Encore, Encore

by Carnage Jackson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes the best part of a concert is the acts afterword. Namely, two very hot women. Semi-true story.

After making plans with a group of male friends to attend a concert in a city a few hours from where I lived, I was distraught to find out that said friends had booked hotel reservations without talking to me. By the time the concert rolled around a week later, I was struggling to find a place to stay. Lucking out on finding a fairly decent Holiday Inn no more than 20 minutes from where the concert was, I tried to forget the trouble and enjoy the concert.

The band we were going to see, Blink 182, was notorious for not only putting on a kick ass show, but for also drawing in a massive number of teenage and early twenty year old girls. The group of four guys I went with not only liked the band, but also knew that there would be so many girls there that the chances of them not finding some to hook up with were slim to none. I had heard that the crowds rivaled that of an NSYNC or Backstreet Boys concert in female audience, but I didn't believe it until I actually arrived at the arena.

It was like I had died and gone to heaven. Surrounding me were probably no less than 10,000 screaming teeny-bopper girls. Some were far too young to even consider hooking up with, so I tried to keep my eyes open for the older (but still very young) set. As I made the way to my seat, I tried not to drool as I was passed by more beautiful college girls than I could count. Taking my seat (up in the nosebleed section alone...thanks again guys), I checked out my neighbors in the seats. To the right of me was a girl that looked to be 13 or 14, accompanied by a father who looked pissed at being drug to sit through such a foul mouthed band.

To the left of me however, were two very beautiful (and who appeared to be available) women, probably no older than 20 or 21. The girl closest to me was dressed in a baby blue baby doll t-shirt, with the words "BLINK 182" written across the chest in white, sparkly letters. Her navel was exposed and I could see that she had a belly button ring inside of her firmly trimmed hard body stomach. Below that, she wore a black leather skirt that zipped on the sides and went down all the way to her knees, although I could still tell that she had excellent legs that had to have been her best feature. Her chest was very large, and in the cool air of the upper area of the arena, I could make out the faint outline of her nipples. She had short, very dark brown hair and the bridge of her nose was dotted with freckles. Her eyes were an emerald green color and the lights from the stage cast an eerie glimmer into them, flecking them with specks of golden light.

Her friend that she was with had bright red hair that hung down beyond her shoulders. She was wearing a pair of skin tight blue jeans that clung to her shapely ass. She too had an exposed navel with a belly button ring, although hers had a diamond stud in it. Her breasts were not as large as her friends, but it might have just been the clothing she was wearing. She had on just a plain white t-shirt, with a navy blue vinyl jacket on over it. Her eyes were a beautiful brownish hazel, accented with very high cheekbones. She was taller than her friend by at least 3 inches and so thin that I figured she had to have been a model.

After taking my seat, I glanced over at the girls near me. The redhead caught my eye for a second and then leaned over and whispered something to her friend. The brunette nodded in acknowledgement, then they both stood up and began to yell and scream as the band took the stage.

The concert was a blast. Not only was the music great, but the entire time the two girls kept looking over at me and whispering to each other. All I could do was smile back at them and wonder what the hell they were talking about. After 2 outstanding encores, the band left the stage and the crowd began to disperse. On their way out, the brunette made it a point to brush across my arm with her breasts while I bent over to pick up my jacket and hat. I could feel her warm globes brush against me, the outline of her nipple nudging my elbow ever so slightly. I looked up just in time to see them walking away, laughing with each other. Smiling to myself, I went to go meet up with my friends.

Only one of my friends met me outside like we were supposed to. He said that everyone else had hooked up with a girl and that I was on my own for the rest of the night. A shitty day indeed, save for the bliss of the concert. Deciding to drown my sorrows, I took a bus back to my hotel and headed straight for the bar.

What surprised me when I got there was that the two same hotties from the concert were sitting, all alone at the bar downing shots of tequila like there wasn't a tomorrow. The hotel bar was empty except for a grizzled looking older man, playing pool in a corner by himself. He glanced up at me when I walked in but then returned to his game. I walked up to the bar and took a seat three spots down from the two girls. They hadn't noticed me when I walked in, but when I sat down they were whispering to each other yet again (I was beginning to think that they never spoke above a whisper).

"A shot of Jack Daniels over ice, and a Bud," I told the bartender. After getting my drinks, it was my turn to down a shot. The hot fire of the alcohol burned down my throat but warmed my body all over. I had just started nursing my beer when the redhead moved over and sat down next to me.

At first she didn't speak, so I took the initiative.

"Can I get you a drink?" I asked, staring deep into her brown eyes.

I could see that she was pretty well along in her alcohol induced stupor, but she still seemed coherent.

"I'd love one. A double shot of tequila please," she told the bartender. "But you know who would REALLY love a drink? Melissa over there. It's her birthday," the redhead said, motioning lazily in the direction of Melissa.

"Well, that can be arranged. How old is she?" I asked shifting my gaze down to her at the end of the bar. She saw me look but quickly looked away, her face blushing when she caught my eye.

"21. Maybe you should go over there and give her the drink yourself," the redhead said.

Taking the drink the redhead had ordered for her friend, I walked casually down to the bar and took a seat next to Melissa. Sliding the drink down towards her, she had her head in her arms. I thought she was crying at first, but when she lifted her head I could see that she was laughing. Sitting next to her in the hazy light of the bar, she looked even more beautiful than when I had seen her earlier in the evening. Her eyes shone through the purple haze of the stale cigarette smoke in the bar like two jade headlights. Her smile and laughter were even more beautiful than her eyes, washing a kind and gentle appearance over her face.

"Here ya go. Happy birthday," I said to her, smiling. She smiled back and me and said thanks. Not downing this shot immediately, I could tell that even though she had probably drank before, she still didn't have much experience at it. I think she had just about hit her limit. She sipped from the shot glass and then began giggling again.

"What's so funny, if you don't mind me asking?" I said to her, lowering my face down to her level so that I could look into her eyes again.

"Well, Sarah over there," she said, pointing towards her friend. "Had this crazy idea that I didn't think you would ever, ever, ever go for!" she said, burying her face in laughter again.

"What's that?" I asked, my mind trying to grasp what she wanted.

"She thought you'd be too prudish and too uptight to want to do it, so never mind," Melissa said again to herself, laughing softly and turning her head away from me.

"No, I'm dieing to know," I said, poking her lightly in the side with my arm in a half kidding manner. I really did want to know.

"Well, ok. I'll tell ya," said Melissa, leaning her mouth close to my ear. I could smell the liquor on her breath, mixed with the light perfume that she was wearing.

"She wants you, me and her to have a threesome tonight up in our room," Melissa whispered to me.

My heart froze. I suddenly felt very lightheaded. All I could do was stare straight ahead and sit there slack jawed like I had just been hit on the head with a 2x4. A few seconds passed and I regained my thought processes, although my head was spinning. I turned to face Melissa and I could tell that she was watching my reaction.

"A threesome?" I said in a low whisper, holding up three fingers in the air next to me like some kind of child.

Melissa slowly nodded, a smile coming over her face. "So you'll do it?" she said.

All I could do was nod slowly to her and say "I'll do it,"

Melissa giggled loudly to herself and got off to run and go talk to Sarah. I meanwhile sat still motionless on the bar stool. A few minutes passed and Sarah walked over, slipping a piece of paper underneath my hand that was on the bar.

"Meet us here in 15 minutes," she said, whispering into my ear before walking off.

Coming out of my daze finally, I looked at the paper. ROOM 438. Ordering another drink from the bar, I downed it quickly. Walking back to my room, still in a sort of dream world, I began to gather my thoughts. I was about to take part in a three way with two beautiful women who also had an affinity towards me. This was every man's dream and I wasn't about to let it slip by.

Once in my room, I changed clothes quickly and put on fresh deodorant and cologne as well as a quick teeth brushing. It was 11:30 when I walked down the hallway to their room. The hotel was deathly silent, save for walking past a room and hearing an occasional television blaring on a late night program.

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