My Nasty Honeymoon

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2001 by Linda Jean

Sex Story: After the wedding we went on a trip to be alone on the lake in a rented house boat. We wanted to start off our marriage with a week of nothing but sex, I never dreamed I would end up being raped and gang-banged

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   True Story   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Bill and I where married five days ago. It was a big wedding with all of our family and friends being there.

All went well and they now found themselves on a houseboat alone in a slow moving river enjoying the privacy of our first days of marriage together. Our honeymoon had been wonderful so far. It was worth the wait (the sex part.) We were cooking for each other, eating and drinking, playing and making love this was the third day and we made love hour after hour the last three days in the privacy of the houseboat that was rented for our honeymoon by my parents. The weather had been sunny and the river was calm and we just drifted around the anchor. We gently drifting this morning after making love for the third time. Bill felt we should go ashore to buy some supplies. I begged off, (I needed some sleep, he was such an animal) I told him I would just relax and for him to take his time I told him I just needed to rest up.

Kissing Bill goodbye, I watched as he headed off toward a jetty in the rented speedboat to buy our supplies. Once Bill had left, I tidied up the boat and then decided to freshen up with a swim and a little nap. The river was calm and wide, with gentle bends so after checking the view I decided to go for a swim naked. After all we had the river all to our selves. I slipped out off my robe and I was proud of my young, firm figure.

I wandered out onto the deck and then dived into the water. It wasn't too cold but soon I did get some goose bumps. I swam around and played alone in the water expressing my contentment and happiness after marrying my love, Bill. After about 10 minutes (I'm just guessing) I swam toward the houseboat again and climbed up the ladder. Water ran down my body as I left the water. My breasts are firm and my nipples where very hard from the fresh water. With the heat of the sun shining on me, I decided to lay down in the sun for a while.

I spread a towel on the timber deck and laid out in the sun face down to let the heat soak into my back. It was so relaxing after all the stress and excitement of the past few days, I was glad I was a Virgin for Bill and I just loved his cock. It did hurt at first just like mom said it would but God, after that little bit of pain went away, it was pure heaven. We would make love, then we would talk, eat and make love some more. Day dreaming about all of this I soon fell asleep.

I was dreaming (a sexy dream of course) and I woke up with a start to the noise of guys on Jet Ski's racing up the river. I laid low and watched them zoom around on the water for a while. It suddenly occurred to me that I was bare assed naked in the sun and I moved to cover myself. I watched some more as the guys did tricks in the water. The droning of the Jet Ski's and the warm sun I closed my eyes and just relaxed.

I guess that the guys finely noticed the houseboat and they must have moved closer. (I am guessing again since my eyes were closed. Eventually one of them must have noticed me lying on the deck. I could hear someone say "Hey guys", "we aren't alone... there's a babe sunning herself on that house boat."

It was then that I knew I should have darted up and inside the first time I spotted them. I have always been proud of my body and I would love to drive Bill and all the other boys crazy by showing it off. However (I need to tell you) only Bill has seen me completely naked. I then heard a voice yell out "Hey Tony, Lets check out the talent", replied another. With that I could hear them head over closer to the houseboat. They were circling it as it gently drifted in the center of the river on the anchor. I just laid there hoping they would take their look and then go away.

I opened my eyes only to see a guy quite close to the boat staring at me as he glided past on his Jet Ski. It startled me, I knew I had to do something, I felt like the best thing to do would be to just brush it off. I got up and pulled the towel up to try and cover myself. I was facing these strangers totally naked and looking rosy from the heat and moist from sweat. I guess the guys liked what they saw, but then why shouldn't they I am lovely and have a great body.

One man spun around and headed his Jet Ski closer to me, I knew he was about to speak. I clutched a towel and tried to look composed.

"Howdy!" called the man.

"Hi", I replied.

"Working on your tan?" he asked me.

"Yes", I called back, trying frantically to make up something for being caught naked like this.

"What brings you to these parts ?" he asked

"My husband and I are on a honeymoon", I replied.

"Oh, I see and who's the lucky guy ?"

I replied, "His name is Bill, but he's not onboard right now, he has gone to get some more supplies."

The man's eyes sparkled at the opportunity of finding a young inexperienced female alone in an isolated spot on the river and moved up close to me.

"You want to ride?" he asked.

"I don't think so, thanks." I replied.

"If Bill came back and found me with you guys I would be in all sorts of trouble, but thanks anyway."

The man's eyes locked with mine as he replied, "You're already in trouble, don't you think honey?"

I looked for some one to help me, I looked everywhere only to see him and his two friends, there just was no one else around to see or hear my cries for help for miles.

With beads of sweat starting on my forehead I asked, "What ever do you mean, what sort of trouble am I in?" Although I feared the answer as I asked the question I was trying to play this all off. The man said, "You are a pretty lady baby my friends and I want to get to know you a hole lot better if you understand my meaning."

"I don't think that would be possible." I said.

"Sure it's possible"; he said, "what's to stop us?" I glared at him and said, "I think you should leave now." with that I turned my back on them and covered myself with a towel. As I started to walk away I heard a jet-ski go quiet and the thud as someone climbed aboard the boat. I was scared. My heart started to race and I was in a panic.

"Get off my boat! I screamed but as I did the other jet ski's went quiet and the other two guys climbed aboard. They were quite wet from their antics and obviously pumped from all the activity.

"Come on Honey ", the man said, "you should be more friendly with strangers out here all alone."

He moved close to me and I could see how large he was. I only came up to his shoulders, glancing down I could see his swim trunks were full with a cock just busting to get out. Just then my mind flashed back to one of those talks with Bill and I had just yesterday. It was one of those talks about our life together, having kids, what to do if some one tries to car jack us, or rob us and yes we talked about what I should do if I ever knew I was going to be raped.

Bill told me how he felt and then told me that if at any time in my life, that if I just knew that I was going to be raped, he wanted me to come out of it alive. Bill told me that he did not want me to put up a fight. He felt it was better to just fuck them and make them happy so they would not hurt or kill me. Bill said I should memorize everything about them for the police. Things like tattoos and all that stuff. He told me he would rather have me alive and not hurt then to be beat up; raped and maybe even killed. Bill told me that the worse thing for me to do was fight a rapist. Well here I was just one day later and I just knew that these men were going to rape me. The only thing I wanted to do is survive it and to tell Bill along with the Police. I was determined that these assholes would pay for this crime. I looked at their Jet Ski's and I memorized the numbers on two of the skis.

I could see the other men moving toward me and I said "Oh what the hell. You aren't going to leave me alone are you, You boys are going to make me fuck you so I may as well give you what you want, Just promise you won't hurt me."

With that one man said "Hey Tony, looks like the bitch likes cock" Tony reached out and pulled the towel away from my body. "Sure we won't hurt you precious", he spoke softly in my ear as he moved close and pulled my body into his. I could feel my breasts against his chest and the muscles in his arms as he held me tight. I jumped, as I realized he had let his cock lose from his trunks and it banged against my belly. My mind was racing; I knew that in order to live through this I had to make these ass holes happy and make them believe I wanted them. I just told myself, that when they touched me it was Bill touching me, when they would kiss me it was Bill kissing me. When Tony (the ringleader) went to kiss me I kissed him back the way I would kiss Bill when I wanted him to fuck me. He broke the kiss and held me back a little to look at his friends. "This little bitch is hot"

I leaned back to glance down at his manhood only to notice the other guys has had also dropped their swim trunks. Three hard cocks were now ready to fuck me and I had no choice about it. I watched as the other two came toward me and I knew there was no turning back now. Tony took hold of me and pushed me down to my knees his cock was right in front of my face. He did not say to do anything, but is dick was right there, I reached for it and took it in my mouth the way I did Bill on our wedding night. I know how much Bill likes me to love his cock when I sucked him, and licked him. I told myself that this was Bill's cock, and I closed my eyes and made love to this strangers cock with my mouth. Tony cock was fatter and longer than Bill's but with my eyes and tried to think it was Bill.

I worked the huge fat cock in my mouth; I wanted to make him climax. I know Bill loves it when I make him come in my mouth. I worked this strangers cock good and hard. I had one hand stroking it up and down as I working my mouth all around the head and every once and awhile work my mouth down to his balls and up his big shaft I was trying to make him feel good. I just knew that if I made him feel real good that he would not hurt me. I wanted to get him off and somewhere between thinking of Bill at first, and making love to his big fat huge cock like I was doing, well, I lost track of Bill some where. I found myself loving this strangers cock that I was jacking off and loving with my mouth. He grabbed my head and said "look at this boys, she loves to suck cock" I wrapped my hand (as much as I could) around Tony's cock and I worked it hard and fast hoping he would climax I wanted him to climax. He kept moaning and telling the other two guys how great a cocksucker I was. His cock was so hard and so stiff, I just knew he would shoot his love juice into me soon.

Tony pulled my head back and I was sucking so hard my mouth made a plopping sound as it came off his cock. Tony then sat down in front of me and laid back on his elbows. He gestured for me to climb on top of him. I stood up and moved over to straddle him. My breasts had beads of perspiration; my nipples were poking out real hard. Tony was impressed, I have full breasts but they were still perky and firm. My nipples are small and a deep pink color. They are very sensitive and I love it when they are played with and when they are sucked on. As I squatted over him he reached up and started working my nipples with his hands and fingers. I reached under me and held onto that monster between his legs. I settled down the same way I had done Bill maybe an hour earlier. I rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy seeking out my hole for it to go inside. I told myself that I had to do this to come out alive and not hurt. I told myself that it was only fucking, it was sex and I had no choice. I Knew how good it made a man feel, after all I did it this way several times with Bill under me the past three days, and during that time I had developed a wild motion of squatting and working Bill's cock. I knew it drove Bill crazy and he could hardly control himself, I knew that I could work this man's cock the same way and I would get him to come in me.

Gently Tony thrust up and poked his cock around my pussy and my hole as I was guiding it, I moved down to try and get him in me, I wanted it to be over (so I was telling myself). I realized that I was very wet and slippery, I guess my body just reacted to make sure that I would not get hurt, I guess my body knew that this man had a huge cock it was preparing my pussy for it's assault. As I sat down on him I just knew he would rip me wide open. However to my amazement it did not hurt what so ever. Oh sure it was not easy to stuff his cock in me, but it did slide in, and it did slide in with no pain. I finally slid down enough so his cock head was just inside my outer lips and just inside my hole. Almost instinctively I pushed down on his big cock and it popped inside of my belly.

Tony's cock was bulging and throbbing. I could feel its shape as he pushed deeper into my belly. I could not believe that his cock could go as far as it did, and I could not believe the mind-blowing feeling that it gave me as it filled every inch of me. As he reached deep inside me my head spun with excitement and with a sick desire, I fell forward and my breasts began to dangle over Tony's chest. The other two men (Bob and Pete) had developed impressive horns of their own watching this. Tony held me and we kissed. I worked his mouth like I worked Bills when we fucked and I used my mouth to beg for more with my hot kisses. It is how I use my mouth to let my lover, I mean Bill know that I am hot as hell. I closed my eyes and it was Bill fucking me. It was Bill I was kissing in such a hot manner. I was loosing it, I did not know if this stranger was fucking me or if I was fucking him. Some where I stopped thinking of Bill and concentrated on the mind bending feeling that this big fat cock was giving me and the way he kissed me.

I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the other two. They were both stroking their own hard cock's I looked at them and realized that they had cock's as big as Tony's. Having never seen a man's dick before my wedding night, I thought they all were about the same size as Bill's. I closed my eyes and I worked my ass up and down Tony's stiff hard cock sticking up inside of me. We where fucking very hard and very fast I think I felt like I was racing to a climax and I just knew that the sooner that I could get there, the better it would be. I knew that he had to be close to a climax because I knew I was going to have one and it was going to be a very big one I felt it was going to be the best climax that I have ever had in my life. I could feel my own body, My cunt, it was on fire, my mind felt like it was on fire. My cunt slapped hard against Tony and the harder I worked him, the better it made me feel. All of a sudden my head spun around on my shoulders, my head kept spinning like a top. I saw stars going off inside of my head, I could not breath, I could only moan and moan as my body shuddered and my cunt sucked at this strangers cock deep inside of me. I shoved down hard and ground my pussy onto his cock. I had the hardest climax of my life. As I was coming down from it I noticed that one of the other two men moved over to us and knelt down, I felt a stiff cock against my cheek.

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