The Fireplace

by Greg Newton

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: A true but incomplete story of an afternoon with an interesting woman.

Chapter 1

Drenched running towards the house we nearly crash into the door before opening it.

Her scalloped t-shirt reveals flesh glistening with sweat and rain. Golden hair clings tightly like wet lips to the delicate creases of her mouth. Water strokes and caresses her face before dripping to the floor. Soaked, she looks the part of an awakening flower.

Her lips part slightly as she blows off more of the dewy water from her face. We drop our wet footwear at the foyer It occurs to me that she should change but none of her clothes are here. I return with some of my clothes and hand them to her.

She motions for be to turn-around. I do so dumbly thinking she's here, I'm here. A few moments later I'm invited to turn around again. She asks me why haven't I gotten out of my wet clothes. Suddenly signals from my body make their way through to my brain indicating I should be shivering right now.

I grab several logs from the dormer and pile them into the fireplace. After a few attempts a respectable blaze starts warming the room. I wander off to change.

When I re-enter the room I find her wrapped in a quilt on the floor in front of the fire. Glow from the flames lick shadows cast on her face. Her head drops coyly as she looks at me.

I strut to her, contemplating what I will do. My mind is pre-occupied with her, with her overwhelming beauty. I could stand here forever gazing at her lost in her. When she looks up towards me the recognition is there. The whole world is here, nothing exists outside of the parcel of beauty at my feet. I move behind her lifting the quilt and place it over my back. She leans slightly into me and my hallucination now takes form.

Her hair has nearly dried. I rake my fingers through it, stroking slowly. She leans tighter into me. Clumsily my lips find her and brush her neck. My movements become more focused and my breath grows hotter as hers grows deeper.

My left hand moves from stroking to grasping her and pivots her head closer to my mouth. Wet soft lips push into the base behind her ears and I kiss and stroke the soft cartilage with my teeth.

A sweet throaty moan emerges from her mouth as her hips push against me. I grasp her tightly as my nose traces the outer outline of her ear. The apex of my lips follow hovering around each delicate fold of flesh. Her back curves and she buries herself deeper into me. My nose tickles each tiny peak trailed by soft nibbles. My lips part slightly creating a smacking noise as my tongue emerges to lightly lick her. A sharp cry is her response and her movements grow increasingly sensual.

She turns towards me shifting her legs to overlap mine. Cradled in my arms she tells me to kiss her. I look into those impish blue eyes just inches from my own. Her soft lips touch mine. I close my eyes again and tilt my head back slightly as she increases the pressure on my mouth. Her hand holds the back of my head while she leans into me, kissing passionately. Her warm body feels great next to mine. As we continue our kiss my arousal grows. I push closer to her and let out a whimper as her tongue slides into my mouth.

The kiss continues as we both start to peel off each others newly adorned clothes. Our lips separate briefly as I pull her sweatshirt up and over her head. She unbuttons my shirt and runs her hands along my chest, causing me to shiver. I lean towards her and my mouth moves down to her lower lip. Sucking her lip and moaning slightly. My mouth moves further down nibbling her delicate neck. I continue my attentions down to her breast and spend time kissing around it in ever tighter circles until I end at her nipple. I eagerly suck her nipple into my mouth holding it while my tongue flicks it. My mouth hovers above and I blow cool air across her swollen nipple. She throws her head back in delight and her nipples grow flush with the attentions put on them

She pushes me flat against the floor and straddles me. Her pouty pussy lips spread and inches from my mouth. Her hands drift down and several of her fingers find there way into her sex. She removes her hand and forcefully shoves juice covered fingers into my mouth. My tongue thrusts her intrusion to the top of my mouth and I suck her eagerly. She commands me to worship her.

I beg, plead to eat her. I want my tongue to explore every soft hot part of her now very wet pussy. She turns my head to one side and maneuvers her crotch even closer to me. She grabs my hair and pulls me towards her pussy. Her pelvis oscillates as she coats my ear with slick pussy juices. My ear flicks her clit as she gyrates.

Again she moves back, this time to taste the sweet fluid on my ear-lobe. Her tongue lifts up my lobe and guides her lips to it. Her throat utters a guttural 'mmmmm' as she sucks me.

My desire for her is blanking out every other thought in my brain. She moves again to straddle me with her crotch. I struggle against her, desperately trying to eat her fragrant pussy. My mouth covers the top half of her pussy. My tongue eagerly seeking her clitoris buries through her lips my teeth holding them aside as I find my target.

She screams at me, commands me to bite her. My gnashing teeth clasp onto alternating sections of her vulva. Her hips are moving uncontrollably now and my hands move up encircling her and holding her still. Her screaming reaches a crescendo when she asks me to bite her clit. My arms release her and my hands pull her lips apart to allow me access.

I watch her clit swell and pulse with each breath on it. My index fingers work their way into her splayed pussy. In unison they find the bumpy fleshy nub of her g-spot. My fingers work alternately pressing up as the other presses down. Knowing not to move she steadies herself with one hand clutching my tensed shoulder.

Without warning I clamp onto her swollen clit. Her mouth opens wide and she inhales sharply. Her hands, thighs and vagina all clamp simultaneously and I apply more pressure to her vagina. I pull back with my mouth until her clit slides out, and return to engulf it again.

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