Marsha's Sofa

by Mark Braun

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I came back from a business trip sooner than I had expected. I called my associate to see if she was free to visit and she invited me over for dinner. She was the main dish.

Marsha didn't expect my call and much less my visit. I was less than a mile away when I finally found a working telephone on my path to her residence. I had cut her shower short and she was dripping water all over the carpet, she complained, as she stood naked and cold in her room answering the telephone. But she wasn't mad; she was glad that I could drop bye and visit and invited me to come over. It took me less than 5 minutes to be parking in her dark driveway. Her house is a bit out of the way and she does not leave any lights on the outside when she is alone in the house. She answered the door wearing her robe and still drying and wrapping her hair with a towel. She had me follow her into the kitchen and sit at the kitchen table, and tell her about my trip, while she made some scrambled eggs and toast for both of us. She sat across from me while we ate and we exchanged smiles and looks and flirted as usual. I loved being in her company. Life was such a pleasure when I could see her smile and hear her laughter. That is why I came straight from the airport to her house, not bothering to really find a phone earlier.

After the improvised dinner, I walked over to the couch and sat in the middle of it. It was a large, old fashion, brown couch with a lot of fluff in it. It had broad tall arms and back. I looked towards the kitchen where she was standing in her blue bathrobe. She was clearing off the table and I watched for a while the gracefulness of her bare steps. She looked at me drying her hands on her robe, unconsciously giving me a peek at her beautiful thighs. I smiled, and patting the arm of the sofa with my right hand, invited her to join me.

"Here, sugar. I want you to put your tummy right here on this arm" I said.

Her face lit up like a little kid that had just been invited to play.

She came over and kneeled on the seat next to me, bending over to have her tummy where I had patted the couch. I kneeled behind her and sneaked my hands under her robe, and caressed the soft skin of her thighs and hips. I lifted the robe and threw it over her head, exposing now her bare rear to my contemplation and delight. I let my hands run swiftly over her cheeks, legs, and back, and then began to caress her cheeks as if kneading dough for making bread. I loved to see the blushing tone of her soft skin when I let go. I enjoyed watching the prints my fingers disappear as if they were going into her skin to caress her inside. She was hanging on the side of the furniture, but its size made her position stable and comfortable. I leaned over and kissed her neck and her back, and eventually brought my face down, leveled with her gorgeous rear. Facing her behind and her beneath, all at once, I used my hands, open and flat on each cheek, to spread them apart and expose even more her pinkish orifices. I kissed and licked her cheeks, and made circles of kisses about her middle until. I stuck out my tongue way down and touched her clit and pressed it gently. She jerked slightly and moaned from behind the arm of the couch announcing her joy and approval of my actions. I moved my tongue; parting her labia, and getting it stock in the back edge of her vagina. I wiggled it and she jerked again, stretching her legs about me and grabbing the couch hard and making fists. I pushed my tongue in and the tip of my nose was teasing her anus. I felt her inner muscle try and take a hold of my tongue, and I moved away for a minute to watch her love entrance contract inside and almost squirt her juices out. I placed my tongue back on that farthest edge and began to slide it up and wiggle at the same time. I felt the depression of her anus, and licked it especially slow and firmly. She let out a "wow!" in response to the unexpected thrill. I held tight to her cheeks and began to lick her labia and her clit with the rhythm of he who really enjoys his job and has all night to do it. I lost count around 4, of how many times she orgasm in that position. I had it down to a few simple strokes with my tongue and she would ride the wave as I held her clit under the warmth and pressure of my tongue. Every time she came down from her climax and said, "what about you?" I'd star again kissing her labia and picking up the rhythm.

After many wonderful cycles, I took off my clothes and began to perform the same massage that I had been doing, with the head of my penis. I could scoop her moisture with it and watch it roll around it. When my penis was thoroughly wet from her and my own juices, I placed the tip at her tightest hole. All she said was "Oh! I see." I began to push slowly and let go, and watched her anus opening dilate, relax, and let me in a bit more with every gentle push. When the head was out of sight for me, I held her hips and pulled myself towards her and in her, until her cheeks were flat against my pelvis and I could see my penis disappear inside her. I was hot and hard and ready to go, and to my surprise, she was ready to go too. I could feel her anus tighten around my rod as this swelled with every lump of my juice that flowed through. Her moaning followed the same rhythm and I knew she felt it too.

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