Summer Night in the Park

by Rebekkah Stone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A second date drive to a deserted city park turns into a surprising sexual experience, full of unexpected pleasures even to the end

It was a beautifully deserted summer night. We were cruising aimlessly along the well-lit avenue in Bruce's Mustang. The row of high rise buildings ended and the dark grassy hills of the park dominated the view. Bruce slowed the car and examined the scenery thoughtfully. Suddenly, we were plunging into a dark and empty parking lot. A row of trees in the far end made it even darker; it felt cozy and private.

We stopped in a not so dark spot, near the walkway that led to the pond. Bruce opened his door and invited me out, "Come. Let's see the swan swimming and fishing." I followed close behind him as he led the way amongst the shadows. We walked off the stone path and onto the grass up to the edge of the pond. The air felt much cooler now than earlier in the afternoon when I chose what I was wearing. My short one-piece dress and sandals had outlived their usefulness as protective gear. It was summer, yes, but at 5,000 feet clear nights can be cold. I crossed my arms to keep warm.

Bruce must have noticed that I was almost uncomfortable and placing his broad hand on my shoulder pulled me towards him. If felt warmer and more comfortable. It was only our second date and we hadn't even held hands during the first one. A handshake had taken the place of the good night kiss, but I knew that we were about to move up a notch or two. I let him hug me and rub my arms and back to make me warm, while I buried my face in his big chest, not knowing what to do or expect next; it felt good. He lowered his face and kissed my head. I turned up, towards him and our lips found each other and met in a sweet and tender first kiss. I relaxed and heard myself purr. His hands were rubbing my back more vigorously, expanding their rubbing down to my bottom. He soon reached the end of my skirt and the direct contact of his hand with the bare skin in my thighs was electrifying. My arms undid themselves from the crossed-arm position and I wrapped them around his neck. The unintended result was that it pulled my skimpy skirt farther up, exposing more of my bare thighs to his warm hands. He seemed to welcome the change and his rubbing turned to kneading and squeezing of my ass over my thin panties. I felt a bulge growing in his pants, poking at my stomach, and that distracted me. I didn't even notice when the stroking of his hands on my lower back pushed my panties down and off. When I realized it, the elastic was unsuccessfully clinging to the rounded tip of my cheeks. He easily brushed it off once, and it quickly slid down to my ankles. I tried to stop it by spreading my legs; but instead of blocking its fall, I gave his hands more direct access to my crotch from behind. His tongue entered my mouth, unhurriedly and naturally, while his fingers felt and explored my labia, sliding easily in my wetness all along my vagina making me shiver. I didn't protest.

His open hand caressed my back under my dress, pulling it yet farther up and making it into a wrinkled lump of cloth around my shoulders, like a make-believe life saver. I hung tight to his neck and pressed harder on our long uninterrupted first kiss, letting both his hands wander all over my naked skin. With his big right hand scooping most of my ass and his finger finding and teasing its way inside my vagina, he let go of me with the left hand to undo his belt and zipper. I felt his erect penis spring from his pants and press against my stomach, leaving a trace of his wetness all over my belly. Still locked in that wonderful kiss, I reached down with my left hand and found his testicles. They hung loosely from the end of his long and hot rod that burned against my belly, and kept spewing his hot juices on me like a gentle geyser. I held his testicles in my hand and felt his rod growing and getting harder against my stomach as I squeezed the soft flesh of his balls. I reach for his rod and I couldn't close my hand around it. It throbbed at the same rhythm of his heart, which pounded on my breasts, squeezed against his chest. He felt so big and wonderful that I just had to see it. I gently pulled away from the kiss and tried to look down to what I was holding in my hand. I turned so that his hand could remain scooping my ass and his fingers could continue exploring me. My knees buckled at the sight and it seemed as if a force stronger than my own will was guiding my hold body to bend over and take his head in my mouth. I locked my lips around the base of the head and explored it slowly with my tongue. I heard him moan. He placed both hands on my back. His legs stiffened as I caressed his rod and his balls, while keeping the head captive in my mouth. His penis swelled and I felt the lumps passing through my grip and soon after filling my mouth. I didn't have time for tasting; I swallowed as quickly as I could not to let one drop escape. His member softened some, but stayed erect. I licked it and kissed it and turned up to look at him. Bruce had pulled my dress passed my head and held in his hand looking at me. He tossed it towards the stone path and I stood completely naked on the shore of the pond. I worried for a minute that someone may walk in on us and see me naked. He took a step back and intently looked me all over, smiled; and I worried no more.

We stared at each other in silence for a long time. Our eyes were locked on each other's. His hand reached towards me to caress my bush. I instinctively, opened my legs. He slid his whole hand and forearm in between my legs reaching towards my lower back from under me. The palm of his hand opened on my lower back while his left arm embraced me. He picked me up off the grass as if I were weightless. My upper body rested on his left arm, and he kissed me again as I melted in the seat offered me by his right hand and forearm, buried in my ass-crack. I let my legs hang lazily straddling his arm. When he flexed his muscles to lift me, his biceps pressed directly against my vagina. My own weight

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