My sweet Alexis!

by John

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, True Story, Slut Wife, Spanking, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Finding a way to have your wife have sex with another male in a threesome, and then enjoying it!

An incredible first threesome with my lovely wife!

My wife, Alexis and I have been married for many years and for most of those years I fantasized about her fucking another man, however, I always wanted the man to be well-endowed. I always expressed this fantasy while in bed and she would always get turned on and would have wild sex and multiple orgasms whenever we discussed it. Conversely, Alexis would never discuss this subject with me when we were out of the bedroom causing me great frustration. If I tried she would get upset and leave the room. Keep in mind that Alexis was brought up with strict religious and mid-western values.

I should add that my Alexis at this time was about 36 years old. She was and still is 5'5" and 117 lbs with firm D-cup breasts and extraordinarily large nipples when she gets excited. She has a very athletic build from working out 5-days per week. To top it off she has a sweet and very attractive face, smile, and personality. She also happened to be the best lover by far of anyone I had ever been with.

Finally, I decided that in order for my fantasy of her fucking another man could come true I had to try an approach quite different then I had before. I knew she was very picky about men and did not find many men very attractive. I mean in all the years of being married to her I can only remember about 4 or 5 men that she ever mentioned as being attractive. As a result, it took me quite a few years, but I finally stumbled across a man in his early thirties who I knew immediately fit the description of someone Alexis would find very sexy. I found him when I was traveling within our city at a bar. His name was Brian and he was 6'3" and 215 lbs with black hair and olive skin. He was very attractive on top of having a wonderful physique. One of the things that attracted Alexis to Brian was that while not only was he attractive and respectful, but he was definitely a blue collar and Harley Davidson type of guy contrasting significantly with both our white collar education and careers. He also had this little arrogant, macho, and slightly bad boy image.

At the bar, when I first met Brian I pulled out some nude pictures of Alexis and told him I was interested in having him fuck Alexis. He liked the pictures and I told him if he wants he could fuck her as much as he wanted and in any manner he wanted (obviously Alexis would have the last word on this subject). Initially, and not surprisingly Brian didn't know how to respond, but over time became very interested.

We schemed how we would go about having Alexis and Brian meet, as I was afraid I would scare her off and all of my hard work would be for naught. Finally, we agreed that he would come over at a certain time one night acting like a long lost friend who just happened to be going by and decided to stop∑during which time I would have Alexis nude and slightly aroused in the Family Room. When that night finally came he knocked on the door one weekend night, as she was lying on the floor wearing just white thong underwear and heels. I had been rubbing her clitoris getting her wet and secretively hoping to get her interested in her first threesome, as well as, being with her first male other then me.

With the knock on the door she sat up a little frightened and quickly said∑"who could that be" (as it was around 10:00 p.m.)? I said, I don't know but I will go find out and send them away. She started to dress and I said don't worry I won't let anyone in here, so she lay back on the floor rubbing her clitoris waiting for me to come back and finish what we had started.

I opened the door to find Brian looking very masculine and with a gleam in his eye. I winked at him and quietly motioned for him to come in. In the foyer, I whispered instructions for him to come down into the family room. During this time Alexis must have heard us and barely had time to quickly lay a bathrobe over herself, while sitting on the family room floor.

We walked into the room and I introduced Brian to Alexis as she sat there looking at him for what seemed like quite awhile, as if pondering who was this guy...and what was going on? I was afraid she was going to get mad when she absolutely surprised me by simply getting up off the floor and letting the robe fall to the floor. Then she as comfortably as you please walks over and gives Brian a big hug before walking back with her incredible ass bobbing back and forth before sitting back on the floor. I came to find out later that she intuitively knew when I answered the door that I had sat this whole thing up. Once she saw Brian she knew for certain that I had wanted this man to come over and fuck her. She quickly had to make up her mind if she found Brian attractive and whether she was ready for it, and fortunately she finally decided what the hell∑

After she sat down we all three sat on the floor for about an hour getting comfortable talking about everything but sex even though you could feel the sexual tension building and building. As I sat there I could see Brian had a huge hard-on in his pants. The mere size of his cock seemed outrageously big (later Alexis told me she noticed it too and it turned her on incredibly helping her to make the decision to fuck him). No one rushed it even though I wanted to see him between her legs stroking her over and over to multiple orgasms. Once Alexis was finally relaxed she rolled over on her stomach and asked for a back message. This was the sign we had been waiting for and in hindsight it shouldn't have surprised me she'd take this approach, as she wasn't brazen enough to ask for him to fuck her. Brian quickly moved towards her along with myself. I quickly decided to let him have the best part and let him message her ass and legs, while I half-heartedly focused on her neck and upper back. I admit I gave her less then a quality message, as I wanted Brian to have complete access to her.

Brian started off rubbing her legs and increasingly boldly started rubbing her firm ass over and over. Ever so often Alexis would noticeably quiver, but then quickly she would stop making you wonder if you had actually seen her quivering. Then Brian would rub her high on the inside of her thighs while letting his fingers linger close to her vagina. He obviously knew what he was doing and that he needed to move slow until she was really horny. It was obvious they both were enjoying this cat and mouse game. I could see Brian's cock was practically bursting from his pants and thought the pants would split. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and mounted her ass while still dressed and started rubbing his huge cock lightly up and down against the crack of her ass. I could tell Alexis was beside herself at that point, and if I had any previous reservations about her fucking him they were resolved immediately. Alexis is very physical and loves contact and she could feel how big and hard his cock was against her ass. Ever so slowly she started gyrating back against his cock with a look on her face telling me she was really savoring the feeling.

After a while, I took my bathrobe off and moved onto a couch directly in front of her. She quickly sat up and got on all fours while sucking my cock. I could tell she was excited as she started stuffing my whole cock all the way down her throat. It was also very obvious she didn't want to suck my cock nearly as much as she wanted Brian to fuck her. She got on all fours and had her ass pointed directly towards him, while gyrating her hips back and forth. I knew she was too shy to ask either of us if he could fuck her and this was her way of saying∑.well, if you really want this∑he is going to have to make the first move!

I motioned to Brian to get undressed and watched, as I was really curious as to how big he was. I already knew he had a fantastic build and when his cock sprang loose it was very large though he had gotten flaccid while getting undressed. Even flaccid it had the large bend and hang and must have been 5" and thick. Once he got undressed I grabbed Alexis by the shoulders and turned her around while he kneeled in front of her. She didn't hesitate and cupped his balls while stuffing his cock all the way in her mouth (later she told me that she loved his balls). That they were much bigger and heavier then mine and hung down further, so that 'when he fucked her' his heavy balls would slap her clitoris making her spasm. He quickly got erect and had an amazing cock that was surprisingly large in length, as well as, being nicely proportioned. Alexis loves to deep throat my cock and she started deep throating him though I could tell she struggled with how big he was, as she was slightly gagging on it. She was determined and her throat quickly adapted to his size, but if he were another half inch longer she wouldn't have been able to swallow him all the way. While this was going on I had removed her thong and was busy stroking her pussy from behind. One of my biggest fantasies was stroking Alexis while she was sucking on a big cock and I found I loved it. With all the juices flowing from Alexi's pussy while I fucked her I could tell that the feeling was mutual.

I was fucking Alexis firmly with both hands on her hips pulling her onto my enlarged cock while Brian had his hands on Alexis head simultaneously fucking her mouth. It didn't take long for me to cum deep inside plastering her vaginal walls with thick spurts of cum. I quickly got up and maneuvered Alexis to come over to the couch on all fours to suck my cock in order to get me hard again. I also wanted to see Brian stick his large cock in her pussy. I will always remember that moment as if it was frozen in time. It was a fantasy I had waited for many years to see come true of seeing another man fucking my beautiful wife.

What struck me funny at the time was how quickly Brian got behind her and stuck his cock all the way in her pussy. I don't know if he thought we might stop him from fucking her, or if he knew we'd stop him and make him put on the condoms sitting beside us. Anyway, before we hardly knew what he was doing he got behind her in record time and as Alexis would tell me...he didn't just insert it...he jammmmmed his whole cock all the way into her wooooomb in one big thrust. Later, she would tell me that she had never felt a cock feel so large, feel so good, or be as fulfilling as his cock did at that moment when he thrust into her from behind. It took her breath away and she decided she didn't care if he wasn't wearing a condom, or that she could become pregnant. She wanted him to fuck her and feel him hitting her womb with his large cock. Needless to say watching this happen and seeing the expression on Alexis face all the while she sucked my cock pushed me quickly over the edge. It felt like I came much harder and longer then I had ever cum. I kept filling her mouth with wads of cum while she swallowed and slurped. I was totally spent with the amount of energy I put into that orgasm.

When I got up to get out of the way Brian quickly turned her over and laid her down on her back and with her legs over his shoulders he started stroking her with an energy that meant serious business. I too thought about having him stop and wearing a condom so Alexis wouldn't get pregnant, but he was being so enthusiastic and was in such rhythm that I couldn't find the right moment to stop him. Then as I watched I got thinking about him spunking in her, and while I knew it was totally irresponsible on my part it turned me on so much that I didn't say anything especially since she didn't ask for him to put on a condom either. It was incredibly weird and sexy at the same time watching a stranger fuck my wife right before my eyes...and in my own house with my permission. Her head was shaking back and forth and her eyes screwed tightly as she encouraged him to fuck her. It was shocking to hear my wife talk like a slut and when he got ready to explode she told him to cum in her. I was beside myself because reality started sitting in while I watched, but I knew that if I interrupted her that it would spoil the whole cumulative effect and she would be upset. She later told me it was so weird because with his length nudging her womb she could actually feel his cock exploding and his cum actually strike deep within her womb like she had never felt before. This further turned me on while at the same time frightened me. Alexis tried to assure me that it was the wrong time of the month for her to get pregnant and thankfully it turned out she was right.

This was the start of a serious fucking session that lasted about four hours non-stop with the exception of a short hot tub that I will address shortly. Once Brian came he rolled on his back and Alexis wouldn't let him rest. Every time he would cum she would start sucking his cock until it got hard again. She later told me that she had never felt a cock feel so smooth in her mouth before.

It took me awhile to realize this, but some of the things that turned Alexis on the most about sex with Brian was the fact he would be rough with her when he fucked her. Occasionally, he would also spank her ass as he stroked her further turning her on. When I say spank I mean slapping her ass repeatedly with the palm of his hand so that her whole ass was seriously red and pink. That along with him biting her nipple (her nipples are so sensitive that when rubbed can make her cum without intercourse) would really increase her pleasure. Alexis has always needed me to be a little rough during sex without being abusive. However, Brian took it several notches further making me aware of limits I didn't know she had. I realized as I watched them that his Harley Davidson biker image was turning her on by him being somewhat rough and abusive. It contrasted significantly with my image and the way I had made love to her everyday for years. (Ever since Brian I have occassionally fucked her the way he did and she always gets turned on and wild.)

It was during one of the moments when she sucked him hard again that she kept sucking him and deep throating him. Then while deep throating him she would stick a finger in his anus while rubbing his balls making him groan and flinch. It was obvious to me that she wanted to taste his cum as she confirmed later. I was amazed in watching the two as they were beautifully sexy together and he was squirming and flinching constantly. Then all of a sudden he raised his ass off the ground and he grunted loudly with each spasm, as he held the back of her head fucking her mouth wildly. Alexis equally wouldn't let him go, as she kept swallowing and deep throating him until he was flaccid. She then laid down on him and they held each other as they kissed.

She's told me many times since then that she really loves the way his sperm tastes. By this point, I think is obvious that she just likes Brian and anything about him. When Brian relaxed enough he said he came so hard that he is sure he would have hit the ceiling with his ejaculation. Alexis loved his enthusiasm and said that as hard as he squirted down her throat he was probably right.

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