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Desc: Sex Story: Alone in my room during a stormy night, I get creative. The night develops happily and the storm provides me a surprise ending.

The thunder woke me up. I had fallen asleep surrounded by books and notes in lose sheets of paper. The exam the next day was an imminent reality and I couldn't concentrate. The stuff was just plain boring and posed real challenges to my attention span.

I got up and tried to tidy up my room. It was late and silent. I was certain that everyone else had gone to sleep. I turned the TV on to check the weather and flipped through the channels lazily. Suddenly, an image caught my attention and I stopped to watch for a minute. It was obviously a porno movie, some midnight feature as part of a movie channel promotion. The scene was unreal and the acting was very poor. I remember thinking about the mediocrity of the script, "every line has innuendo, every one is dressed (or not) in a flashy way, the actors look as perfect as they appear dumb." But just the same, I kept watching intently.

Things happen quickly in this type of flick and this one was a typical representation. There was one voluptuous female, young and pretty, dressed in a tiny string bikini. The top barely covered the aureoles of her generous breasts, and the bottom was no bigger. There were with her three large young men, also wearing tiny swimming outfits, and the plot implied that this was some kind of high school bunch getting ready to enjoy a hot tub.

The three men went into the tub first and she paraded around complaining that the chemicals in the water may damage her bathing suit.

"Take it off!" one guy said. She giggled and pretended to refuse.

"Look, we can make it fair," another one said, throwing his bathing suit out of the tub and on the floor.

She got in just the same, and almost immediately, her tiny suit came floating to the surface. One guy fished it out and brought it to his face and pretended to smell it deeply with pleasure. She giggled some more. Pretty soon, she was moaning and it was obvious that the two men next to her were exploring her furiously under the hot water. She leaned her head back and moaned louder. The third guy got out of the tub and in an impossible maneuver, straddled her head and lowered his penis into her mouth. The scenes moved to outside the tub and she kept having two penises inside her while the third man waited for his turn.

I watched the mindless drama for a while and realized that I myself was aroused. I had often wanted the attention of multiple men, but never really wanted to have more than one with me. I just couldn't think of how to enjoy more than one at once. This girl was showing me. She wasn't focused on them, she was letting them focus on her and she was in heaven.

I turned the TV off and laid in my bed thinking about what I had seen. The rain outside continued to tap my window, and the occasional lightening gave me an eerie view of the treetops outside.

Without a conscious thought about it, I took my clothes off, all of them, and lay naked on my bed.

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