Swingers Fun

by Lost Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about a onsite swing club.

Well the arrangements had been made by Sandi with her friend to go to a house party. Sandi was dressed to the max, brown suede skirt, black garter belt with black stockings, a black silk blouse, and a black velvet bra and most importantly no panties. We went to our local hangout to meet friends and have some drinks. We weren't sure that he would actually show up so we waited on his phone call. After the appointed time there was no phone call, so Sandi called him. He was just ready to call her and let her know he was ready to head to the party place. We left the bar and headed to the party house, which is actually a private house that is used for parties on the weekends. On Fridays they allow odd combinations, 3some (2 guys and gal or 2 girls and guy), or single women, or groups of women.

When we got there, he was already waiting for us. Sandi introduced us and we all went in. The place was packed, couples and groups had taken all but one of the tables in the main room. We settled into the empty table near the door. He and Sandi kissed hello while I went to find the fixings to make us all some rum and cokes.

Small talk followed toasts to a fun evening. After talking about life, work, and future plans, Sandi took him on a tour of the house. After about 15 minutes they returned and we continued to chat some more and looked at some of the women that were dancing and flashing the folks in the room. A gorgeous woman came up to the table and introduced herself as Tara. She had long dark hair, huge soft breasts and a figure to die for (for those that don't like women with curves and that are soft are missing soooo much). She couldn't help tell Sandi that she was attracted to her and maybe we could all play sometime. All I could think was WOOOOOHOOOO. She showed us her beautiful tits and let all three of us suck on her nipples. The girls then went outside to sit on the deck and chit chat some more, while Clay and I talked more.

When Sandi came in she announced she had to go to the bathroom and walked off towards the bathroom. The master bathroom is located in the common party room. After a few minutes Clay said he had to go too and walked off. I sat there for about 15 minutes, before I wandered off to see where everyone was. I found Sandi and Clay in the public party room kissing and feeling each other up. There was a woman doing two guys on the bed behind them. I walked up to Sandi and Clay and started kissing Sandi's neck. I then moved around and kissed her on the lips while Clay played with her tits and felt her up. I then stopped kissing Sandi and let Clay take over. I knelt between Sandi's legs and started to lick her pussy. She was so wet and tasted so good. After eating her for several minutes, Sandi thought we should go to a private room and have some fun.

We found one of the private rooms empty, so we went in and closed the door. Sandi laid back on the bed, her tits exposed and legs spread. Clay and I both stripped our clothes off. I proceeded to move between Sandi's spread legs so I could taste her wet cunt. Clay feed her his hard cock. I could tell by the sounds that she was going to town on his cock.

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