Motel Meeting

by Lost Guy

Copyright© 2001 by Lost Guy

Sex Story: A true story about meeting someone for the first time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   .

We had been chatting online for a while when it was clear that we needed to meet each other. The attraction was mutual and the comfort level was high. So we made arrangements to meet, each of us had the day free. That morning I got ready and took off, it was about a 90-minute drive and I thought about how I would react when I saw her in person and what she would do.

I arrived at the designated place to meet her, a food store parking lot, and drove around looking for her. I spotted what I thought was her car, but no one was in it. When I circled back she was standing next to her car, waving at me. I pulled the truck up and got out. We exchanged hellos and she climbed in the truck. She asked me what I wanted to do. "Kiss you" I responded. "OK" she said as she smiled back. The kiss was long and wet and passionate. The temperature in the truck was definitely getting warmer. She asked what we should do next, I suggested we check out the motel she selected and determine what time we could check in.

The drive to the motel was short and I got a room that we could occupy right away. The room was small, but cozy. I had brought some wine and she had some candles. As soon as we got in the room we began to kiss again. Our tongues danced and played. My hands roamed across her body. I managed to unclasp her bra and my hands felt her soft tits. Her nipples got hard as my fingers toyed with them as we kissed. After breaking the kiss she told me she had to pee and went into the bathroom. After she had finished I went in their to do the same. When I came out she was sitting on the bed, the candle was lit and her jeans were off. I walked over and started to kiss her. As we kissed she began to remove my clothes, first was the shirt, then came my boots, and finally my jeans. She had trouble with those, new button down jeans, but she got them off and I was nekid. She liked the idea of having no underwear to deal with. Her mouth found my cock. She kissed and licked it and then took it completely in her mouth. I was transfixed as her tongue played with my cock.

I pushed her down on the bed and removed her pants. I climbed on the bed, over her, and my cock found her very wet pussy. My cock slid into her and she sighed. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. She felt wonderful as I started to fuck her. We fucked hard and fast, and then slow. Before I knew it I was on the verge of coming. I wanted this to last so I slowed down. We kissed as we fucked. I knew if I stayed in her I would come. So I pulled out and crawled between her legs. She was wet and open. My tongue found her clit. It was hard. I licked and sucked at it. Then I probed her pussy, pushing my tongue as far as I could. Then I went to her ass, licking around the brown rosebud. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. I could hear her moan. From her ass, I moved my tongue back to her clit and sucked it good making her cum.

After letting her recover from her orgasm, I slid between her legs and slowly slid my cock into her extremely wet pussy. I slowly fucked her, alternating between sucking her nipples and kissing her. She began to play with my nipples, gently twisting them. This drives me nuts and caused me to thrust harder and deeper into her. I felt myself on the verge of cumming and tried to hold off. But it was impossible and I pushed my cock deep into her as I filled her cunt with my cum. I stayed in her until my cock softened and fell out of her pussy. Repositioning myself I started to kiss her pussy, running my tongue down her wet slit. Using my tongue to find her clit, I gently probed her ass with a finger. Her moaning assured me that she liked this so I continued to lick her clit as I finger fucked her ass. It didn't take long for her to cum.

We sat there and drank some of the wine while we made small talk about our likes and dislikes and life in general. She continued to toy with my cock and I kept touching her large tits. Soon I found myself between her legs licking at her pussy. I sucked at her clit knowing it was driving her crazy. She loved the feel of my tongue on her clit. As soon as she came, she moved around and started to suck my cock. I just sat there and watched her take my cock into her mouth. The feel of her tongue on my cock was indescribable. I let her mouth leave my cock and move to my balls. She licked and sucked each ball and then licked at the spot between the base of my cock and my asshole. "AHHHHHhhhhh" is what I moaned as her tongue got to my asshole.

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