric of the T-shirt. I toyed with her nipple rings. I broke the kiss to pull her shirt off giving me full access to her lovely breasts. A gold metal ring pierced each of her nipples. My mouth was drawn to the rings. I took each of her of nipples into my mouth sucking them hard. I used my tongue to toy with each nipple ring. Kay was busy running her hands over my chest, stopping frequently to pinch and tug on my nipples.

Kay pushed away from me.

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