Late One Evening

by synglemama

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: After a long hard day my wife came home and this is what happened.

It's been a long day, and as you sit on your knees on the bed, I come up behind you to "relax" you in my own way.

As you feel my hot breath on your neck, all the hairs start standing on end, and short waves of tingles quiver down your back. You feel your shirt getting pulled up slowly out of your pants, as you feel the cold air of the room hit your naked stomach - which in itself arouses you, since all your senses are on alert.

Your head tilts back to rest on my shoulder as you enjoy my kisses and the feeling of my hands on your body. I slide my hand up under your shirt and squeeze your breast as I pull you in towards me. You reach around your back and undo your bra so that I can hold your tits in my warm hands. As your bra lets go, you let your hand slide down my body to caress my pants - to discover that I am getting quite aroused.

As I caress your breast with my left hand, I slide my right hand down to your pants and flip open the button on your jeans and slide down your zipper. You try maneuvering yourself a little better so I have unrestricted access to your hungry pussy.

As I slide into your underwear, you let out a breath in a sigh of how aroused you've become. Slowly rocking your hips to move against my hand as I rub your clit and slide a couple fingers into your dripping wet mound.

You can't bear being this excited, and take my hand out. Turning around, you press your lips against mine, giving me a deep, passionate kiss.

Grabbing at my pants, you fumble at the button and fly, eager to wrap your hand around my long hard shaft, and to place it into your mouth to give me an equal amount of pleasure.

I lean back, resting on my hands as you slide my jeans down enough to release me from my otherwise uncomfortable state. Slowly stroking me with one hand, you cup my balls with the other. Sliding your body down to a horizontal position, you caress your tongue against my balls, then run your tongue flat up the length of my shaft, hovering around the rim of my cock as you feel my body tense in a small jitters. You tease me by playing around that spot, then suddenly slide your mouth over and down onto my awaiting penis. You notice my head cock back and my eyes close as the feeling overwhelms me.

This arouses you all the more, and you start picking up the pace as you stroke and suck my cock passionately, you feel my hips start moving in a counter-rhythm to your mouth, and hear small comments about how good you are making me feel, and how badly I'm wanting to spread your legs open and pump you hard and fast.

The sounds of the offer are too tempting to pass up in your current state and you release your mouth from around my cock, and scramble out of your remaining clothing.

You lie back on the bed, raising your knees up and out to show me your luscious pussy. As you see me taking off the rest of my clothes, you stare at my protruding cock, and start rubbing your clit in anticipation of the pleasure to follow.

I crawl onto the bed, and place my hands on your knees, opening them a little further. As I watch you rub your clit around in circles, I bring my head down to meet your hand, and start lapping my hot tongue against the lips of your mound, tasting your juices and getting all the more aroused. This is starting to drive you crazy, and grab the back of my head with your free hand, press my face onto your pussy and I start really getting into eating you out, moving my tongue wildly all around your clit, sucking and pulling at it with my lips which sends you into a trembling orgasm.

As you slow your hand down to slowly recover, I get up into position to fuck your waiting pussy. You spread your lips open and guide me in. your eyes close and head falls to the side as you feel each inch of my large engorged cock slide so easily inside you.

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