Recollections From A Diary
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The following story started out as collaboration with Rachel, a sexually active pre-med student at Columbia University. She related her sexual history and some fantasies to me via email. But she lost interest halfway through and I was forced to fictionalize the rest. At any rate, a wide variety of sexual gambits were addressed along the way. Rachel, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, I love ya, baby!

The Reunion From the pitch-black surroundings of the lavish penthouse apartment, I stared through the rain cascading down the glass windows thirty stories above the huge waves lashing the beach below.

The view was enthralling.

I raised my eyes into the force of the most violent thunderstorm I'd ever seen and marveled at the glory of Mother Nature. The only light was coming from the intermittent lightning bolts slashing through the night's darkness only to cauterize their energy by knifing into the ocean's white caps.That scene was almost replicated inside as rivulets of perspiration coursed down my neck and shoulders as I continued my methodical fucking of my beloved Julie. Julie, the light of my life since our freshman year at Columbia, is moaning continuously, her legs wrapped firmly around my waist while I thrust in and out of her. Once again she's on the threshold of a climax.

My back is on fire after being raked by her razor-sharp nails; and I know from experience that the pain will linger long after we're finished fucking. But, I am soaring with the knowledge that I've finally wrested control away from her. Filled with a gloating sensation I've never experienced before, I recall Julie telling me years ago, "I only mark the one's that make me cum," and grimace as her nails renew their attack and dig deeper and the pain reaches a higher threshold. Silently, I accept it as if she were bestowing a badge of honor upon me--she's relinquished control at long last. Shaking my head from side-to-side, I increase the tempo of my thrusts. For a moment, it's so quiet I imagine I can actually hear pellets of my sweat landing on the sheets with light thuds. Then a terrifying clap of thunder shakes the building, bringing me back to the moment. I cease thrusting and ease my slippery prick out of her sopping center and roll her over telling her to get her ass up in the air. Julie hesitates and I smack her ass hard to make my point. This prompts her to comply with alacrity, and she bends forward to a point from which she can clasp the brass bars of the headboard.

"Ya gonna fuck me up the ass?" she croaks hoarsely. To me this represents a new, different side of Julie even though there is no discernable anxiety in her voice.

"I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want to bitch!" I growl in reply. This is not my usual demeanor and I know I've shocked Julie with this attitude adjustment. Good! That's what I intended to do. Julie's buttocks rise even higher in anticipation as I close in on her. Now I'm on my knees, cupping her marvelous tits from behind and mashing them together before releasing them. Julie sighs contentedly. My fingers grope around to her greasy genitals and gather enough juice to make anal entry relatively easy-but not for her. A bolt of lightning crackles nearby, followed immediately by a loud clap of thunder; Julie trembles and I wonder if it was fear or excitement that caused it. I really don't care if I rip her apart right now. (Well, I know I won't. We've done this bit before.) I laugh aloud when I discover Julie's fingers already busy anointing her asshole with juices too, only Julie's got her finger inside her ass, preparing the way for me. [I should take a moment and share some information with those of you who are not familiar with ass fucking. The pleasure a woman feels during sex when their partner pays some loving attention to that puckered little orifice two inches below their pussy is surprisingly good. Women in general have a tendency to equate this with pain rather than pleasure. I'm sorry, nothing could be further from the truth. Well, yes, there is pain, just as there is pain when the hymen is broken. That "pain" doesn't stop a woman from having sex again does it? No, they put it behind them, no pun intended. It might surprise you to learn that a woman's asshole contains a vast repository of sensory nerves and the right kind of penetration and stimulation can produce powerful climaxes. Of course, anal entry must be accomplished in proper fashion, i.e., lots of lubrication and slowly, very slowly.] Gripping Julie about the waist, I mount her doggy styleShe twists around, looks at me, closes her eyes, and moans, "Do it! Do it!"It I do. Spreading her knees apart, I flex my buttocks and slide my hips forward, placing my prick at her puckered entrance and push. The initial resistance gradually yields and the head of my prick eases about two inches into her ass. This coaxes a groan from her. She gasped loudly, and her head snapped back. My prick slipped out and I paused to pant, slowly regaining my breath before reinserting it again, this time establishing a solid beachhead. Ready to attack again, I gripped her lean hips tightly. "C'mon," she gasped, "Bring it on!" With that, Julie lets go of the headboard, hunches over to all fours, and buries her face in a pillow, crying out, "Yes! That's it! Get it in there. Get it all in there," humping her ass back at me to counter each thrust of mine in her eagerness to achieve rear-end rapture. [Gotta provide ya with some more data about this. How else can I convince you to try it? Apparently, as the prick rides in and out it creates sensations through the very thin membrane in the anal passage serving as a partition to the clit on the other side. So the final climax is actually caused by a similar stimulation to the clit that causes them to come during a good old-fashioned fuck or suck. The thing is, it takes LONGER for the woman to cum during a butt-fuck. But, when they do get off, the pleasure is so excruciatingly powerful that it feels as if their entire rear end has been reamed-out with rapture. That might explain why Julie is so hot to get it on. Of course, I've already spent over an hour in teasing her, fucking her and eating her out.]Julie groaned again as I moved deeper within her anal channel. Reaching a hand between her legs, she roughly masturbated her clit until a relief of sorts swept over her. It wasn't long before my ivory hard prick vanished into her hole and I felt the bristles of her pubic hair roiling against my lower stomach. The huge glass windows, which normally afforded a magnificent view of the ocean, now served as a full-length mirror thanks to the frequent lightning flashes, and gleefully watched our gyrating reflections every time the lightning crackled. Julie raised her head to join me in looking into the reflections. Her face was suffused with lust and she caught me watching her, gasped deliriously and loosened a torrent of foul language at me.

"Oh, you motherfuckin' cocksuckin', no good ass fucking, bastard, bitch, shit eating son of a bitch. You cunt lapping shriveled prick. Ohhh yessssss! You cocksucker." She continued to rant, outdoing anything I'd seen her do before. She was getting me terribly excited with her vile, verbal barrage.

"Oh you bung-hole lickin' whore!"

"Oh, yesss!"

"There! Yes right there!"

"Oh fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy!"

"Ahhhh, lick my cunt!"

"Get nasty you bitch!"

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she shrieked, obviously reaching a climax. She screamed again, this time grabbing my hair and yanking on it. I cried out in pain and retaliated by slapping her ass until she released her grip. Suddenly, Julie began to spasm like only she can as a great orgasm overwelms her. A short sequence of lightning provided me with a close perspective of this undeniably erotic view. Julie's heavy breasts bounced and jiggled. Her head rolled from side to side. I thought of her then as a sleek vision of passion. Her hands worked frenetically between her legs. And between our bodies, the long dildo I wore strapped around my waist glistened as it continued to slide in and out of her ass.

A brutal gust of wind forced the French doors to the balcony open, and a deluge of ponderous raindrops immediately turned an area of the white carpet gray. My attention returned to watching Julie's creamy, sweat-flecked body writhing and jerking back and forth in time to my strokes. I caught a glimpse of Julie chewing her lower lip to ameliorate the tension as another orgasm wafted in on her. I wasn't sure if I caused this one or if she'd brought herself off masturbating. I was finished with her for the moment. I reached behind me and unfastened the strap holding the dildo in place. Then I rose, picked a lush pear from the fruit bowl next to the bed, took a bite and left the room. I had to pee.Moments later, Julie followed with a lighted a candle and watched me as I squatted on the toilet. She knelt at my feet as I finished. Hastily she clutched a bunch of toilet tissue and dabbed my pussy dry. Then she leaned forward, kissed it and stood up. I kissed her mouth in return and our tongues reacquainted themselves. Julie broke away from me and paid homage to my sexual artistry in her typical foul-mouthed fashion, groaning, "Oh, shit Rach, that was sooo good! I never expected you to be that way. Never. "Squeezing me tighter, she pursed her lips close to my face and whimpered as a young child might.

"Tongue. Wet tongue. Give to me. Please, please. Tongue."

Baby talk? Was she regressing, or merely opening up a new side of her personality to me? No matter, I could reflect on this later. For the moment, I complied with her request. We fused our mouths. This time I ended it and slid down to the carpeted floor, where on my knees, with my hands on Julie's ass, I tugged her pussy closer to my eager mouth and hungry tongue. She'd succeeded in turning me on once again, and I was responding to her call.

"Yes!" she sobbed, "lick it!"

"Ahhhhhh! Deeper! Oh, God yes, more deep!" she croaked as she began to lose control.

"Deeper, damn you! Ohh, lick it Rach! Lick it!" Her pussy had opened like a flower for me, and my tongue darted hither and yon gathering up her nectar. She cupped her breasts and kneaded her hard pebbled nipples. "Ummm, please," she whined, "make me cum. I need to cum again."

My thumb casually circled her clit, flicking it at the end of each circuit.

"Please lick me, oh please..." I heard her cry. Looking up I saw the tears of rapture coursing down her face. "Yes! Yes!" she hissed, "Oh lick it! Ohhhh suck it!" Then she was yelling, "Yesssssss!"

"Ohhhh yessssss!"

"I'm there!"

"Oh Christ almighty! I'm cummmming!"My pursed lips closed over her swollen clit, and carefully sucked on it. Julie's hips jerked and thrust forward at my face knocking my lips from their purchase around her bud. Startled, I glanced up and watched as her long nails raked the sides of her breasts causing tiny driblets of blood to trickle down her torso.

"Don't stop. Please Rach, don't stop." I continued licking and sucking.

"Oh God, that's so nice."

"Please, please. Thank you. Ohhh God, thank you." My hand wandered down onto her mound. My finger pressed and pushed between the tender, puffed up flesh and meandered inside up to the last knuckle. Julie's legs betrayed her and she sank to the carpeted floor. Carefully turning Julie onto her back, I separated her legs, and with my hands on her upper thighs, pushed them into the air. A momentary view of my finger revealed it to be wet and slick from her copious flow. I tried inserting four fingers this time and was, unsurprisedly successful. I launched a steady rhythm of pushing my fingers in and out, producing a "squish-squish" sound. Eventually I thought to search for her G-spot and located it easily enough. Julie groaned, her hips writhing in time with my fingers inward movements. "Oh, yes. Fuck my box."

"Eat me, eat me, ohhh eat me you slutty bitch!" Julie moaned.I don't know if it was to satisfy her demand or my own driving hungers for her cunt, but I slammed my face into her cunt and licked and sucked as hard as I could. I sensed her orgasm arrive and kept going long after her final shudder. As I withdrew I realized Julie had passed out.The power had been restored during this sexual activity. I kissed Julie's lower lips one last time. When she didn't stir, I left her there lying on the bathroom floor, shut the lights off and made myself a drink. I carried the drink across the room and sat down in a chair near the bedroom window and stared into the stormy night as memories of our past flashed across my mind. I don't remember falling asleep.

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