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Desc: Sex Story: The classic story of a first love, savored then lost.

Longer and more romantic than most of my stories, I'd appreciate feedback of any kind.

I met Laura by accident. Coming out of my history class, sophomore year in college, I wasn't paying attention as I was dialing numbers on my cell phone and I ran right into her. She wasn't paying attention either, as I guess she was looking down into her purse or something.

From the moment I saw her, something inside me changed forever. Laura was about 5'8 and very, very beautiful. She was part Hispanic, part white, and her pristine skin showed it. She had just a touch of Hispanic influence to make her skin a little darker than most girls. Her hair also retained many of her Mexican father's lineage, being very long and a rich, full shade of black. Of course, the rest of her was even more desirable. Her legs and hips were inside a pair of tight fitting blue jeans. They were very shapely and full. Not necessarily fat or anything, just very proportional to her body. Her waist and tummy were also trim and fit. The black t-shirt she was wearing was cut at the midriff and I could see her exposed belly button barely. She had no gut or excess to in that area to speak of, and like I said before, every aspect of her body seemed totally proportional and fit with everything else. Her breasts were very full and pronounced, although they weren't really that large. Still, inside of the shirt she was wearing that first time I saw her, I could tell that she was not hurting in the breast department.

But it was her eyes that got me. After our collision, I looked up into her face and saw the real beauty that can lye inside a person. Her face was like a china doll, with a petite nose and a small cleft in her chin. Her lips were thin but large enough to be noticeable, and when she smiled her perfect smile illuminated her face to a new level of beauty that I had never seen with my own eyes before, nor since. But as I said, it was her stare and eyes that put her on an entirely new level. They were a dark brown, almost black in shade and they seemed to go on forever. Like the night of the unlit city street or the blackness of the infinite universe and space beyond, in my momentary gaze into them I felt like I achieved a new level of human emotion.

All of this happened in just a split second in the short time it took for us to run into each other, me spilling her books all over the ground and her elbow accidentally knocking my phone from my hand, where it went crashing down three steps below on the stair case.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Was that your phone? Oh God, I'm sorry!" Laura said apologetically as we both watched my phone tumble down a few more steps.

"No, no, it's my fault," I said, bending down to get some of her books. She bent over to help me as well, and I could smell her perfume as her face was just mere inches from mine. Standing back up, I handed her her books, glancing down at the cover of one of them.

"Wow, Psychodynamic Principles & Their Applications," I said, reading the cover "Sounds like pretty heavy stuff,"

"It's not too bad. I really enjoy science a lot. In fact, I was on my way to a biology class right now," Laura said, her smile even more dizzying now.

"By the way, my name is Laura," she said, extending her hand. It was small and delicate, with her fingernails painted a light maroon shade that went perfectly with her skin and the outfit she was wearing. I shook it and introduced myself.

"John, pleased to meet you. I'm headed to my biology class right now as well actually" I replied.

"Room M125?" Laura said with a slight laugh. I noticed she was still holding my hand.

"Yep, exactly. Shall I escort you? It's the least I could do to make up for spilling your stuff every where," I said, trying not to sound too over eager.

"I'd like that," Laura replied. We walked a couple of steps before she released my hand. Getting into class, we both sat near the back and cracked jokes with each other about other students, as well as the teacher (a hefty man with a very high pitched girl voice). I found Laura's personality to be likeable in almost every way the moment we started talking. She was very easy going and her sense of humor was something that I appreciated a lot. On one hand, she enjoyed the occasional crude joke, but she also found the sub verse humor in seeing something like a maintenance worker on the campus trying to blow away leafs with a leaf blower on an extremely gusty day.

Where as I used to hate going to class and did anything I could to avoid it, I actually looked forward to it more and more as the weeks wore on, just so I could spend time with Laura. I found out that she was a freshman in her second semester of school, had moved up to go to school here from Miami, had three cats back home that she missed a lot, and her roommates were nice but sometimes they drove her crazy. Although this was just the usual typical college kid lifestyle, I still enjoyed hearing about it when she would talk about it. Despite our conversations being extremely in depth about just about everything under the sun, she always seemed to change the subject when it came to relationships.

Over time though, I decided that I wanted to try and take our friendship to a new level. We had never done anything outside of class with each other. Not because either of us didn't want to, but just because neither had bothered to ask. Finally I decided I would take the chance and risk it. There was a reading and book signing by one of Laura's favorite author's this coming Friday, so I thought that would be a perfect chance to go out and do something together away from school, and maybe enjoy each other's company more. Plus, a book signing was a pretty innocent thing that wouldn't damage our friendship.

That Wednesday, I dressed and cleaned up myself so that I looked presentable, but not noticeable that I was trying to look good. When I got to class, Laura was sitting in the same seat as usual so I took my normal place. We chit chatted as usual while waiting on the professor to come in. At a lull in the conversation, I seized the moment and asked her. Normally I wouldn't have felt so nervous about this, since I've dated a lot of girls before. But for some reason, asking her felt...different.

"Laura, I was wondering if you'd like to come with me to the campus bookstore on Friday night. I hear that one of your favorite author's is going to be there signing books," I said, my voice feeling a little wavery in my throat.

"I'd love to. I heard about it too and was thinking of asking you to come with me," she said, blushing slightly as she turned her head away from me.

"Oh, well in that case, I definitely would. Shall I pick you up at 8:00?" I asked.

"Sounds great. Let me give you directions to my apartment," she said, reaching into her purse to get a pen.

Friday finally rolled around and any nervousness I had been feeling on Wednesday was multiplied ten fold. This time I was trying to dress nice. I chose to wear a beige knit sweater and a pair of navy blue slacks. I wouldn't consider myself in the best physical shape possible, but I played tail back on my high school football team. So whenever I dressed up, I always thought it made my 6 foot 1, 220 pound frame look very good. Tying my shoes and giving my hair one last look in the mirror, I hustled down to my car and headed off toward Laura's.

Whenever I'm on a first date, I try to gauge the interest of the woman by how sexily she is dressed. So it was going to be a real treat for me to see how Laura was dressed. Knocking on her door, I could hear her running around inside as she was trying to get ready. When the deadbolt finally clicked and the door opened, I was speechless.

Laura was wearing a very sexy silk green Asian floral print dress, slit up the side to her thigh. Her elegant, rich black hair was pulled over her head in a kind of bun like shape. Normally I had not seen her wearing little or any makeup, but tonight she had on just enough to make her beautiful face and skin even more radiant. Every inch of her body seemed to glow from a warmth that radiated from inside of her. She was also wearing the same perfume as the day we had met, only now it seemed more fragrant than before.

"You look nice," she said, running her eyes up and down my body. This made me come back to reality and I realized that I had been staring at her since she opened the door.

"Oh...uhh, yea thanks. You look beautiful as well," I said, still in shock at how gorgeous she looked.

We got in my car and headed off to the bookstore. The reading went well, and Laura's face was lit up the entire time, and when she finally got up to have her copy of the book signed, she gushed and babbled like an excited school girl. The author, some new writer I had never heard of, just smiled and talked to her politely for a minute or two. I'm sure he would have loved to talk to her longer (every guy in the book store who got a glance of Laura would have), but he had other books to sign. Afterwards, we went to one of those all night waffle houses (it was pushing 1:00 now) and had a nice, if casual, dinner. All night long I had been receiving mixed signals from her about her interest in me, and I wasn't quite sure if when the evening came to it's inevitable end where it would leave our relationship.

Pulling up to her place after our late night dinner, the streets were deserted. Up the stairs to her apartment, we both paused awkwardly outside her door. Now the feelings I had were even more mixed. My brain was saying "wait and see" but my body wanted her in the worst possible way. Just to feel her skin pressed against mine would have been enough for me to die a happy and fulfilled man.

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