Limo Ride

by Elrod

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, True Story, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: How I got my wife to try swinging.

The Set Up

After 15 years of marriage our sex life was getting pretty routine. A little fucking after the kids are asleep. And maybe some foreplay if I'm lucky. This had to change, I was constantly thinking about finding a lover.

I'm 37, a little over 200 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes, and 6' tall. Not bad looking for a 37 year old man. I thought I could find a lover rather easily. I didn't want someone to love, I already have that. Basically I wanted a "fucking" friend.

I checked out the net and one of those "friend finder" sites. Plenty of couples looking for other couples or girls, but not a one looking for a single man. Then I found it! A couple that I knew were into swinging, I didn't know it before, but I think I could get something going with them. So I gave them a call.

When Terri answered the phone I almost came in my pants. "This is Carl, Terri, how are you today?" I asked. "Just fine and how are you and the family?" she responded. "Just fine. I called to ask you a few questions. I hope I don't get too personal but here goes. I was on the net the other day in a friend finder site and saw your ad. I was wondering what you were looking for and if we could talk about getting together." "Well, I never expected to here from you and Lori. But we are swingers, and yes it is our ad. We keep everything to ourselves. We don't tell anyone about what we do so if it ever comes up at work we can say someone else put it in there. As far as us getting together, it could be arranged. Is Lori interested? And has she ever had sex with another woman?" was her reply. "Well, to tell the truth, I don't know if Lori is interested or if she has even been with a woman. Can I come over, I hate talking on the phone?" I asked. "Sure but Eric isn't home. " "I just want to talk, nothing else." I lied. So I hung up the phone and walked around the corner to their house.

Terri was waiting on the front porch for me when I walked up. She always was a good looking babe. Light brown hair, green eyes, about 5' 9" tall and a beautiful body. 36c - 26 - 34. And very hard. I later found out that she does aerobics every day. "Come on in." she said as she greeted me with a nice warm hug. I was getting hard just being there. "The problem is, Terri, Lori and I are in a rut. Routine sex and I'm getting bored. When I saw your ad, I thought there may be something to try. But I know Lori would never do anything with a stranger, so I called you. I don't even know if she'll go for this with you and Eric. But I have to try something. Do you understand what I mean?" I explained. "Sure do, how do you think Eric and I got started? Same thing. But we stumbled across a couple of swingers while on our anniversary trip we took last year. And they explained it all to us. We only swing with other couples, never a single partner. So three ways are out. That was our agreement. We don't do this often but when we do, its great. So how do you plan to get Lori interested?" "Good question, we do have an anniversary coming up. I might be able to set something up then. Make it look like an accident. What do you think?" I said. "She may get up and walk out on us. You need to keep that in mind. But I think between you, me and Eric we can come up with a plan." she stated.

As I got up to leave, she walked up to me and kissed me, putting her tongue in my mouth and kissing me hard. "I've always hoped that the four of us could get together." she said after the kiss. "And now I want it also." I replied in a daze.

So my mind is turning, trying to come up with a plan. then it hit me. We had rented a limo for our daughters last birthday. A big lonnnnng limo. We had 10 kids and 4 adults in that thing. Plenty of room to play I thought to myself. Now where do we go? If its for our anniversary, it has to be someplace nice. So I checked out the web again and searched for someplace close yet far enough away as not to meet anyone we know. Then I remembered Lori saying how much she wanted to go to Amelia Island. So I checked it out, and reserved a room at a bed and breakfast. At $250 a night, this was perfect. And the limo ride down there, she would never expect it. So the next day, I called Terri and explained my plan. A hit!! She had always wanted to visit Amelia Island too.

The Ride

After weeks of waiting, the day finally arrived. I called my wife's boss and got him to send her home early. It was a Friday so she wouldn't suspect anything. I had packed everything that Terri had hand picked from Lori's closet. Funny thing, she didn't put any bras or panties out and I didn't pack any. When the limo arrived, I gave George, the driver, the bags to put in the trunk , then had him drive to Eric and Terri's house and picked them up. About the time Lori was walking out to her car, we pulled up in the limo. George was great. "Mrs. Davidson? I'm George, your driver. Please get in." he said. "My driver? What the hell is this?" she replied as she looked inside. "Surprise." is all I said. Lori got in and sat next to me. "This is Terri our maid and Eric our butler." Lori laughed as did Terri and Eric. "They will be joining us on our little trip. It's close to their anniversary too." I explained.

I fixed everyone a drink and we talked for a few minutes. Then Terri and Eric started to make out. I didn't say anything, but Lori appeared shocked. So I turned her head to me and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss and then we were making out. Me rubbing her tits through her blouse and bra, her squeezing my erection through my pants.

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