Crush on my Teacher

by Sarah20

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, True Story, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A detailed account of my first time with a teacher I had a crush on.

Chapter 1: My first time

When I was 15, I had a huge crush on a teacher of mine, He was tall, sexy, cute, charming, and had a body that was just absolutely perfect. He was 29 years old, married, and had one daughter. He was also black, and I'm not sure to this day if him being black was part of reason I desired him.

As for me, I was around 5' 6" tall, 127 pounds, long brown hair, green eyes, avrage body, somewhat flat chested, but I had what I considered to be embarassingly long nipples.

I was a High School freshman in his Algebra class, I loved watching him walk around, write on the board, and just never seemed to be able to take my eyes off him, So I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me after class if I'd like to babysit his daughter on Saturday night since his wife was gone to her Sister's, and he had to go help a friend move some furniture to his new house.

Without even hesitating I said "YES!! I'D LOVE TO!!" I felt embarassed by the way I'd said it, and he just grinned and said to come by at 7:00 pm, he gave me his address, and we smiled at each other as he told me I'd better get to my next class.

When Saturday came, I decided to wear something sexy. I wore a black leather skirt, and a white tank top with no bra, since my ex-boyfriend loved that outfit, I was hoping he would too.

I felt daring and sexy as I looked at my noticeable nipples in the mirror. I also went light on the make-up with a light base, and a light colored lipstick.

Since his house was just 3 1/2 blocks from mine I decided to walk there, as I didn't want my mom to know where I was going. When I got there, He answered the door, invited me in, introduced me to his daughter Nicole, who was 4 years old. Then he told me where everything was and said he had to be going.

I noticed him staring at my nipples as he was talking to me, and felt them harden as I blushed that Everything would be fine. He said he had to be on his way, and he left.

The Evening went well, and I put Nicole to bed at 9:45. At 10:30 I heard him come in the door. He was kind of stumbling in. When I got closer I could tell he'd been drinking. He said I must've done a great job for Nicole to be in bed so early, and I must have a motherly touch with kids. He then asked me if I'd like a drink, I said sure, as if I'd been drinking my whole life.

He went to kitchen, and I followed him as we kept making small talk. He made us some drinks and said they were called long island iced teas. I didn't really like it but drank it fast as I was kind of nervous being alone with him.

We continued drinking and talking, then he said we should go in living room where it'd be more comfortable. When I got up I felt kind of wobbly, but he just laughed and put his hand on my back and helped me to the couch. I felt very nervous and excited, yet somewhat scared too. He sat down next to me very closely, and put his arm around me, and it got very awkward and quiet.

Then he kissed me, very softly and tenderly. My eyes were closed as it felt so good, and I felt so dreamy as I felt him pull me closer.

He quit kissing me, and told me that I was so very beautiful and sexy, and that he has been in love with me from the first day he ever saw me.

I told him I loved him too.

Then he kissed me again, deeper and more passionate this time. He was getting rougher, as i felt his hands squeezing and pulling on my ass, my thighs, and my legs. I was getting scared as he rolled me over on my back.

I was trying to say No to him, but his mouth was tightly over mine. I felt his hands pushing my skirt up, and I became very scared. As I started kicking my legs and pushing at him, thats when he slapped me.


I was crying, But I couldn't let the man who said he loved me think I teased him, so I told him I was sorry, I started pleading with him to believe I loved him. I told him I was just scared because I'd never been with a man before.

I was crying into his shoulder.

He then said "You serious? You're a virgin? You saved it for me baby? Damn baby!!! Why didn't you say so? Now we gonna do this right!!! I love you, and you love me, we're going into the bedroom, and i'm gonna make you my woman, no more bullshit! You understand???"

I was still scared, But I didn't want to lose him, so I nodded my head yes, he grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.

He told me to get undressed, that he wanted to watch me undress. I slowly started undressing, I was trembling as I began undressing, I could feel tears well up in my eyes, but I continued until I was standing in front of him nude.

He just stared at me, roaming his eyes up and down my body. He pulled me to him, and kissed me passionately. He pulled me onto the bed, and rolled me over to the other side of the bed on my back. He stood up and pulled off his t-shirt. His chest was hairy, muscular and big.

He pulled off his jeans, I was too embarassed to look when he pulled his underwear off, so I just looked at his face. He crawled into bed with me again, and began kissing me, caressing me. He began kissing his way down my neck to my breasts and nipples.

I shivered when I felt him suck my nipple into his mouth. It made my body feel so wonderfully alive and excited, but it made me tremble wih fear too. he kept sucking and squeezing my breasts and nipples, then he began licking down toward my tummy, playing with my belly button for a bit then downward, he began lightly blowing on my pubes. He wiggled down lower on the bed, and he raised up, opened my legs and layed between them with his head between my thighs. He kissed and licked my thighs, then he put his mouth over my pussy.

I could feel his hot breath on my wet pussy and it made me tremble, then I felt his tongue push into me. I tried closing my legs, but he was too strong for me, and held them wide open. I tried squirming away but it only made his tongue seem like it was wiggling more and more, I felt like I was on fire, I could feel sounds coming out of my mouth but I could not tell what they were. My body was shaking, and quivering. I then noticed I had my hands in his hair tightly squeezing his head. He raised his head up and started moving upward again kissing my tummy, my breasts, my nipples, then he was kissing my mouth again. I could taste my juices on his lips, on his tongue. Then he reached down and I could feel him placing his cock against my pussy, he began sliding it against me, moving it against me.

I was so excited, yet so terrified. I didn't know whether to cry, scream, beg him to stop, or beg him to put it inside me.

He raised up and placed my ankles on his shoulders. I grasped the sheets as I felt him place it between my lips, then I felt him pushing forward. It was stretching me. It was going in further, stretching me wider.

I started moaning, begging him to stop, But he pushed further, then he pulled back a bit, then pushed forward hard.

It made me scream out. He pulled back again, and pushed forward harder, again and again, finally I felt it go deep inside me, as I moaned out. I felt like I was being torn open, it stung, it hurt, but he kept moving. I could hear him telling me how tight I was, how hot and wet, and good it felt.

He leaned forward making my knees come back into my breasts, then he began pumping it into me, back and forth, picking up speed. I was going delirious, it felt like it was being driven through my entire body, it felt like heaven and hell, pain and pleasure. I felt like there were tears of pain, and tears of joy both going down my face.

The more he pumped, the better it got. That was when he asked me if I was on any birth control, I moaned out "nooo" to him. He then pulled out. It felt like he pulled my stomach out when he pulled completely out of me. That was when I saw it, his cock, it looked huge, menacing, wet, slick, angry, and hard. I could not believe he had gotten all of that inside me.

Then he told me to get on my hands and knees, I shakenly rose up, not sure what he meant, then he turned me, and pushed my head down on the bed, "like that" he said. I could feel my ass up in the air this way, I coud feel a wetness on my thighs and on my lips that the air seemed to intensify.

I felt him crawl around behind me. He spread my legs wider, then I felt him put his cock against my lips. I felt it part my lips and enter me, I tried crawling away from it, but he held my hips tightly and he began fucking me in that position. It felt like it was going to go clear through me at times. I was moaning, gasping, making noises I'd never heard before as he fucked me. I could barely hear him telling me how good it was, and what a sweet little bitch I was, I began feeling my body start quivering, shaking, I felt like I couldn't see, or hear, like my body took on it's own life. I could feel his balls slapping against me, I could hear his waist hitting my ass.

Then I felt my body explode, I could see flash of wild colors, my mind went into another world. My inner body was quivering and squeezing. It seemed to last forever.

I heard him say to turn over, It was all I could do to turn over, I felt exhausted. He rose up over my body, he started rubbing my nipples with his cock, he was pumping it with his hand, then he tossed his head back, and he started squirting his cum all over my breasts, my neck, even on my face and lips.

Then he rolled over on his back, he was breathing hard, then he looked at me. He told me to rub his cum into my tits, I did what he said, it felt wet, sticky, gooey, and hot.

We talked for awhile then noticed it was 2:15 in the morning, So we got dressed and he drove me home.

Chapter 2: My First Blowjob

When I awoke the following day, I felt somewhat sore and tired, but I also felt like a woman, not a young girl. I felt like I truly had become a real woman.

After my shower, I slipped on some jeans and a blouse, had some salad, then decided to call Carl, as I knew his wife was going to be gone for another 3 nights and 4 days.

I rang his number, when I heard him answer I just about hung up, But instead said "hi".

He started telling me right away what a beautiful night he had last night, and that he had dreamed of me, and how he wantd me again... soon.

I told him I wanted him too, and that I loved him so much, that's when he told me to come over to his house. I told him I'd be there in a half hour. He told me to come up through the alleyway, and that he'd leave the back gate unlocked for me.

As soon as I was through the back door he grabbed me and kissed me passionately! I returned the kiss as passionately as I could. GOD!! I loved this man!!

Finally he released the kiss, and told me I looked beautiful. I blushed as I told him Thank you. I noticed he was still in his robe. He took my hand and led me to the couch.

I asked him where Nicole was, and he told me his parents had come over that morning and took her for the day.

He asked me if I wouldn't be more comfortable undressed. I blushed, but slowly stood up and began undressing for him. I watched his eyes as I undressed, and they looked so sexy watching me, they looked very tender and sensuous as I revealed my body to him.

Once I was undressed he stood up, walked toward me, and carried me to his bed. He layed me down on it, and right away began sucking and nibbling my nipples, stopping occasionally to tell me how sexy they looked.

I loved hearing his voice as he made love to me, it felt so exciting to hear him say those things to me.

He started going lower, playing with my belly button as he licked and nibbled his way down to my pussy. He opened my thighs as wide as he could get them, then he put his whole mouth over my pussy. It felt so wonderful!!! I was squirming and moaning as he licked, nibbled and fucked my pussy with his hot squirming tongue, I was being driven out of my mind,.

It felt so incredible, I was moaning, squirming, thrusting my pussy at his mouth, running my fingers over his head, my eyes were beginning to lose focus.

Then I came.

I felt like I exploded!

It seemed like it lasted an eternity!

When I looked back down he was smiling at me, and his face looked very wet. He asked me if I liked that, and I said yes.

He asked If I had ever done that to a man, went down on him, and I said no. He said he enjoyed having his cock sucked, and really would love it if I would do it for him.

All I could say was "If you'll show me how, I will, for you."

He sat up and told me to get on my knees by the side of the bed between his legs, so I did. He stood up and took his robe off and there it was, I couldn't take my eyes off of it, it looked fat, long, like a piece of meat, and I became somewhat nervous.

He sat back down and held it out toward me, and told me to kiss it, so I did, slowly, and softly, as I looked up into his eyes.

He said to lick the head, so I stuck out my tongue and started licking it, then he said to lick te whole shaft too, so I started licking it up and down, after I did this for awhile, he told me to open my mouth up and take it in my mouth. So I opened my mouth up and took the head of his cock in my mouth. It felt very warm, meaty, full, and i could feel it getting harder, and fuller as I continued sucking it.

I could hear him moaning, telling me how good it felt, and to take it deeper, so I started taking it deeper, and I reached up and put my hand around it as I started sucking it deeper, I was really beginning to get into it, I loved feeling it in my mouth, the warmth, the excitement, the hardness, the slickness, the thrill.

He told me to play with my nipples, so I began doing that while still sucking him. He put his big strong hands on my head and began pumping it in my mouth. God! He was driving me wild doing that, and then he told me he was going to cum soon. He started pumping faster and faster, then I felt him tighten up, his head rolled back, and he moaned out loudly and deeply. That's when I felt it pulsing, and squirting in my mouth and down my throat. All I could do was swallow, I was starting to feel like I was going to cough, but he let go of my head, and I pulled off of it a bit, but kept sucking until he looked down at me, pulled out, and told me I did fantastic!

Well, that was my first blowjob, it was nothing extraordinary, but it was my first one, and I'll always remember it...

Chapter 3: My First Threesome

Well our relationship had been going fine, into its third month, and we had found a new place to make love, at a house of a friend of his on the edge of town. This is about a night we were there.

My mom was out of town, so I was free for the whole night.

Lately he had been asking me about fantasies, but I really had none except for being with him. He told me he had a lot of fantasies, and he told me a few of his biggest fantasies. He wanted to have another woman join us in bed, he wanted to watch me with more than one man, he wanted to share me with his friend Kelvin.

I told him I wasn't sure I could do these things, but he told me that it was just being adventurous, and exploring our fantasies, and it would make him love me more. So I told him I'd think about it.

We arrived at Kelvin's house around 8 that night, I went to the bedroom and began undressing while he was making us a couple drinks. I put on a silk robe which he had bought for me.

I went out to the living room, and to my surprise and shock Kelvin was still here. He said Hi to me, and I said Hi back.

Kelvin was a very gorgeous guy, he was very tall at 6'7", around 220 pounds, very muscular, and the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen.

Soon the guys lit a joint up, they passed it around, I took my turn smoking it, and I noticed after a while that it made me feel very mellow, very slow-like.

When Kelvin got up and went to the bathroom, I asked my teacher what was going on, and why Kelvin was still here.

He told me that this was the night we were going to act out his fantasy. I started protesting, but he grabbed me and said "DAMN IT! Don't you love me?, CHRIST! I DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU, AND YOU WON'T EVEN LOVE ME, WE'RE GONNA DO IT! You'll enjoy it, just give it a chance, I swear we'll stop if things get to wild."

Then he began undressing. After he was undressed he began kissing me and removing the robe from my body. The kisses were very erotic and passionate. I was getting very wet from his kissing and caressing. He then took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He told me to get on the bed, so I did.

He straddled my breasts and rubbed his cock on my face, and he told me to suck it, so I began to lick and suck his fat cock. I was really getting into it when I felt the bed move like someone had gotten onto the bed with us, which is exactly what has happened. I felt another pair of hands spread my thighs apart. I started to say something, but he told me "It's okay, just relax, keep sucking me honey."

I felt Kelvin's lips start kissing my thighs. I continued sucking my man's cock while Kelvin started to lick my pussy. He was licking me very skillfully, it felt great the way his tongue was moving in and out of me. My man finally pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to get on my hands and knees.

As he got off me I got my first look at Kelvin between my thighs as he was raising up to let me get on my hands and knees, and I noticed his cock was very, very long. It didn't look very thick at all, it looked long and thin.

When I got on my hands and knees my teacher got behind me and began fucking me doggy-style. After about 30 seconds Kelvin said something to him that I didn't quite hear.

My teacher then told me to get on the floor, so we moved to the floor, where he began fucking me doggy-style again. Kelvin then came around in front of me and got down on his knees, and held his cock out toward my face. My teacher told me "Suck it for him baby, show him how good you are baby."

I slowly began licking the head of his cock. I was somewhat nervous about it, and it was hard to concentrate while my teacher was fucking me.

Kelvin began running his hands through my hair, as I began taking more of his cock into my mouth. His cock tasted different than my teacher's, and it didn't stretch my mouth open as wide as his either.

My teacher began fucking me faster and harder forcing me to take more of Kelvin's long cock into my mouth, who began pumping it into my mouth too.

Finally my teacher pulled out, slapped me on my ass cheek, and said "I wanna see Kelvin fuck you baby."

Kelvin then pulled his cock out of my mouth helped me up, then he laid down on the bed and helped me straddle him. He reached down and helped me get the head of his cock between my lips, and he slowly pulled me down onto it. He put is hands on my shoulders and pulled my face down toward his. He began kissing me passionately, as he began pumping his hips up toward me.

I heard my teacher say "Come on baby, ride that cock."

I began moving up and down on it, it felt much different than my teacher's cock. I couldn't take all of it because of his length, but it felt strange having it going so deep.

Kelvin began playing with my nipples which were very hard and excited. He was much more romantic and tender than my teacher. He was moving slowly and smoothly, but then I felt my teacher's hand grab my ass and begin pushing me deeper onto his cock, I began moaning as Kelvin began pumping faster and faster, and I grasped my hands onto his shoulders, squeezing them tightly, I was moaning and jerking my body.

I suddenly came just at the moment he rammed it upward and screamed out that he was cumming. We layed there moaning and gasping, and I loved the look on his face, it was the look of love. I could tell that this was more than just a fuck, or a fantasy to him. I could feel the love Kelvin had for me.

Then my teacher picked me off of Kelvin, He carried me to a desk, bent me over the desk and began fucking me hard from behind. I was moaning and screaming as he fucked me with a fury. It felt so weird, I felt like he was stretching me even further than ever before. It was like his cock had gotten thicker or fatter. Then all at once he stopped. He pulled out. He told me to go suck Kelvin's cock, so I did, but this time I sucked it with a passion. I sucked him deeply, and wildly while staring directly into his eyes as he watched me.

As I was between Kelvin's legs on the bed sucking him I felt my teacher grab my hips and pull me up to where I was on my hands and knees, Then I felt him spread my ass cheeks and start tonguing my ass. I knew he was going to fuck me in my ass. I hated it when he fucked my ass. All I ever felt was pain when he fucked my ass. I felt him start fingering my ass, and I had to stop sucking Kelvin because it was hurting me. He added another finger inside me, and even though lubricated it still felt like it was tearing me.

Finally after several minutes the pain wore down. I felt him then rise up and put his cock against my ass, and began pushing it in. I screamed out as I felt him pop past my anal ring. Kelvin scooted up and held me as he began pushing deeper. I was moaning and begging him to stop but he kept going. After a couple minutes he was deep in my ass.

He began pumping slowly, and I screamed out as I felt him begin fucking my ass. He held my hips tightly as he began going faster. He took one of his hands off my hips and slapped my ass cheek making me moan out louder.

Kelvin finally put his cock back up to my lips and I began sucking him again. My teacher was pumping faster and harder, and I knew he was about to cum, and finally I heard him scream out that he was cumming, as he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back onto his throbbing cock. He came deep inside of my ass. After a few seconds I felt him pull his cock out.

As he rose off the bed he slapped my ass cheek and told Kelvin to, in his words "try out that ass."

Kelvin said He'd rather fuck my sweet tight pussy.

My teacher just laughed and said "whatever you want."

Kelvin then turned me over onto my back, got between my legs, put his cock inside my pussy, and began fucking me, and I mean FUCKING ME! He was pumping his hips notoriously fast. It was driving me wild.

I was moaning, squirming, shaking, and screaming out his name. I was on the verge of cumming, and I could feel my stomach muscles tightening up, I could feel my skin come alive, and my heart felt like it was about to explode, and I came, and I came harder and deeper than I've ever came before.

Later my teacher told me I looked like a wild woman when I came, and I screamed so loud he thought someone might hear us.

I never even knew that Kelvin had come deep inside me too. I must've sorta lost conscience or passed out briefly, because I awoke later in bed by myself.

I could hear them talking in the kitchen. I layed there thinking what a whore I had become, letting two men have me, and I enjoyed it, even though it made me feel like a cheap, slutty, whore.

Chapter 4

The following day all I thought of was Kelvin. I thought about how I had felt with him, and how much I loved the look of love in his eyes when he was fucking me. I daydreamed about him all day, about being his wife, loving him, having his baby, and being with him forever.

A few days had passed by when I was at the mall, and ran into Kelvin. We talked awhile, and then he asked if I wanted to go for a ride, so I said yes, and we walked out to his car.

As we drove around he began telling me how beautiful and sexy he thought I was. He also told me that he thought Brent (my teacher) was treating me terribly, and I deserved someone better.

After a half hour of driving around he drove us to the baseball field parking lot, which was in an out of the way area. He shut off the car and begin telling me that he was falling in love with me. I told him that I had some very strong feelings of love for him too, but that Brent scared me, and I didn't think Brent would let me just leave him that easily.

While we were talking he was gently stroking my shoulder with his hand that was laying across the back of the seat. He started moving closer to me, and then he kissed me. He kissed me deeply and passionately as he ran his fingers through my hair. I was melting in his arms. It felt so good, so tender, and so romantic.

He began caressing my breasts through my blouse. I was loving the way he was making me feel, but I told him I had to get home soon, or I'd be in trouble with my mom and not allowed to go out this weekend. He told me he understood that, and he'd get me home in time, but it was just that I turned him on so much and he wanted me so bad right now. I told him I felt the same way, but we couldn't do anything here in the parking lot of the ball field. He then continued kissing me, and then he asked if I'd suck him off. I thought for a few seconds, then told him I would.

We both started looking around to make sure no one else was around, then he started undoing his pants. I watched as his cock popped into view, it was already hard. It looked so long, but not nearly as thick and big around as Brent's. I leaned over and started licking it, and I could feel myself getting wet as I started sucking the head of his cock into my mouth.

I felt him put his hands on my head and he began to make me take it deeper and faster. It really turned me on to feel him controlling me and using his hands to pump my head on his cock. I was sucking wildly as he began using more presure on my head, and I could feel it going deep into my throat. My eyes were beginning to water a bit as I wasn't used to having something in my throat, and it made me feel like I was going to gag at times.

He began to moan and he started saying things to me. He kept telling me to suck his cock, and he was calling me a sexy little bitch. I'm not sure why but it was extremely sexy to hear him calling me a sexy little bitch. He was holding my head down on his cock very forcefully, making me hold it deep in my throat, then right before I felt like I was going to gag he pulled my head up.

All at once he started moaning that he was gonna cum, then I felt him shove my head down on his cock as far as I could take it. He growled out loudly "OHHHHHHH FUCKKK, HERE IT COMES BITCHHHHH!!!!" I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth, and I was trying to raise up, but he kept holding me down, til finally he let go of my head. I was coughing when I finally raised up.

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