Angel in Miami

by Tia

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, True Story, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Author meets up with sexy latina flight attendant en route to Miami - hot steamy bi-les sexual encounter - YUMMY!

This is a true story. It was the middle of July and I was flying to Miami for a conference. I was bumped from my flight and was upgraded to first class on the next flight from NY. I had never flown first class so I was happy about being able to relax after sitting and waiting at the airport all day. After boarding the airplane and finding my seat, the most exotic and sexy woman I had ever seen walked over and introduced herself as the first class flight attendant. Lucky me, I thought, at least I would have something nice to look at on the way to Miami. She had a nice dark tan complexion, exotic dark eyes, and beautiful long dark hair pulled back. When she spoke she had a Spanish accent - I asked her where she was from and she looked at me and leaned over so I could smell her. Mmmmm, she said Columbia I think. Her name was Angel. She was so damn sexy, I wanted to undress her right there and kiss her body all over! What was happening?? I was watching her the whole time, how could I not? She was watching me too, I felt electric! I was wet and so turned on thinking about making love to her. I had never been sexually attracted to another woman before but oh my god I was ready to cum in my seat just looking at her. She was a little shorter than I was, but other than that we would be a perfect match in bed (did I just say that?), we were proportioned alike, large chested 36D and long legs. We landed too soon and she asked if I was staying in Miami or catching a connecting flight, I said staying here praying she was too. She handed me a cocktail napkin on my way off the airplane that gave me the name of the hotel she was staying at and said to stop by and say hello if I had time; she was leaving in the morning on the first flight back to NY. I was embarrassed, shy and unsure, I had always thought of myself as straight - but I couldn't deny the attraction and I was excited and drooling thinking of the possibilities. What the hell, I thought - go for it. I took a taxi to my hotel, showered, changed (at lightning speed), grabbed a taxi to her hotel, went inside and sat down at the bar.

As I looked around I noticed there were quite a few men there who looked like they were traveling like me, most of them looked married but they were shamelessly eyeballing my large chest anyway. A few of them bought me drinks as I waited for Angel and asked if I wanted to go up to their rooms. I couldn't blame them from trying - I was dressed, um, rather provocatively in a short black skirt, black heel sandals and a sheer lacy black tight shirt revealing a black lacy bra. (I had never been to Miami before but had heard of the wild nightlife and wanted to be prepared for anything.) One after another tried. No I said each time; I was waiting for someone. I was about to give up on Angel when a few minutes later I felt a hand on my back. I turned slightly to see Angel sliding up next to me at the bar. She placed her other hand on my bare thigh and smiled at me. She looked so gorgeous and smelled ever better. She had on this silky short red dress red high heels and her hair... Her hair hung down around her beautiful face in long sexy curls. We could have been sisters! I wasn't surprised to hear gasping from the men who were close enough to witness her seduction. She moved her hand up my thigh to my panties and moved closer to me until our faces were almost touching, our lips barely inches apart. My heart was racing! She whispered softly something about having nice tits and how she wanted to suck them right now. I was ready to cum on the barstool! I looked up at the bartender who gave me a knowing smile and wink and said you're all set with your tab, have a wonderful evening. Relieved, I smiled back and said a flushed thank you. Angel took my hand and led me to the hotel elevator. Inside, she grabbed me again, placing one hand up my skirt rubbing my pussy through my wet panties; the other hand was rubbing both tits through my shirt. I was helpless - I just leaned back and let her rub me, rub her body against mine. I was in heaven!

In her room, I couldn't get her slinky red dress off fast enough. I marveled at her beautiful body, she was tan ALL over and I could see her perfect breasts and nipples through her red lacy bra. I bent down to lick her breasts then pulled down her bra and started sucking at her perfect tits... it was even better than I could imagine it. She lifted my head and we kissed passionately. We kissed like teenagers and rubbed our bodies against each other, groping at each other's pussies and breasts and nipples and asses and hips and thighs and clits and tits. I was soaked right through my panties so when she stuck her hand underneath them and started caressing my stiff wet throbbing clit, I came almost instantly. I was on fire! I kissed her harder. She rubbed my tits and started sucking on them; I was still soake

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